Alonso: finishing is “first priority”

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Fernando Alonso said he though third on the grid was the best he could achieve in the Ferrari today:

For us it was nice qualifying, nice and smooth. In Q1 we were a little bit quicker than we thought, we found the pace straight away with the prime tyre. There remained the doubt about the soft we put on in Q2 but the car was again very quick.

So in Q3 we knew that we had a little possibility, not too much because we know that when we arrive to the crucial moments Red Bull normally are pushing a little bit more and being a little bit quicker than everybody.

So with not too high expectations we went into Q3 to give our maximum again. I think once again P3 was once more our maximum potential today.

Which in a way is very good news because qualifying is not our strongest point of the weekend and here it seems that we are quite close to the Red Bulls so we are looking good for tomorrow.
Fernando Alonso

He said that the most important thing in the race is to ensure he scores more points towards the championship:

I think first of all we need to see the forecast. There’s still some doubts about the rain possibility especially in the morning.

So we need to be very calm. We need to finish the race, that’s the first priority. We have five contenders at the moment. Maybe tomorrow not all of the five finish the race. We cannot be one of those that doesn’t finish because we need to keep scoring points in every race and I’m sure that if we do that we will be very happy tomorrow.
Fernando Alonso

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