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What did you think of the Korean Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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215 comments on “Rate the race: Korea”

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  1. Brilliant compelling motorsport in extremely adverse conditions. Easily the best race of the season. 9/10!!!

    The only disappointment was the politics being played by the Red Bull squadron. Perhaps I am misinterpreting events but it seemed to me they were trying to gain an advantage by forcing a cancellation or a half points race. Both Webber’s behavior during the delay and Vettel’s comments re: light conditions at the end smacked of manipulation to me.

    F1 Fanatics please let me know your opinion on this.

    1. East Londoner
      24th October 2010, 10:29

      If that’s the case, then karma’s a bitch for Red Bull.

      I can’t see why there was that stupidness at the start. I’ve seen races run in much worse conditions in the last 15 years (Belgium 98, China 09 for starters). Because of the suspension, I gave it an 8. The end laps were compelling.

    2. I would but I stopped watching it intently when the race was stopped, only had it on in the background and only became interested again when they started it again…. unti I zoned out once more until they told us the SC was coming in.

      Don’t know anything about these politics.

      1. Found it all Hilarious, we had Vettel before his engine went saying it was too dark to see the braking points and 2 minutes later Lewis saying it was fine when asked the same question. Vettel said post-race that his visor was “medium”, as to say thats why. Now i hate to use Lewis as another example, but his was heavily tinted from what i saw even when it was raining… so maybe it was tactical play by the Bulls. Hard to tell for sure though. As for the rain comments, RBR was leading the WDC & WCC so naturally they want to protect their leads, if the race didnt start then they would have had a 1-2 from quali positions, and would still be leading both. I defy any team not to have done the same, and this is coming from someone that is no RBR fan at all.

        1. Apparently nothing improves your night vision quite as much as desperately needing the points.

    3. I was thinking shades of Monaco 1984 with Prost trying to stop the race early before Senna could pass him.

    4. I am sure that was what Vettel was getting at, and I must admit to a cheer when his engine blew.

      However, Webber is the president of the GPDA, and therefore his concerns would have been based on the consideration he had to give – as the driver’s rep – as to whether or not it was safe to race in such conditions.

  2. I really enjoyed the race… When it started.

    I gave it a 7, A fair bit of drama, But I suspect I would have chosen an 8 or 9 if it had a standing start.

  3. 30 laps behind SC- 1
    rest laps- 10
    I say 7

  4. big thanks to buemi for fulfilling my turn 3 big smash prophecy

    good drive from MSC also

  5. Could be better, I think people are overrating it a little bit. It was delayed way too much. After all these are racing drivers, and they should have skills and equipment to race in the rain. Other than that, we had some good, entertaining mid field battles and a loads of bad luck at the front. It was definitely above average, but far from great: 6/10.

  6. Gutted for Vettel,drove a brilliant race,robbed of victory
    smug face Alonso cannot win this championship or I will be very annoyed.
    7/10 mainly thanks to Sutil’s mad driving

  7. Jense is out there blaming the car…wow, this guy. Lost massive respect for him. Car was ‘undrivable’ was it? well your teammate finished on the podium.

    1. he had a different setup and strategy, it just fell apart

      1. Strategy? he couldn’t overtake on the track, so he took the gamble of the tires and wished for luck. The same way in which he won his only 2 GPs this season… I’m very glad that Hamilton is pulling away from him.

  8. Good race but the hour and a half delay was extremely tedious. The race itself was ok but there wasn’t much overtaking among the leaders, only mistakes or car failures.

    Anyway am happy that Fernando won. Now he’s got to take this championship.

    1. Lets hope he can.

      1. Indeed. I don’t think Red Bull deserve the title. Their car is too unreliable. I’d like Alonso to win, but if it’s not him, then it should be Hamilton.

  9. 9/10. It p***ed me off on how some drivers did not want to race at the start, but none the less great race.

    1. Very top drivers like Webber didnt wanted to lose gap between him and others

  10. A slow start but looking at the forecast on Saturday, I was expecting the race to be abandoned. However, once it got going, it really started to test the driver’s skills. Overall 9/10. Shame about Jenson though; it’s essentially taken him out of the running…

    Out of interest how many engines do the top 4 have available now? Are they all running old engines? Will Vettel have to use a fresh engine for the next race and incur a grid penalty?

  11. 8. I think the idea of taking drivers opinion in stewards decision has for the first time backfired. They should do away with this and let the drivers race rather than play games on the radio.

  12. I would give a 9 if they removed the RC from office. Like Brundle said the old school drivers would raced from start. They cannot see from the drizzle i have see it way worse and they raced anyway. Most of the drivers are whiners Alonso the biggest and for what he was just good in the rain. If i had know i would stay in bed for 2 hours more.

    For the race i rate it a 8 lots of actions overtakes (they should penalize Sauber of having 20 cars on the track) drama and the old men clearly rules (or have bigger balls) Liuzzi beating the Williams giving FI 1 point more then them Williams (which i thought they overtake FI very easy)

    1. Alonso? From what I saw, the biggest one was Vettel, who kept consistently saying EXACTLY the opposite of what Hamilton was saying on the radio.

      1. Alonso was whining in the beginning and Vettel at the end. But you Noticed both RBR and Ferrari wanted this race canceled so with 2 races left trying to make up or holding to their lead.

  13. Gave it a 7, would have been an 8 if Lewis won.

  14. WE went in thinking the big things would be tyre graining issues, no. of pit stops and overtaking in the first sector.

    None of that really played inot it much. As much as it looks like a big straight, a multiapex turn and a few squiggle generic tilke-a-track, it is actually creating some very good interesting. There seems to be no flow or anything, just randomness, a bump on the wya into the pits, on camber followed in the next by a lot of off camber. The 2nd and 3rd sectors being as far opposite the first as possible, and chuck in some oil.

  15. Maybe Ill get my knuckles rapped for not following the voting rules, but I had to deduct for the extended and excessive delays. A race without a standing start is also per se below standards. I was also looking for a great three-way battle that was shaping up in the laps just before Vettel’s engine blew.

    Anyway, does anyone think that Renault got tired of hearing RBR whinge about their engines and let their customer service, shall we say, falter a bit?

  16. A rather mediocre race. Can’t believe Alonso was purple in S3 twice while yellow flags were deployed and got away with it, but I guess that’s life.
    Will vote when I’m able to think a little more clear.

  17. I think the race stewards did a great job of delivering a competitive race in very difficult circumstances.

  18. When the racing was allowed to progress, it was an interesting race, but overall it was dominated by too many examples of politics. The prolonged use of the SC. Farcical radio dialogue.
    Disappointing result for RB.
    Shame Jenson didn’t turn up and race today.

  19. Start was completely farcical. Should’ve been green flagged many laps before it was.

    The crashes were typical for a wet race, but the lack of grip somewhat unusually didn’t do much for the actual racing. Partly as trying to overtake led to crashes.

    Button in equal measures incompetent and unlucky.

    Hamilton shouldn’t really have lost the place to Alonso as he did, but probably would’ve been unable to keep him behind. Would’ve been an interesting battle.

    Rosberg just plain unlucky. Given the setup changes Mercedes had made for the conditions during the Red flag period, he could’ve had a very good result, and it was a shame to lose him.

    Always good to see Vettels car disintegrate. Just so that I don’t have to put up with his smug finger. Shame Webber wasn’t there to pick up the pieces.

    So overall: Disappointing for a wet race, and a completely mismanaged start. 5.

    1. That pretty much sums up my opinion, and my score. Possibly I subconciously subtracted a couple of points to compensate for the bruise on my hand, caused when Webber binned it.

  20. reddevilandy10
    24th October 2010, 10:37

    Best Tilke track since… Turkey, perhaps? Would have loved to see a dry race progressing to a wet track but hey, RedBull shoot themselves in the foot again. Watching Alonso pump in those laps in near pitch black conditions was just amazing.

    Leggard was awful agreed. But he’s pretty much the worst commentator alive. Wouldn’t mind seeing the 5Live guys with Martin commentating for TV viewers.

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