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2010 Korean Grand Prix

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215 comments on Rate the race: Korea

  1. Soeren said on 24th October 2010, 10:37

    3 hours in front of the telly for what felt like 20 minutes of action. My rating: 4

  2. Alexi (@) said on 24th October 2010, 10:37

    10 because Alonso won and he’s leader now. And Interlagos is Ferrari’s strongest…

    Well, not really because of that, but a very entertaining race. I should have wake up a little later though. Congrats for Alonso, Schumacher and Liuzzi for their great races and a big facepalm for Sutil.

  3. 8/10

    It was a boring start… but at least the midfield battle was pretty fun with all the sliding around and then the overtakes for lost positions…

    To me, the start of the show had to be Alonso… Never made any mistake, suffered in the pits (a mistake not of his)…

    • and a surprise is Schmi! Is the race master is back? 4th?

      But Nico is pretty unlucky…. 1st Japan and now Korea… not his fault, just unlucky… Hamster’s bad luck got trasnferred?

  4. Martin_B said on 24th October 2010, 10:40

    I have to rate the live blog comments because I didn’t watch the race. Verdict: pretty good.

  5. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 24th October 2010, 10:40

    Great race, threatened to be processional and I wasn’t impressed with a lot of the drivers (was loving Hamilton’s enthusiasm, it was the only entertainment of the opening laps!) but there was a lot of drama and very significant for the championship. And to top it all off, a podium for Massa which cheered my sentimental self :)


  6. Red Andy (@red-andy) said on 24th October 2010, 10:42

    Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged! That was a great race once it got going. But I was very frustrated by the wait we had to endure – we have all seen races in worse conditions than that. For that reason I’m only giving it a 6.

  7. Pingguest said on 24th October 2010, 10:42

    That start was stupid, anti-motorsport.

  8. Mach1 said on 24th October 2010, 10:46

    Just another comment on the:

    “what the hell was Sutil up to” topic.

    I have never sworn so much at one driver and could visibly see he was going to cause accidents before they happened!

    • Red Andy (@red-andy) said on 24th October 2010, 10:49

      Yes, I agree. When he dived up the inside of Button it was clear they were both going to go off the road; same with the Sauber incident that finally put him out of the race. Adrian was nothing short of a liability today.

      That said, he wasn’t the only one. Buemi deserves a penalty too for ramming Glock.

  9. 7/10. Good race but the delay really sucked, that takes two points off instantly.

  10. Robbie said on 24th October 2010, 10:49

    Oh man, Jenson looks like he’s going to cry talking to the BBC team now. I feel sorry for him but at least he’s honest, saying he was just slow.

  11. sid90 said on 24th October 2010, 10:50

    Really disappointed for Button :( but I gave it 8, was a really interesting race, just wished race control started the race a bit earlier.

  12. I gave it a 6/10 as it lacked overtaking action at the front, championship contenders are too scared for points to try a move and for a wet race it really lacked the usual amount of action we see in this kind of races.

    A point down goes for some drivers not wanting to start the race based solely on wanting to keep their championship position and FIA listening to them. One could say karma is a bitch…

  13. wong chin kong said on 24th October 2010, 10:52

    Very lousy start to the race. Have to switch off the TV several times, couldn’t bear watching cars driving so slowly behind safety car. Ferrari drivers whined about dangerous conditions on track yet they were the ones on podium. Sad day for Red Bull drivers, especially Vettel, his car in flames. Great race for Schumacher, if only he had a better car, he would be in the podium. Kobayashi’s race was solid, despite taking a few hard knocks, he managed to keep his car on the track. I rate the race only six because the race management were acting sissy worried about causing danger to lives of drivers, who are anyway professionals in their jobs, heavy rain doesn’t frighten them except for a few whiners.

  14. SparkyJ23 said on 24th October 2010, 10:53

    Button after spending all media time saying his car is broken and slow now admits he risked a different setup and new parts from Lewis and it backfired.

    • TomD11 (@tomd11) said on 24th October 2010, 12:09

      Yup, it was a brilliant display of his tactical nous, prowess in the wet and ability to conserve his tyres, relative to others. After two years of him being in the limelight, I still don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s so fantastic.

      Anyways depsite the ridiculous wait for the action, we ended up with a real corker, in my opinion. One of the best this season and elevated further by the championship stakes.

  15. adam23 said on 24th October 2010, 11:00

    7 – Lots of nice drama and overtaking. Would have been an 8 or a 9 if not for the ridiculous time it took to get started. Yes it was raining, but after they released the cars, the circuit was fine after 5 laps, which suggests they could have released them 7 or 8 laps earlier. Looking forward to Korea 2011!

  16. Gave it a 6. This track seems to have some potential, but, for once, the wet weather didn’t translate to a really entertaining race. It looked as if every time someone made a move, they’d just go off.

    Very solid results for the top 4. Hamilton clearly overdriving his McLaren, Massa doing well to stay in touch, Schumacher rather impressive in the wet and, of course, Alonso extremely cool and focused to gather the pieces and pick up the win. Although I’m left wondering what might have happened had Rosberg avoided Webber.

    I’m a fan of Button, mostly because he’s always a bit of an underdog, but I have to say he needs to get his act together. He can’t be satisfied at being great when the car suits him, yet rubbish when it doesn’t. Maybe he should go rallying instead of cycling in his free time; try different stuff, become more adaptable.

    Looking forward to next year’s race here, when the tarmac’s had time to settle and drivers aren’t so scared.

  17. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 24th October 2010, 11:20

    I have to say: I was very impressed at the turn-out.

  18. Should deserve 7,it was a bit frustrating at the beginning when they started the race behind the safety car we have start in condition even worst then this.& on the restart I think they could have started the race on lap 10-12 other then 18th.Some had luck in this race some didn’t.A rain-delayed race provided a thrilling afternoon in Yeongam It ended with a new championship leader and 3 title contenders failing to score, sadly for Button I think it is over.

  19. I wonder how much these poll results are really skewed by people voting for how well their favorite driver/team did vs. the actual quality of the race itself. Pretty pointless, but I guess it shows the difference between real F1 fans and those who only care about their favorites.

  20. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 24th October 2010, 11:25

    I’ll tell you what doesn’t get a good rating from me, the BBC. This was going to be the first weekend I was going to try the 5Live commentary and the only way I could access it was through the Driver Tracker which has the main feed on a tiny screen! I do have Sky as well but the reception is rubbish and the interactive hasn’t worked for weeks.

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