Disaster as drivers retire from first and second places (Red Bull race review)

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Korea, 2010

The Korean Grand Prix ended with one RB6 caked in mud and another in fire extinguisher foam.

This couldn’t have been a more crushing result for Red Bull.

Having annexed the front row of the grid for the eighth time this year they came away with nothing after a crash and a blown engine.

Sebastian Vettel Mark Webber
Qualifying position 1 2
Qualifying time comparison (Q3) 1’35.585 (-0.074) 1’35.659
Race position
Laps 45/55 18/55
Pit stops 1 0

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Sebastian Vettel

Looked out of sorts in practice, hampered by a puncture in the second session and struggling in traffic on Saturday morning.

But it all came together in qualifying where he edged Webber by a tiny margin to claim his ninth pole position of 2010.

Pulled out a 2.8 second lead in the first lap of the race, though his advantage was erased by the return of the safety car. When the safety car came out for a third time he had a 5.7 second lead over Fernando Alonso.

He led every lap until the 46th tour, when his Renault engine died as he passed the pits:

This is not a nice moment, but I think it was a difficult race for all of us today. To be at the front of the field for the whole race, controlling it and looking after the tyres, I think there?s nothing more we could have done.

All in all we did an almost perfect job today and also yesterday in qualifying. It was getting dark towards the end of the race; I had a medium visor on my helmet and it was hard to see some of the bumps on the track or the reference for braking, but the guys finished the race so there must have been some visibility.
Sebastian Vettel

It’s the latest in a string of car problems for Vettel in races and qualifying, which also compromised his performance in Bahrain, Australia, Spain, Canada and Turkey. The team confirmed the unit he was using was on its third race.

Compare Sebastian Vettel’s form against his team mate in 2010

Mark Webber

Headed Vettel in Q2 but had the tables turned on him in Q3, leaving him second on the grid.

Crashed out on lap 19 resulting in his first no-score since the European Grand Prix and losing the championship lead to Alonso:

It was totally my fault, I got on the kerb on the exit of Turn 12 and it was a very slow-motion moment off the back of that kerb ?ǣ it was my mistake and it wasn?t my day.

I thought I?d managed to catch it, but I lost the car and made contact with the wall, nothing too heavy, but it was enough to bring the car back to the other side of the track and then Nico hit me, which wrecked his race as well.

Conditions were okay by the time we were racing ?ǣ on the edge, but okay.
Mark Webber

Compare Mark Webber’s form against his team mate in 2010

2010 Korean Grand Prix

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78 comments on “Disaster as drivers retire from first and second places (Red Bull race review)”

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  1. They should back webber based on probability and looking at possible outcomes alone. If my calculations are correct Alonso needs to finish 3rd and 4th to win WDC from both Vettel & Webber if Vettel wins both final races and Webber finishes second: Alonso 258, Webber 256, Vettel 256, what a great way to sell enegy drinks, second place!

    To many probabilities favour alonso at this point. Barring alonso breaking down on the parade lap, getting a 10 place grid penalty or starting from outside the top ten in Brazil, vettel should be helping webber in any way possible to maxmise points and see it as not his year and be looking to future years as team no 1.

  2. Their is no doubt vettle is faster but you need to know
    that Webbber is the TALLEST and one of the heaviest (because of his height) drivers in the field.)
    1# Seb weighs 64kg (roughly) and mark 74 this means that in the same space as vettle webber is carrying an extra 10kg. obviously this is the minimum weight of car and driver but this 10kg changes the weight distribution of Mark RB6 campared to vettles while vettle has the heavier car his car is better balanced because the extra weight is in the car not the driver.
    2# Vettle is 5 foot 7″ webber 6 foot 1″ thats 4″ for every mm webbers head sit out of the car this slows him down so he has to fit 6 1″ in virtually the same space as vettle, this would be terribly uncomfortable for him.
    3# another interesting Fact is that the magic weight is 69kg why you ask? because 3/4 of the current world chapions racing in F1 have a exact weight of 69KG i dont think Webber and Jenson and bad driver i think they are highly comparmised simply becasue of their height and weight they have to drive lighter cars to compensate and this wrecks their weight distribution f1 need rules to fix this. :(

    1. I’d heard this although I wasn’t aware the exact weight rule of 69kg would have that impact. I think James Allen was saying before the korean race that at a previous point in the season redbull made a modification that assisted with acceleration / traction out of the corners and since that update vettel has been more comfortable with the car and subsequently outqulified mark more often.

      1. yeah I agree 100% with your comment Mikos under mine.
        Only logical thing Red Bull can do now is too give Mark the No 1 slot especially considering what happened at Silverstone and after the Turkish GP crash,team is been built for Sebastian but for this year they must give Webber a chance to win it because as I said already he is not exactly in his prime although he has driven superbly all year apart from Melbourne,Valencia and Korea

  3. And thanks to BBC switching for switching to BBC2 – I missed the last 15 laps!

    1. Apparently, the BBC is getting hundreds of complaints about this. It’s a bit daft, since the race was replayed in the afternoon and is now on iPlayer: ‘making the unmissable, unmissable’.

  4. Red Bull really shot themselves in the foot now with their equal treatment approach.
    Last year that was the obvious way to treat their drivers(Vettel’s first year at RB),but not this season.
    Had they simply chosen the driver who scored best in the 2 previous seasons as their number one:
    The Turkish incident would not have happened,Mark wouldn’t have forced Sebastian off track in Silverstone and in Hungary the pits would have told Mark to fall back a couple of lengths behind the safety car since Vettel was doing “too good” a job of holding up the pack for him,and couldn’t be reached due to radio transmisson problems.
    Red Bull could have clinched the WCC by now and Vettel could be leading the WDC by 34 points to Alonso (even considering an equal amount of misfortune and technical issues on his car)
    Instead,realistically,their best shot at the WDC title now should be to back Webber as their number one with his lead of 14 points over Vettel and just 2 races to go.
    In that case I suppose they’d better start looking for a driver to build a team around for the future..

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