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“I was fortunate to race in my era” 28th October 2010, 16:22

Sir Jackie Stewart’s racing career is the subject of a new book, “Collage”, which brings together newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs and all kinds of other documents from his life.

Button: “I will fight until it’s impossible”

Jenson Button vowed to continue his efforts to retain his F1 title despite falling 42 points behind in the title race with only 50 left to be won. Button told his official website: I’ve always said that I will fight until it?s mathematically impossible. Sure, looking at it written down on paper, you’ve got to […]

Bernie Ecclestone hits 80 with no sign of slowing down

Bernie Ecclestone, the most powerful man in Formula 1, turn 80 years old today.

He’s been a racing driver, a manager and a team owner. But above all it’s in his role as president of Formula One Management that he exerts far-reaching influence over F1.

Questions for Jackie Stewart

I’ll be interviewing Sir Jackie Stewart for an article on the site this morning, so if there’s anything you’d like to know from the thrice-champion, 27-time Grand Prix winner, former team owner and more, please post it in the comments. Here’s today’s round-up: Links Only 4WD Car To Win F1 At Auction (Speed) There’s also […]

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