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I’ll be interviewing Sir Jackie Stewart for an article on the site this morning, so if there’s anything you’d like to know from the thrice-champion, 27-time Grand Prix winner, former team owner and more, please post it in the comments.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Only 4WD Car To Win F1 At Auction (Speed)

There’s also a terrific article about Stirling Moss being reunited with the Ferguson P99 he won the 1961 Oulton Gold Cup with in the current issue of Motorsport magazine.

Horner: Both drivers still in title race (Autosport)

News that must have gone down well at Maranello.

World’s fastest rollercoaster: Could you stomach it? (BBC)

“The Formula Rossa rollercoaster [at Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World] boasts acceleration from 0 to 60mph (97km/h) in 2 seconds, and takes the title from the Kingda Ka in New Jersey, US, which reaches speeds of 128mph.”

Blogging from Korea: Sunday (Williams)

“During the build-up to the start… we didn?t know what tyres we were going to fit because the track conditions were very unpredictable. We took eight sets of tyres to the grid for each car, which was a logistical nightmare because we had to find many more power units than normal.”

Todt eyes strong future for F1 (Press Association)

“It’s very difficult if you are a very powerful manufacturer like BMW, Honda, Toyota. Incidentally, none of them were very successful, so when you spend a huge amount of money without success, it’s probably easier when you have to decide where and how to invest.”

Sky becomes race partner for Brazilian Grand Prix (Red Bull)

“The agreement means Sky?s logo will feature on the bargeboards of Red Bull Racing?s Formula One cars throughout the race weekend.”

Comment of the day

Lots of different opinions over Mark Webber/Nico Rosberg collision at Korea. Did Webber have enough control over his car to keep it out of the path of his rivals? Did he purposefully let it roll towards the racing line in the hope of taking out a title rival?

Jarred Walmsley gives him the benefit of the doubt:

What I think happened was Webber was trying to get his car off the track as it would be a lot less dangerous on the side of the track (where it ended up) than stuck in the middle of the track where it would have been had he applied brakes.

Also, I bet if he had applied his brakes and stopped on the track there?d be controversy over that as well. So Webber made a split-second decision of what he thought would be the safest thing to do in those circumstances.
Jarred Walmsley

From the forum

Alexi wonders which engine manufacturers might return to F1 in the future.

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Happy birthday!

Quadruple birthday congratulations to D Winn, Zahir, Vinicius Antunes and Nixon!

On this day in F1

Bernie Ecclestone with his Zimmer Frame
Bernie Ecclestone with his Zimmer Frame

Make that a quintuple – the big cheese has hit the big eight-oh.

Yes, Bernie Ecclestone turns 80 year old today.

Here’s a picture of him with a special Zimmer Frame that was presented to him by Red Bull at the Korean Grand Prix. It features an F1-style steering wheel with buttons marked “Power”, “Tea” and “Viagra”.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images