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Thanks for all your feedback to the proposed changes to the website yesterday. As ever with the kind of thing it ran the gamut from positive to negative but I’ve taken your ideas and concerns on board and they will have a bearing on the final design and layout.

The second part of the Jackie Stewart interview will be on the site later today. In the meantime here’s today’s round-up:


How To Shoot An F1 Car In 3D (Jalopnik)

Ferrari fans get clicking – lots of gorgeous pictures of a 1980 312 T5 being shot for a forthcoming 3D film.

Mosley rules out return to motorsport (BBC)

“I think my F1 days are finished and I’ve moved on to other things. One should never go back.”

Comment of the day

Yesterday Jackie Stewart told us F1 “wouldn?t be what it is today has Bernie Ecclestone not been here” but DGR-F1 doesn’t agree:

I think F1 exists as it does as a result of the work done by Ferrari, McLaren and other teams in the past who keep the history of the sport alive and make the connections with past and present racing achievements.

Bernie is doing nothing to make the sport interesting to new manufacturers, does nothing to help new teams or drivers, seems solely interested in the big bucks and the flashy venues, and has driven ticket prices out of the reach of normal wage earners.

He might not actually be conspiring to lose Spa, Monza or Silverstone, but he won?t lift a finger to help save them, and yet will be complaining next year that he now has too many venues to chose from, even though he is the one who makes the deals.

From the forum

Here’s a huge post from Nik asking some interesting questions on ‘feeder series’ into F1.

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Striay and Gavin Brown!

On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher scored his final win for Benetton in the Japanese Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

In a typically crushing 1995 performance he started from pole position and set fastest lap on his way to victory.

Damon Hill, who he had already beaten to the championship, spun off in the tricky conditions.