Writer Manish Pandey on his film “Senna”

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One of my favourite ‘Comment of the Day’ winners so far this year features in today’s round-up. Here it is:


Gran Breta???a desata una feroz campa???a contra Alonso (Marca)

According to Spanish newspaper Marca “Great Britain has launched a fierce campaign against Alonso”. As Autosport’s Pablo Elizalde explained in a series of Tweets:

According to Marca, “Great Britain has unleashed a fierce campaign against Alonso”. But in its usual classy “journalism”, the report calls Mosley something like “Mr. whip”. But they still have the nerve to criticise Autosport and the BBC. It also says that a “mediocre Button” won the title thanks to Mosley allowing an illegal component in his car. Gotta love Marca’s standards. So to Marca, Great Britain’s attack on Alonso is an Autosport article they didn’t understand and some Mosley quotes reported by the BBC. This is Spain’s most read newspaper… Let’s be clear, though. There’s as many British newspapers who are anti-Alonso as there’s Spanish newspapers who are anti-Hamilton. But none of them should try to claim the moral high ground by criticising others who are doing the same as them…

Guess Marca didn’t spot Jackie Stewart telling this site an Alonso title would be “ever so slightly” diminished by what happened at Hockenheim.

Comment of the day

Manish Pandey, writer of the film “Senna”, responded to Robert’s thoughts on the film yesterday. Make sure you read his full comment.

The film is 101 minutes long and, as Robert mentioned, we could not have covered every race, pole position or win of Ayrton?s life.

We wanted to concentrate on that period of his life when he really went on a journey ?ǣ this is the idiom of movies ?ǣ and so FF1600, FF2000 and F3 were sacrificed, despite the great battles with Martin Brundle, Calvin Fish etc.

Similarly, 1991 was another year of intense three-way rivalry but the key points for Ayrton?s character came with an awareness of his place in the pantheon of F1, his increasing maturity and his understanding that he was as vulnerable to accidents as any other driver. We cover this rather than whether the Williams-Renault was better aerodynamically than Honda?s development of their engine.
Manish Pandey

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