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F1 Fanatic redesign

You will have noticed a change to the F1 Fanatic home page today as the new style which was previewed last week has gone live for the first time.

Redesigning parts of the site always presents problems, particularly as it’s not as if I was being inundated with complaints about the old site. But that didn’t mean there was no room for improvement.

A big part of the thinking behind the changes to the home page was to present more stories to visitors without forcing them to scroll down. The new home page is less than half the height of the old one.

It should also allow new content to be visible on the home page for longer. This had become a particular problem on race weekends, where articles added to the site late on Sunday had disappeared from view on Monday.

Where they are used, images now act as links to articles. This should make navigation easier for all users but particularly those using touch screen devices.

The introduction of sub-headings is a small but important change which will allow a clearer distinction between news, features, comment and other types of article.

Lastly, page size has been further reduced (by up to 50% in some tests, though the average saving is likely to be considerably lower), meaning faster loading times.

Having said that there is scope for expanding the home page and I’m considering adding some extra elements further down the page to do things like promote new comments and the most popular stories. This won’t be done until the off-season however.

Also among the future plans for the site is re-organisation and re-design in the top level menus to make the site easier to navigate.

Among your initial feedback to the site was a concern that the race information box would be lost. This will be replaced with a similar facility in time for this weekend’s race.

As ever, please share your feedback on the changes to the site below. Inevitably there may be a few teething problems with the changes and although we have done our best to ensure it works on all browsers please do point out any problems.

Thanks very much to Richard Homer (website, Twitter) for his excellent work turning the design into code.

F1 Fanatic - new look

F1 Fanatic - new look

F1 Fanatic - old look

F1 Fanatic - old look

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140 comments on Welcome to the new-look F1 Fanatic

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  1. Robbie said on 1st November 2010, 14:12

    This will take some getting used to but it looks quite nice and intuitive.

  2. looks great, looking forward to using the site during the upcoming race weekend!

  3. dirgegirl said on 1st November 2010, 14:19

    Personally I love sites where you don’t get “scroller’s knuckle” from whizzing up and down a long list of posts – so this looks great to me. I’ve always liked the clean design of this blog anyway.

  4. TIFOSI FERRARI said on 1st November 2010, 14:20

    lovely look,

    i like it.

    • macahan said on 1st November 2010, 17:07

      yes looks great will make easier to find older articles for sure. Most of the time I access pages from the RSS feed but occasionally I tried to locate a older pages from a few days ago and it is no longer visible one the RSS feed so need to go to the main page and this will then be very handy.

      Great job Keith I love this site.

    • Hare (@hare) said on 1st November 2010, 23:36

      seconded. Love it Keith, wd.

      One thing I hope happens, is that we have more space on the live blogging. As it feels very 1995 having that much textual space. :)

      However, I’m always appreciative of the effort you’ve put in and long may it continue!

  5. Looks great, but i will need a time to be sure. Its hard to find sth, but i think it will be ok

  6. hawkfist said on 1st November 2010, 14:23

    Can’t say I’m a big fan, the boxes look a bit…out of place (need rounded corners maybe, less angles), and the grey background on the third set of stories looks a bit random, looks like it would either work better alternated by story (ie, like a chessboard) or just not there at all and keep the mouseover-highlight.

    Not complaining at all, nice to see you’re continually trying to evolve and improve the site, but a little feedback never hurt.

    (Also, I think every time I visit the site is off an RSS feed anyway so I barely ever see the front page anyway :D)

  7. polishboy808 said on 1st November 2010, 14:26

    Fantastic! The Gp Update thing could be improved as its kinda squished but everything else looks awesome!

    • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 2nd November 2010, 8:45

      I think it looks good too, it’s just I am struggling to navigate to articles now. I am not sure whether this is because the new interface is not as user-friendly, or I am just too used the the old layout. It is probably the latter though. (Or at least I hope it is.)

  8. foocode (@foocode) said on 1st November 2010, 14:26

    Absolutely love the new design. Very modern and utilitarian. Looks great on my mobile too (Android). Well done to all involved and I hope you realise great traffic benefits from it!

    Now just get a less regional domain name and you’ll be well on your way to world domination! :)

  9. homer said on 1st November 2010, 14:27

    i miss the old “brief articles” and “in depth articles” lists that was always easily available…

    i guess the “More from F1 Fanatic” replaces them both.

    • sato113 (@sato113) said on 1st November 2010, 14:58

      also i can’t find the ’round ups’ anymore from a main article page. the naming has changed for the worse (i think)

      for example ‘F1fanatic roundup 1/11/10′ is now called ‘Jerome D’Ambrosio tipped for race seat’…

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st November 2010, 15:11

        All the round-ups have ’round-up’ in the subtitle.

        • DeadManWoking said on 1st November 2010, 16:25

          But they are not identified as ’round-ups’ in the ‘More from F1 Fanatic’ Navigation List that is alongside the article that you are currently reading.

          • sato113 (@sato113) said on 1st November 2010, 17:00

            yes exactly. it means I have to return to the home page every time if I want to find a round up.

          • DeadManWoking said on 1st November 2010, 17:07

            Round-ups are a collection of many different things and should be identified as such rather than titling them from just one of their many components.

          • Ned Flanders (@ned-flanders) said on 1st November 2010, 18:07

            Yes I agree with this, it’s a bit confusing

          • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 1st November 2010, 19:42

            Yeah, it would be nice if roundups were still labelled as such in the More from… list.

          • Hare (@hare) said on 1st November 2010, 23:37

            Patience men! I’m sure he’s on it.. :)

          • Jim N said on 2nd November 2010, 12:46

            I agree with this. It’s about the only thing I don’t like in the new format. The one thing the old site was very good at was easy navigation no matter where on the site you were. This new format has lost some of that. But I’m sure it will get fixed.

  10. Ned Flanders said on 1st November 2010, 14:30

    Well, my mother always said if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all! Haha, sorry… hopefully it’ll grow on me

    • NomadIndian said on 2nd November 2010, 7:40

      Same here… Always loved the clean, light look of F1F… Will also not be as easy to browse on my mobile too…

    • Maciek said on 2nd November 2010, 8:41

      Hahaaa – Ned listens to his Moooom. Sorry, I think that’s Nelson talking. Seriosuly, though, I’m not crazy about the new layout either. But I get the feeling it won’t stop me coming here.

  11. Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 1st November 2010, 14:33

    To be honest, I preferred the old layout a bit more. There are some pro’s to this layout (looks cleaner at the top, more visual means it’s easier to see articles that catch the eye). But it’s also harder for me to see what articles are new (i.e. what I haven’t read yet), and the layout can disorient a bit if you’re looking for something specific. The layout at the bottom of the homepage can be cleaned up too.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st November 2010, 15:12

      New stuff will always appear at the top first.

      • dianna said on 1st November 2010, 22:45

        K.Take no notice of the moaners,it is much easier to read and navigate.The right hand layout is a big improvement.
        10/10 in my book,thanks :)

        • That’s a bit unfair, some people, (I’m still deciding) find things with the new lay out that doesn’t suit them, or they find hard to use, I think it’s fair that they can explain what they do, or in this case, do not like.

          The only thing I can think of picking on, is that I liked the boxes that used to exist on the right, (in brief, in full, and GPupdate).
          That feature was quite useful I think, to quickly find what I have or have not read.

          But apart from that, I like it, and if it helps articles staying readily available or more than a few hours on race day! then I’m all for it! Great work!

      • Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 2nd November 2010, 0:41

        Well, yes, new stuff always appears at the top first, but it takes me a few more seconds to figure out what was published today or yesterday or the day before that. I like having an anchor in terms of what stuff I’ve already scanned through and what I haven’t yet.

  12. xabregas said on 1st November 2010, 14:34


  13. Cacarella said on 1st November 2010, 14:40

    Great work Keith and thank you so much for providing an excellent site where Fanatics like myself can spend their days keeping up and learning about their passion.

    You provide an incredible service to us all – Thank you!

  14. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 1st November 2010, 14:41

    I liked the old layout and this’ll take some getting used to. Being able to differenciate between the main feature articles and the round up’s/brief articles was a huge plus and doing that isn’t quite so easy anymore.

    Then again I always moan and complain when things change as I’m a stickler for continuity but give it a week and I wont even remember the way it used to be.

    • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 1st November 2010, 14:46

      It should also allow new content to be visible on the home page for longer. This had become a particular problem on race weekends, where articles added to the site late on Sunday had disappeared from view on Monday.

      The previous ‘Articles in Brief’ never used to appear in the main article feed. Now they appear to do so, which surely recreates the old problem of major articles potentially disappearing from the home page quickly?

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st November 2010, 15:14

        Yep but there are more places for articles to appear now which is the key benefit.

        The other problem with the in full/in brief split was it tended to give ‘in brief’ better promotion than they sometimes deserved. As well as being a bit of a pain to arrange, to be honest.

        • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 1st November 2010, 15:31

          That’s true, some of the in brief ariticles tended to get a low number of comments whilst being just as accessible as moe popular articles.

          Does this mean that you’ll be changing the type of articles you post or will they just appear lower down the page?

          I have to say that after an hour or so of using the new layout I’m really liking it. Great job by all involved!

  15. It will take sometime to get used to it. At first I thought that I have mistakenly entered on a wrong site.

    Great work Keith thanks for making things better for us.

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