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You will have noticed a change to the F1 Fanatic home page today as the new style which was previewed last week has gone live for the first time.

Redesigning parts of the site always presents problems, particularly as it’s not as if I was being inundated with complaints about the old site. But that didn’t mean there was no room for improvement.

A big part of the thinking behind the changes to the home page was to present more stories to visitors without forcing them to scroll down. The new home page is less than half the height of the old one.

It should also allow new content to be visible on the home page for longer. This had become a particular problem on race weekends, where articles added to the site late on Sunday had disappeared from view on Monday.

Where they are used, images now act as links to articles. This should make navigation easier for all users but particularly those using touch screen devices.

The introduction of sub-headings is a small but important change which will allow a clearer distinction between news, features, comment and other types of article.

Lastly, page size has been further reduced (by up to 50% in some tests, though the average saving is likely to be considerably lower), meaning faster loading times.

Having said that there is scope for expanding the home page and I’m considering adding some extra elements further down the page to do things like promote new comments and the most popular stories. This won’t be done until the off-season however.

Also among the future plans for the site is re-organisation and re-design in the top level menus to make the site easier to navigate.

Among your initial feedback to the site was a concern that the race information box would be lost. This will be replaced with a similar facility in time for this weekend’s race.

As ever, please share your feedback on the changes to the site below. Inevitably there may be a few teething problems with the changes and although we have done our best to ensure it works on all browsers please do point out any problems.

Thanks very much to Richard Homer (website, Twitter) for his excellent work turning the design into code.

F1 Fanatic - new look
F1 Fanatic - new look
F1 Fanatic - old look
F1 Fanatic - old look
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