Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2009

Rain to hit Saturday running in Brazil

Brazilian Grand Prix weatherPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2009

F1 looks set to get more rain in Brazil this weekend, though at this stage it is not clear whether it will interfere with qualifying over the race.

The radar-watchers on Twitter report rain will hit the circuit on Friday evening, which could linger long enough to interfere with final practice on Saturday and possibly qualifying too. You can see the radar here.

The Brazilian Meterological Institute expects particularly heavy rainfall and thunderstorms on Friday.

Air temperatures should remain reasonably high, ranging from the high teens to the high 20s (Celsius), though becoming slightly cooler as the weekend progresses.

The weather has played a crucial role in recent Brazilian Grands Prix. Last year’s qualifying session was delayed due to a downpour, and rain showers shaped the epic championship deciding race there in 2008.

There was no rain in 2007 but very hot weather led to a post-race dispute over fuel temperatures.

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37 comments on “Rain to hit Saturday running in Brazil”

        1. McLaren didn’t change their set up during Red Flag conditions in Korea unlike other teams. Lewis struggled with the restarts but after a few laps he got up to the pace of Alonso and Vettel before his tyres went away

  1. We may have another Japan where the qualifying may take place on Sunday if we have a huge rain on Saturday.Rain will bring difficult & different condition which may help some to win & some to loose the WC.

  2. Great news for Webber! The Red Bull should be fast enough and he is definately the better wet driver of the red bulls.

    Also good for alonso as it should stop the red bulls from doing a 1-2 formation flying.

  3. Fernando is good in what!!!!! Alonso is useless in the wet. He was happy with winning in Korea coz thats his first wet victory. Rain will definately balance the cars out and hopefully see a strong finish for Lewis and hopefully a crash for the others. Massa should be very strong here as this is his home lap, lets hope Alonso isn’t close by to be handed another victory

    1. Alonso is useless in the wet.

      Well, if overtaking 12 rivals in a single lap in an “impossible to overtake” circuit amounts to being useless in the rain I agree with you.

      ..Korea coz thats his first wet victory

      Nurburgring ’07 anyone?

  4. I’m really getting bored of rain-affected weekends after the last two. In Japan the rain just delayed everything, it didn’t lead to mixed-up grids and the race was dry. In Korea qualifying was dry and the race, when it finally got under way, was in conditions everyone had planned for (except McLaren, seemingly).

    I won’t mind if it’s raining all the time, in qualifying only like last year, or starts raining in the middle of the race, but the novelty’s wearing off fast.

  5. If they just start the race everything is fine behind safety car is no racing. But it almost looks like last year qualifier wet race dry.

    Maybe Sutil brings his brakes this time )

  6. Wet race is good; Monsoon rain is bad, as the track drainage is not very good. We don’t need another 25 laps run under the safety car or stopped with long delays into sunset, we need RACING!

  7. We could see 2 or 3 championship contenders carried off at the infamous turn 3 river. Won’t that be a treat. This is exactly what we need for the title to go to the last lap at Abu Dhabi.

  8. Wet weather may aid Red Bull to an extent, and should be an advantage for Ferrari but the fate of all competitors will rest on whether Mr. Sutil thinks he’s on the dodgems again this week-end.

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