Christian Klien, HRT, Singapore, 2010

Klien takes Yamamoto’s place at HRT again

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Christian Klien, HRT, Singapore, 2010
Christian Klien, HRT, Singapore, 2010

Christian Klien will make his second race start of 2010 for HRT.

He replaced Sakon Yamamoto at the team for the second time this year having also replaced the Japanese driver at Singapore.

On that occasion the team said Yamamoto was suffering from food poisoning. After missing Singapore, Yamamoto returned to drive at his home race two weeks ago.

Asked why the drivers had been changed again a HRT spokesperson said:

We have four drivers and the team decides at every GP which one is in each car. This time, the team has decides to give another opportunity to Christian.

Karun Chandhok has also driven for HRT this year, but hasn’t been in the car since the British Grand Prix.

Klien said:

I am very happy to get a second opportunity to do another Grand Prix here after Singapore and I hope that we are doing a good weekend with positive results.
Christian Klien

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75 comments on “Klien takes Yamamoto’s place at HRT again”

  1. I bet you they flick a coin..

    .. and the person who provides the biggest coin gets in the car. Bruno always wins cos he’s got a Conquistadores Golden Medallion.. Karun, Klein and Sakon fight it out over pocket change.

  2. Tom M in Australia
    4th November 2010, 22:59

    Makes sense, we’re at the stage now where next years money is more important than this years money, and Klien represents their best chance at swiping 10th place from Lotus, and the cash that goes with it.

  3. We have four drivers and the team decides at every GP which one is in each car. This time, the team has decides to give another opportunity to Christian.

    So, how, exactly, do they decide who will drive? A giant chocolate wheel?

    1. I imagine a sophisticated performance measurement formula which takes a diverse range of variables into account such as:

      Cash flow
      Wallet thickness
      Bank balance
      Sponsorship portfolio…

      1. Interesting menu… I’ll have the cash flow dipped in olive oil and garlic for an appetizer. Then I’ll have wallet thickness tar tar with steamed green bank balance for an entree and creme d’ la sponsorship portfolio for desert. I’ll wash it all down with a bottle of Suck It Up and Pay vintage 2011.

  4. “We have four drivers and the team decides at every GP which one is in each car. This time, the team has decides to give another opportunity to Christian”

    But not to Karun? Not one damn race since Silverstone… not one!

    I thought there was some rule dictating how many changes you may make to your driver line up in one year. Or did that one go out the window years ago?

  5. This team spend more times on driver selection then on their car development.

  6. I am happy to see Klien getting a chance to show himself, but I agree with others that getting “Kliened” in qualifying and race is not doing Senna any good. And Chandok? Why’s he still hanging around? He should be looking for drives because it’s obvious he’s not going to get behind the wheel of the HRT again.

    They should just sell the whole team to Epsilon, then the sham that it’s a Spanish team will actually have some truth to it. And some facilites, and some expertise, and perhaps… some money. Because we all know… speed is just a question of money, how fast do you want to go?

    Although, I suppose Toyota disproved this theory.

    1. That would be fantastic if they sold the team to Epsilon, a real racing team that might actually know what to do with HRT before it goes the way of Arrows, or so many other failed teams.

  7. Karun ‘s career seems to be over … Lotus is tying with Bruno . Virgin is done with Glock/Ambrisio … and whatever is left of HRT .. i pretty sure Sakon will be there … with Klien seemingly being given the benefit of doubt and talent …

  8. Van der Garde getting a drive at Virgin is getting much more stronger while the Belgium driver changes is reducing. (This is because of sponsoring) The Dutch guy is getting faster or better cash then the Belgium guy this is the way of F1.

    FI is going to test Buurman that is a Dutchman i really want to see in F1. I saw him racing and he is a bit Prost, Senna and Mika. That means cool,fanatic determined in one driver…

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