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Brazilian Grand Prix

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2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

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163 comments on Rate the race: Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Robbie said on 7th November 2010, 17:40


    Despite it being quite tense, RBR winning the championship and the driver’s championship bunching up even more, that was a fairly processional race that went down to strategy instead of racing.

    Disappointing race for Brazil.

    • sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 7th November 2010, 17:41

      gotta agree with this. Safety car completely ruined the race for half the field too!

      • Yup, agreed. Quite a bit of a letdown after qualifying yesterday. The most exciting part of the race was trying to guess whether RBR were going to swap Vettel and Webber or not.

        • sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 7th November 2010, 18:01

          I think ironically Hulkenberg made the race far less exciting as he spread the front of the field out so much (well, between the championship contenders). Tis annoying as I thought he was going to make the race interesting! Some great defensive driving though.

          • Robbie said on 7th November 2010, 18:20

            Yeah, I was happy he got the pole but because of his lack of speed compared to the front runners (Ferrari, McLaren and RBR) the two RBRs got away and Hulk held everyone up for age.

            And then weirdly the safety car also made it more boring because instead of having battles, we had front runners being held up by backmarkers for a good portion of the race.

          • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 8th November 2010, 5:07

            Yeah, I think you’re right. Here we were all excited about HĂĽlkenberg being up front to mix things up amongst the top drivers, and instead he ruined a bunch of drivers’ races and led a HĂĽlkenberg for the entire stint after the pit stops. Oh well, I’ll still never forget that qualifying performance.

        • Ben Curly said on 7th November 2010, 18:01

          The RBR want driver’s championship for Vettel, but the only way to achieve it is with Alonso 5th or worse in Abu Dhabi – which seems unlikely. However Webber win with Alonso 3rd would do the job.

          Giving today’s win to Mark would definitely be a safer bet. In my opinion what they did was pretty stupid…

          • Sammy said on 7th November 2010, 18:14

            I honestly dont understand why they didnt do that….In my opinion they basically gifted the championship to Alonso.

          • Guilherme (@the_philosopher) said on 7th November 2010, 18:15

            I always think it is hillarious how people bashed Ferrari for sacrificing Massa’s chances when he was still in contention for the title (although it was highly unlikely that he would keep up).

            Now, with Vettel still in contention for the title and faster than Webber since Italy, what people want Red Bull to do? Sacrifice Vettel’s chances!

            It would surely be easier for Red Bull to swap their drivers around, but isn’t it the same kind of disgusting act we witnessed at Hockenheim?

            Next race, if Vettel is leading Webber and Alonso, rest asured that they will swap positions. As much as they like Vettel, they’d have to be really stupid to put the WDC in the garbage bin.

            To summarize:

            1) Red Bull has been the most perfect example of sportmanship F1 has seen in decades;
            2) If Webber wants to win the title, then he should at least beat Vettel on the track, and he missed his best opportunity today.

          • Nope, in any case Webber would need to finish before Alonso in Abu Dhabi. Considering RBR’s speed, I don’t think given the Webber this win would make much sense. As long as both cars finish before Alo next weekend, RBR can still ask to promote Webber.

          • Ben Curly said on 7th November 2010, 18:43

            @Guilherme Teixeira

            Well, Mark missed his opportunity today, because of: “uh-oh, your engine is hot, take it easy… oh wait, Vettel is far ahead now, we were only kidding, your engine is fine”…

            But putting that aside: if you want to compare it to Ferrari, then yes, it would be almost the same. Ferrari did it, and they gained points for Alonso. They can, and probably will win championship because of that. Yes, in a way it is hilarious – in a very sad way.

            Anyway, if Alonso will be far back in Abu Dhabi, they will probably let Vettel win, and if Alonso will be close, they will probably let Webber win. So don’t praise them yet for their “superb sportsmanship” – while forgetting all of their favorism towards Vettel earlier this season.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th November 2010, 22:04

            I think it’s the same pragmatism vs. principles argument we’ve been having since Hockenheim.

            Red Bull can stick to their principles if they like, but as Ferrari have broken the rules and gotten away with it (puny fine notwithstanding) it may well cost them the championship.

            Consequently, the pragmatic thing to do would be to use the same tactics as Ferrari.

            This is the argument I’ve been making since the WMSC decision. I’ve not done the maths yet but Webber would surely be some way ahead in the drivers’ championship had Red Bull chosen him as their number one driver at that point.

            So I understand where people are coming from when they sense a certain naivety in Red Bull’s approach.

          • I suspect a lot of these comments are influenced by the idea that if the situation was reversed, Webber would have been ordered to let Vettel past.

      • BasCB said on 7th November 2010, 18:52

        Yea it was a real shame as it could have made it interesting again. But it being impossible to pass the whole busloads of cars splitting the front runners and spacing them back out, just like getting past the Hulk had spaced them out in the first 15 laps.

        Still to me it was quite exiting watching everyone get past Hulkenberg as well as Webber hunting down Vettel through the traffic. A real shame about Senna holding him up for that much though.
        And a moment of exitement with the McLaren and Rosberg pitstops, before we realised the backmarkers would bar any real on track fights in the top 5.

        I gave it a 7/10 for the weekend with that amazing pole yesterday, some nice overtaking moves all through the race, a bit of exitement with the top cars hunting themselves down and still having 4 runners in the WDC fight, altough it is now a long shot for Hamilton.

      • Andy W said on 7th November 2010, 19:31

        absolutely, they have to go back to letting cars un-lap themseleves, putting that many back markers in the mix ruined what I am sure would have been a thrilling race for the line.

    • gave the same note because there was too many procession despite trains – no one tried really hard to overtake. Boring. Plus SC added to general mess

    • Spectator said on 7th November 2010, 18:14

      i agree really disapointing just like the belgium gp

      • damonsmedley said on 7th November 2010, 18:18

        I gave it a 6. Not bad, but certainly not what we were all looking forward to. The one good thing to come out of it is the fact we will get a showdown in Abu Dhabi.

        i agree really disapointing just like the belgium gp

        Belgium? Disappointing?! Belgium was one of the best races of the year!

  2. bosyber said on 7th November 2010, 17:44

    After the first lap the Red Bulls getting 1 and 2 set the stage for a race that was at times exciting behind them, but had a lull after the pitstops and until that too late SC, and then the amount of cars between the front runners made sure none could get close enough to do anything for real. Alonso got close, but not quite there. It was enjoyable, but ultimately a bit dull at the front for too much of the race.

  3. MacademiaNut said on 7th November 2010, 17:45

    Safety car rules ruined the race.

    • how exactly???????

      • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 7th November 2010, 18:05

        The backmarkers were weaved among the top five, instantly spreading them out at the restart and denying a chance to see a proper fight.

        Whatever happened to the rule that allowed backmarkers to unlap themselves?

        • bosyber said on 7th November 2010, 18:09

          It was rather dull in the 20 laps before that SC, those backmarkers had their race ruined and then functioned as a damper on any possible fight at the front, true, but it was already not a great race by that point, the SC merely didn’t deliver on any promise it might have held for the finish of the race to still give some real fights.

        • Dan, The safety car can let cars past if they are directly behind, they can’t let a car past if it isn’t behind them. It’s not the fault of the safety car that back markers were in the middle of the pack.


          • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 7th November 2010, 18:29

            A couple of years ago there used to be a rule that allowed all back markers to unlap themselves under a safety car. Martin Brundle was just saying that the rule was scrapped because it dragged out the safety car period by an extra couple of laps that could have been spent under racing conditions, which is a shame.

          • BasCB said on 7th November 2010, 18:54

            It was really a shame they dropped the rule letting the backmarkers past. It would have ment spending another 1-2 laps behind the SC but it would have given all drivers a fighting chance for the last 15 laps to make this a smasher.

          • plushpile said on 8th November 2010, 1:23


            They really need to bring that rule back, the extra 2 laps behind the saftey car would have been worth the wait as we would have had a decent fight for the win then with ALO-WEB-VET up front…

          • The old rule was a really stupid one, I mean, maybe this time it would have been more interesting, But the amount of time it would take for the cars to rejoin the line, coupled to the danger of cars racing around when it’s meant to be a controlled safety car period….

            It sounds good in principle… But I can’t see it working.

        • Feynman said on 7th November 2010, 18:39

          The leaders had to navigate past those lapped cars, that’s how they got lapped, why should cars racing the leaders not have to do the same?

          Fairs fair. No?

          Yeah, you could argue it would make for a more exciting show, but then so would phantom full-course yellows for “debris”, but just cos it makes better TV, doesn’t mean it should be applied to a sporting contest.

          The chasers get enough of an advantage closing up behind the SC, lets leave the lapped traffic where it is, I think.

          • I agree, last thing we need is any artificial tampering with the car order during the safety period.

            It’s a sporting event as you mention not conceived entertainment.

      • David BR said on 7th November 2010, 18:06

        Allowing lapped drivers to get between the front runners? The restart would have been a lot more interesting. Still those behind Vettel were lucky the safety car bunched them up a bit anyhow. More the case that more bad driving from Luizzi meant we missed Webber catching Vettel.

        • Lauro said on 7th November 2010, 18:49

          What about making all drivers *not* in the lead lap go to the end of the line?

          • Try not to think selfishily. The event is for the drivers to contest. We luckily get to watch the fun.

            Artificial tampering with positions so that fans get a better show is for nascar.

          • MacademiNut said on 7th November 2010, 19:11


            But, what’s the point? During the restart, they are shown the blue flag to let others pass. If they are allowed to contest their position, then what you are saying is fine.

  4. Prateek727 said on 7th November 2010, 17:46

    Boring procesn. I took loo breaks.

  5. Antranik said on 7th November 2010, 17:46


    Was expecting much more from my 2nd favorite track, it was quite a boring race for the most part but the only reason its 7 is because after the safety car watching all the confusion was awesome! Congratz to RB for winning WCC now I just hope Webber delivers in Abu Dhabi and takes the WDC.

  6. Prateek727 said on 7th November 2010, 17:47

    Boring procession. I took loo breaks.

  7. Mark Hitchcock said on 7th November 2010, 17:47

    Very boring. As soon as the Red Bulls got out front it was pretty much over.

  8. John H said on 7th November 2010, 17:49

    Well done Red Bull. Got a little excited when the SC came out, but it turned out changing nothing in the end.

    One further point – Massa was absolutely terrible in that race. Surely he’s gone for 2011?

  9. Sandman said on 7th November 2010, 17:49

    Perfect example why new SC rules are a farce.

    What i don’t understand is why in times of refueling, when sometimes you were just forced to pit for gas, you could be punished doing that with a drive-through. On the contrary, nowadays when nothing on god’s green earth forces you to pit, you can do that freely with SC deployed. Better even, you can pit twice and not loose a single position.

    • vayha said on 7th November 2010, 17:55

      Rosberg was 3 pitting – Kubica only 1. How it is possible?

      • Kosmit said on 7th November 2010, 18:06

        When Rosberg for the second and third time, the safety cars was deployed. Kubica was already lapped by that time while Rosberg wasn’t, which meant hew was in front of the SC, not behind it. He could pit without fear of losing position.

        • Well he lost track position as Martin explained he just didn’t lose placing position.

          He was behind Kubica at the restart, was he not?

      • David-A (@david-a) said on 7th November 2010, 18:42

        Because Kubica had been lapped. Don’t call me German, or anything, for pointing out what happened.

        • vayha said on 7th November 2010, 19:21

          No metter what happens on track, I like you. I have nothing against you. We just say our opinions. I realy dont care where you come from. We don’t have to agree on everything – I want to say, I respect way you’re thinking, and apologise for my previous behaviour, if it was unproper.

  10. matt88 (@matt88) said on 7th November 2010, 17:50


    A great first part (the strongest moments being “Hulk vs. the fasters than him” plus ALO overtaking HAM), then the show faded away. A bit of excitement after SC deployment, but under the Interlagos standards.

  11. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 7th November 2010, 17:50

    I give it an 8 for the thrill of Hulkenberg’s pole yesterday (ok so it’s not the race :P) and also for the race itself. Quite a bit of overtaking lower down the field and some tension as well.

    Really annoyed we’re no clearer about who the champion might be though!

    • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 7th November 2010, 17:54

      Also just before Hamilton made the error that let Alonso through, Alonso jerked to the inside and feinted a move. Did that distract Lewis? I often hear commentators talking about trying to force an error by distracting the guy ahead like that but I’ve never seen it actually work!

  12. derek said on 7th November 2010, 17:52

    how can rosberg pit 2 times under SC and still be in front of schumacher???

    • dianna said on 7th November 2010, 20:15

      @ derek..Michael Schumacher graciously ALLOWED Rosberg to pass him as the latter had fresh tyres and would have been in a stronger position to fight Jenson who was in front of them.(see Total F1 for full story.)

  13. Brendan said on 7th November 2010, 17:52

    Red Bull won the Constructor’s championship but their failure to manage their drivers as a team means they are likely to hand Alonso the Driver’s Championship. Ironic considering he lost a Driver’s Championship at McLaren(to Mika) when McLaren did virtually the same thing by supporting Hamilton that Red Bull are doing with Vettel.

  14. Jarred Walmsley said on 7th November 2010, 17:55

    Really this was a boring race,not much excitment, no incidents for the title contenders so nothing to get excited about plus Hulkenburg didn’t score well. so a 5 for me

  15. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 7th November 2010, 17:56

    One of the worst races i’ve ever seen. And let me explain why.

    Firs of all, the transmission over here, in latin america, was rubbish. It’s always bad but today it was even worse. The commentators where at the circuit, yet they mistakenly named the drivers and got confused with every little piece of team radio transmission.

    Then, the official transmission. They spent so much time getting the backmackers even when Fernando was closing in Webber. After the safety car, they showed Massa battling with the lapped guys, even if he also was lapped.

    Then, the backmackers themselves. We have already discussed this: should backmackers move aside while they are being lapped?. Some said yes, some said no. But i guess none of us think some shoudl make way and some don’t. If they are going to move aside, then ALL do it!. Mark lost a lot of time with Senna, with di Grassi. Lewis lost too after the restart, with Buemi. But Vettel barely lost time, same with Alonso. Come on, the new teams were 3 secs slower than the rest. And sometimes more.

    It was a processional race, but even worse than Barcelona.

    And a view about Buemi. How come he’s still racing?. It’s already 2 years and he’s still making so many mistakes!. He was bad at Korea, he was bad today, crashing Massa and Koba i think too.

    • BasCB said on 7th November 2010, 18:59

      Sorry to hear about that bad job by the TV crew. Even Brundle and Legard were late on the pickup of some things, like Rosberg getting past Kobayashi.

      Under Normal circumstances I would be glad for the blue flag rules to be eased, but after this safetycar situation it would have certainly been better to get the unlapped cars to line up in front to have a chance of a fight between them for the last laps.

      • I completely disagree with the notion that the lapped cars should get out the way, in fact, I’m going to go the other way, and say this was a perfect example of why blue flags should be dropped. Imagine if Vettel actually had to fight to get through the lapped cars.

        So what if it could have been more exciting, This isn’t NASCAR, it’s not Wrestling, it’s Formula One, a sport, and just because it could have been more interesting doesn’t make it right to tell the lapped guys to go to the back.

        Also, What gives the leaders the right to ruin the races of the drivers who got lapped? They where still fighting for position and championship points. If the notion is that lapped cars are just in the way, and that their races aren’t important. You might as well say lapped cars should be forced to retire.

        This would have been far more exciting had blue flags not been used.

        • Why should a driver that is beating another driver by 4.3km (1 lap), 8.6km (2 laps), 12.9km (3 laps), 38.7km (9 laps, eg di Grassi was 9 laps behind Vettel), etc be forced to race against that driver. All removing the blue flag would do is punish drivers for being too fast. What sort of real sport punishes competitors for being too good. The way I see it is if you cannot stay on the lead lap maybe you should be out of the race.

          What givers the lapped traffic the right to ruin the races of the drivers who are the best competitors who are leading the race?

          • … Well, all the leaders would have to get past the same cars, So I think ruin is the wrong word… Webber got baulked several times by lapped cars, and that’s with the blue flags.

            I just didn’t like how some of the lapped drivers got a pummelling in the comments, when if they had of let the leader though earlier, they may have lost a place against someone they are racing against as well. Which doesn’t strike me as fair play.

            The way I see it is if you cannot stay on the lead lap maybe you should be out of the race.

            … What?….. Well, why not just ban anyone who isn’t in a Ferrari, Mclaren or Red Bull and be done with it…

    • F1FANATIC said on 8th November 2010, 7:16

      Leave comments like this to Keith thanks.

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