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Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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163 comments on “Rate the race: Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. Big letdown, gave it a 6.

  2. Fernando Alonso overtook Lewis Hamilton on track. Even if the race was rather boring, that was worth a 9.

    1. It really must be a real big deal for Alonso fans! The fact that Hamilton’s car had zero adherence and is way worse than the Ferrari might have something to do with it, but hey, enjoy the little victories. Going to be a bit ironic (okay: immensely enjoyable) if Hamilton takes 3rd at Abu Dhabi ahead of Alonso and ensures a Red Bull driver victory.

      1. Zero adherence my ***. Send the guy to driver school.

        1. As I remember, Hamilton learnt from the best in 2007 – Alonso. And promptly beat him. Your turn!

          1. Clockwork Kitty
            7th November 2010, 18:31

            With massive help from McL who were “basically racing against him” and giving him a Minardi with McL livery after Hungary. And even so he didn’t get one single point ahead.

          2. So that’s why Alonso was asking McLaren to hold Hamilton back as early as Canada? Not to mention Monaco. If you remember FIA were even called in to check Alonso was getting the same car and treatment. Yes, in the final races McLaren (Dennis) were racing him – after he tried to blackmail his own team over data theft he himself was involved in. But you know all that.

          3. Damn, I ate the troll bait.

          4. With massive help from McL who were “basically racing against him” and giving him a Minardi with McL livery after Hungary. And even so he didn’t get one single point ahead.

            Sorry, but that’s a ridiculous exagguration. Alonso didn’t get much emotional support from the team, but was given sufficient and equal equipment despite being petulant in Hungary.

          5. “Yes, in the final races McLaren (Dennis) were racing him – after he tried to blackmail his own team over data theft he himself was involved in. But you know all that.”

            If McL were cheating, spying and lying the fault was theirs, they can’t blame Alonso.

          6. Anger is bad for health. Blood pressure goes up, take it easy.

      2. Unless it isn’t a strike from clear sky, what happens in field is up to the drivers (we are talking about classic drivers in classy cars). You have to admit Alonso passed Hamilton, and did it the second time in a row. Hulkenberg didn’t comitted the mistake for example, Hamilton did twice.

      3. Maybe have Hamilton get in 2nd right behind Webber in Abu Dhabi would do that job nicely.

    2. Alonso didn’t really pass Hamilton, Lewis was forced into an error for the second time in two races – errors that he really shouldn’t have made.

      1. I dont think it was an error so much as it was Ferrari’s superior traction out of corners, you could clearly see that onboard

        1. No it was an error, Hamilton ran wide on entry, missed the apex and then lost traction over the kerbs, which allowed Alonso to pass. Whether or not he was distracted by Alonso’s feint attack I don’t know.

          1. Hamilton clearly had no grip at the start and complained as much on the radio after a few laps. Alonso has overtaken Ham with skill, guile and sometimes aggression on other occasions – this time it was just car superiority though.

          2. Actually it was an error that enabled Alonso to pass Hamilton.
            I feel, that Hamilton has bin a bit frustrated all weekend to see his title chances slip away from here this weekend and thats why he made some mistakes and kept complaining about the handling.

          3. Or he was simply pushing the car beyond its limits, hence the loss of handling and forced errors. I’m most so much excusing Hamilton as moaning about McLaren making absolutely no ground up on Red Bull and Ferrari in the second half of the season. That seems bad given their resources. Guess it’s all relative though.

          4. Core Lewis supporters usually dismissed Button “whinning” about “undrivable cars”… Apparently when Lewis complain he is worth of more trust.


      2. Clockwork Kitty
        8th November 2010, 0:25

        Alonso didn’t really pass Hamilton,

        According to what definition of passing would that be?

        1. Probably this one: “It’s only an overtake when Hamilton does the overtaking. If he gets overtaken it’s only because of an error/because of the car.”

  3. Just trying to get the point across that even though i cheer against rbr i feel bad for mark.

    1. Yep, agreed. RBR certainly deserved the WCC, but Seb and Mark hardly seem to deserve the WDC. They should have been first and second mathematically several races ago.

      1. Guilherme (@the_philosopher)
        7th November 2010, 18:21

        but Seb and Mark hardly seem to deserve the WDC. They should have been first and second mathematically several races ago.

        Because they are actually racing each other. They don’t have a rear gunner, and, in my opinion, it will only value their titles even more if they win.

        1. and Red Bull making it impossible for themselves to support Webber for the WDC exclusively is incomprehensible.

          In the case of Webber absolutely. If he wins, he will deserve the title much more than any other driver keeping in mind the support he has had from RBR.

          1. ooopps! wrong quote.

            the right one for my comment was:

            t will only value their titles even more if they win.

        2. Good job on them I think.
          Sure I would have liked Webber to have a chance at Vettel after the SC as well as fancying a Hamilton/Alonso fight, but Vettel was in front and drove very well today (again, a win from the front) and it just did not happen.

        3. NO no no, because they’re racing each other they lost 25 points in Turkey.

          The rest reasons are their performance in race, their reliability, driver’s mistakes, team mistakes, having commitments with Marko or with who knows who…

  4. 8/10

    Lacked a bit of action in the middle but it was great to see things turning out alright for Alonso. Besides it was pretty insane how Rosberg pitted three times and still ended up ahead of Schumi and Kubica.

    1. becasue Kubica went to pits onthe same lap as Hulk – so he had no chance to make quicker laps to pass him. While everbody else did by pitting earlier or later than Hulk. It annoyed me really.

      1. He should have done like Hamilton did an run another few laps to get past the Hulk.

        1. exactly – Hulk was just in fornt of him,, he saw he is going to pit – so he should delay his own pit by a few quick laps. Pity it didn’t happen. And then he seemed unable to overtake him all the race. A bit strange.

  5. Andrewf1 got it :)`

  6. So how about HULK? I think he didn’t impress so much, yesterday it was all about more grip, really.

    1. I think he did the most that could have really been expected of him – he wasn’t fast enough to get away with pitting early, so all the people behind him who pitted inevitably got past. I thought his defending of Alonso and Hamilton was brilliant.

      1. For me he rather defended than was racing, so like he didn’t care about pace but about to hold current position. In effect he was annoyingly slow – everybody who pitted before or after him gained significantly – BUT, ROS, MSC, – while Kubica was the only one who pitted on the same lap as HUL and that’s why was stuck behing him all the race.

  7. I think if you go back and review the race, you’d find there were plenty of neat passes, especially in the first half. However none were really consequential in terms of the championship scenario, which proves that there are far more important variables than raw overtaking that go into producing an entertaining Sunday.

  8. Awfull, 4/10. From my favourite track, with a interesting pole sitter. Redbulls did there usuall domination thing, Vettle was as boring to watch as ever, Mark didn’t get a chance to challenge him. Saftey car which should have added so much excitement completley failed too. Redbull handed the drivers title to Alonso in an act of brazen stupidity you wouldn’t belive if it hadn’t just happened.

    Still sets things up for a tense title decider in Abu Dhabi I guess, still how disapointing.

    On the saftey car, maybe unlapping is a bit extreme but maybe cars not on the lead lap could pull out on the straight or something, let the lead cars through then form up behind? Couldn’t be that hard.

    1. I tend to agree with your safety car suggestion. Surely the rule could be changed to something like, “passing under yellow flag conditions is prohibited unless the car in front is lapped traffic”. Or maybe the lapped traffic rule should be changed to be a bit like professional cycling, if you get lapped that’s the end of your race. I think it is quiet ridiculous that lapped traffic can affect the outcome of races. It also removes one avenue by which drivers can cheat.

  9. Boring. Very Boring. Even a late SC period couldnt spice it up.

    The snooze button was hit when when Hamilton couldn’t hold Alonso back because that was his single real aim for the race; it would have tighted up the whole title race more; and it would have installed a bona fide battle for the race. It’s ironic that this is the corner where he ran wide trying to pass Alonso in 07 and lost the plot.

    1. I think the snooze factor was when Vettel and a bit later Webber got past the Hulk before he got good grip in his tyres and got into a groove to defend.

  10. not much excitement. wait for Abu Dhabi

  11. I have mentioned this before in previous races, but it is absolutely amazing that yet again the top 5 drivers have finished in the top 5 positions again. Amazing season, it must be some sort of record for consistency among the top drivers.

    1. And once again the driver leading the championship did not win the race.

  12. 5/10

    Once Red Bull hit the front it was fairly boring. Some good midfield battles but nothing special.

    Hopefully Abu Dhabi can provide us with a better race and that Mark Webber can do the business there.

    Alonso will be hard to beat though. It would take a brave man to bet against him.

  13. Was expecting alot from Kobayashi

  14. I gave it a 7. It was a solid race with some good action.
    It is amazing that so many gave a 1 rating after German Grand Prix for the team order yet today it seams that a lot of people lowered the score because of lack of a team order from RBR.
    I have a feeling that if Webber finished first today and HAM managed to get past ALO after the SC the race would be voted as the best grand prix of the year with average score of 9.5 :)

    1. Agree, funny thing that is with TO, isn’t it. I actually think it is great to see RBR not interferring, although it will probably mean Seb “being the team player” next time round.

  15. Congrats RBR and vettel.

    Something dramatic has to happen to F1. We cannot continue watching such formula bores. With refuelling also gone the Fans has to look up the sky towards rain gods or towards safety cars for any bit of racing.

    After watching Talledaga last weekend in NASCAR, F1 is putting up a pathetic show in comparison from both racing and entertainment perspective.

  16. Kudos for the Hulk for getting pole, but his effect on the race was negative as he let the top runners pop out one by one with big gaps in between, making the race ultimately predictable by about lap 5. Can’t blame him, of course; he was racing his own race (although tactically it damaged his chances long-term – he’d have been better letting them go and having a proper scrap with his speed peers). The SC could have helped matters but the way the back markers were arranged probably had the effect of spreading the top runners out rather than bunching them up. Disappointing race, but you can’t really blame any individual or rule.

    7th November 2010, 18:48

    the most boring race this year!
    and one unfair thing. Rosberg pits 3 times, Kubica only one. He could pit several times and still go ahead, because Pole was lapped.

    1. Get yourself a taped Bahrain or maybe Barcelona and think again.
      There was genuine tension in large parts of the race, we had quite a bit of battles and passes on track as well.
      A shame about the RBR getting past the Hulk that fast and the backmarkers getting in between an exiting phase after the SC period, but still a pretty decent dry weather race.

      1. I think it comes down to expectations and really I’m not surprised that so many people were disappointed after the qualifying we had. That’s what happens when you work up all kinds of fantastic scenarios in your mind and then boring old reality comes along and ruins everything.

  18. Younger Hamilton
    7th November 2010, 18:58

    6/10 what a stupid and boring race it was i expected more today in Brazil

  19. Younger Hamilton
    7th November 2010, 18:59

    Worst Grand Prix i’ve ever watched

    1. So guess you won’t want to watch your Mums TV anymore then?? Idiot…

  20. Younger Hamilton
    7th November 2010, 19:03

    15 People are Red Bull Fanboys and girls

    1. Umm, you know, there’s that thing about the pot calling the kettle something, something… never mind.

    2. Bit rich from you as one who constantly comes across as a seriously blinkered Lewis fanboy don’t you think?

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