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What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

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163 comments on “Rate the race: Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. It really was a “meh” race. Apart from the large amount of overtaking, it was pretty dull. And I feel bad for Hulkenburg, 8th really wasn’t good enough.

  2. 5/10 even the SC couldn’t spice things up, thanks to the ridiculous rescinding of the rule allowing backmarkers to unlap themselves.

  3. 7/10 from me. Good overtaking in the midfield, Massa for instance was fairly fun to watch fighting Buemi and Sutil (or was it liuzzi?). Though there could have been more action at the front. Red Bull just ran away with it and Hulkenberg held back Alsonso so much that he had no chance of catching the bulls and then did the same to Hamilton. Not that he was bad, Hulkenberg impressed me. He didn’t do any mistakes and he did a very good job defending against Alonso and Hamilton. Sadly he finished the race very low down.
    And the SC rules could be better, the back markers between the front runners ruined any chance of an entertaining restart.
    And just last, i don’t get why people mock about RBR not using TO? We all hated it in Hockenheim, why should it be different this time? Also, in Hockenheim we all knew that Alonso were better then Massa, and that the only Alonso would have a chance to get the WDC. Here Vettel were faster then Webber and have been that consistently for a long time now. They both have a shot at the title now. It will just make Abu Dhabi that more exciting.

  4. HounslowBusGarage
    7th November 2010, 20:18

    Somehow this morning the wife realised that this was an important and potentially pivotal race. So I was allowed to watch it in the lounge on the Big TV.
    She even went off to fetch me tea and mince pies at about Lap 20.
    But at the finish, she just looked at me.
    “Is that it?”
    I must have nodded.
    “Was it worth it?”
    Was it worth it; was it worth me wasting two hours of lfe? Was it worth squandering a large wedge of wifely goodwill and attention for? Had it resolved anything? Had it made my heart beat faster at any point? Had it heightened my excitement of the 2010 season?
    I voted 3 out of 10.

    Oh, and I agree with TMax (above) about Talledaega. I don’t normally like NASCAR, but that was a real race!

    1. I rated it much higher, but my sympathies for your misspent resources nonetheless – perhaps if you do something nice or make convincingly sad puppy eyes you’ll be treated to the same tender loving care next Sunday? As the French would say: Courage!

  5. I think Hamilton has one option: 2 DNF and one Black flag. It is posible in the last race. (1 DNF in turn 1, and 1 DNF three? laps to go and a Black Flag in the last lap). I am an ALO supporter, but it would be a 10/10 rate race.

  6. that race was super boring.

  7. 5/10
    As soon as Galv√£o doing the commentary here in Brazil opened with a ‘it’s sunny, beautiful track here at Interlagos’ my heart sank. Obvious Red Bull 1-2.

    Fact is, this year has been amazingly good considering the sheer dominance of the Red Bull cars. Sadly even the rivalry between the two RBR drivers seems to have become bureaucratic.

  8. 5/10… Some good bits, just not enough action.

    Plus I just cannot get excited about Red Bull as a racing team at all.

  9. At the moment I voted I notice only 22 people gave the race a 10 but 34 people gave it a 1!

  10. How come when safety car comes in, lapped cars can’t outlap themselves? I was expecting another tight race when VET-WEB-ALO-HAM line themselves up again. It was a processional race & it ruined for the other drivers with the slower cars – no time to chase the guys at front.

  11. 7.

    Great opening lap some aggressive driving by H√ľlkenberg giving some hard time to the title contender shame that his car wasn’t up for that job.Happy that he at least finished the race in points. Made life difficult for many I am sure after the safety car as all the cars were mixed in the circuit tough to say who is fighting with whom.

    Hoping a good curtain close in Abu Dhabi.

  12. usually a messy race is exciting
    brasil today’s race was messy and boriiiiing.

  13. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan
    8th November 2010, 7:21

    In the end I think everyone expected a really good race after the championship deciders a couple years ago and just in general Brazil has had some great races since 2000. But it was s regular race straight forward and I think people were let down, myself included. I think if Hulkenberg wasnt upfront it would be a little better of a race for sure but I enjoyed watching him defend his position he could have moved over for the championship sake but he didnt, well done : D . It was an ok race except Hamilton struggled :( . Abu dhabi is gonna be good : D

  14. Very dull 3/10

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