The F1 class of 2010

Picture: The F1 class of 2010

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix picturesPosted on Author Keith Collantine

The full field of drivers present for the final race of 2010 were supposed to assemble for a photograph with their team bosses today.

Unfortunately there was one big name missing from the picture.

Seven-times champion Michael Schumacher couldn’t be found despite frantic efforts to get hold of him.

And somewhere along the lines it seems Bruno Senna and Timo Glock went AWOL too.

Se here are (almost) all the drivers at the end of the 2010 F1 season, the septuple world champion and a couple of others missing:

The F1 class of 2010
The F1 class of 2010

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Image ?? Force India F1 Team

40 comments on “Picture: The F1 class of 2010”

  1. probably the worst pic of this year.what a shame. noone took control of the foto session, many of the drivers didn’t take an interest in this could have been a great one if it had worked out and if these guys would have bothered. just imagine manchester united lining up their players like that…

      1. I notice Heidfeld seems to think it’s somewhere behind him.

        Is it just me, or does anyone else think that by the end of the year, Formula 1 drivers have the collective attention span of a group of year eight students who have had too much red cordial?

    1. no I think this one will be very memorable, becasue most poeple don’t pose but are natural. you can read a lot from faces and behaviour.
      really pity that those 3 drivers went missing.

  2. hahahah it’s incredible how NO ONE cared about the picture, except maybe Nico (fashionable as always), Jenson, Rubens and Hulk

    Kubica: facepalm
    Webber: looking somewhere
    Seb: looking somewhere opposite to Mark (says it all :P)
    Lewis: looking NOWHERE!
    di Grassi: doing ‘the robot’
    Klien: doing the ‘even stronger robot’
    Vijay: looks like he was scratching his **** and the picture got him by surprise.


  3. Is that an end of term photo, or what? Kubica has something in his eye, Bernie and Stefano discuss Alonso, Hamilton is more interested in Sutil, Kovalainen is distracted by something behind him, whilst Hulkenberg is clearly bored. But perhaps more importantly of all … wat the hell is Tony Fernandes looking at?

  4. I can guarantee that all the drivers ect have fallen out with each other after organizing their photo, if it went anything like our school 6th year photo. :D

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