Nico H???lkenberg confirms he is leaving Williams

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Nico H???lkenberg, Williams, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Nico H???lkenberg has confirmed he will not be driving for Williams in 2011.

In a statement on his official website he said:

I heavily regret that, because I would have been happy to stay with Williams. I want to thank the team for a great time and I wish Williams all the best for the future.
Nico H???lkenberg

H???lkenberg’s manager Willi Weber said his driver will stay in F1 next year:

I am negotiating with other teams. Nico will have his seat in F1 in 2011.
Willi Weber

H???lkenberg finished 14th in his first F1 season with 22 points to Barrichello’s 47. He scored his maiden pole position at Interlagos eight days ago.

But prior to that strong rumours had already emerged linking Pastor Maldonado, his successor as GP2 champion, to his seat in 2011.

Maldonado will drive for HRT in the young drivers’ test tomorrow and then for Williams on Wednesday.

On Saturday Williams chairman Adam Parr said the team had not yet decided on their driver-line up for 2011.

Amid claims Maldonado was being brought in because of his substantial financial backing from Venezuelan oil giant PDVSA he added:

We have replaced all the sponsorship we have lost and we are in great shape for next year. I actually feel more positive about the future now than I have done for the a long time even though, funnily enough, we actually turned a profit as a company every year for the last three years and we will this year and we will next year.
Adam Parr

Frank Williams said:

At Williams we have for many years tried to bring new talent into the sport, and we are convinced that Nico will go on to great things. We wish him well and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.
Frank Williams

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  1. why everybody are worrying about the future of nico?
    he is not as good as you think, but drove well in williams (second part of season). it`s apparently his decision to leave williams :)
    i suppose that he find seat as a test driver or in poor team like hrt :) but malando grabs that seat before him, hihihi :)

  2. Not that I expect Schumacher to be giving up his ride, but it seems to me as though the Hulk might be a good fit over at Mercedes. Even perhaps as the “test” and reserve driver for a season or 2. Schui isn’t gonna be there forever. That said, I think he’s shown that he deserves to be a full time (salaried!) F1 driver, and it would be a shame not to see him on the grid with a quality team next year.

  3. None of us are in a position to judge if this is a ‘bad decision by Williams’ or not. For all we know he could have had offers from other teams whom Weber maybe deemed giving the guy a more promising future. I know this is a little obvious but people seem to be missing this.

  4. Younger Hamilton
    15th November 2010, 18:07

    I wasnt expecting that i cant believe it what a great driver and great meaningful season for him.I hope Nico succeeds in the team he goes to but what he needs to sort out is his temper he gets angry really quickly seen during the race at Valencia and Singapore Qualifying

  5. I see Nico joining Force India along side Sutil because im pretty sure Liuzzi’s time is up on that team. I also don’t see Petrov leaving Renault for next season bcuz of all the Russian sponsorship/money he’s providing Renault, and if i was Sir Frank Williams i would give Bruno Senna a shot at joining the team.

    1. You had me until the Senna bit. Senna is rubbish.

      Maldonado is going to flop, in my opinion. I haven’t seen any particular brilliance from him. I just hope Sir Frank knows how to deal with the heat from Caracas when Chavez’s golden boy is getting trounced by the pensioner. He didn’t make a deal with the devil but close enough.

      Hulk should have tried to get an Indy deal, like with Montoya, rather than the HRT thing. It’s one thing to be exiled in American in that nutty car racing series here, and quite another to be wrestling with that HRT. At least in America he might have a car not desperate to swap ends and every moment and then break down the next. In a decent car Nico might lay a whipping on the Indycar field on the road courses at least.

    2. If Force India do decide to replace one of their drivers surely Di Resta will get the seat. Unless there are some surprises in the driver market I think the only options open to Hulkenberg for 2011 may either be a drive at one of the new teams but more likely a test driver role.

  6. Edsel (Joshy)
    16th November 2010, 0:20

    Terrible, I wish Nico the best, and hopefully he stays in F1.

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