Ricciardo fastest in first young drivers test

2011 F1 testing

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Daniel Ricciardo was the fastest driver on the first day of the young drivers test sessions at Abu Dhabi.

The Australian set a time of 1’39.616 in the world championship-winning Red Bull RB6 around the Yas Marina circut.

That put him over a second faster than Oliver Turvey, driving for McLaren.

Portuguese teenager Antonio Felix da Costa was third quickest for Force India, ahead of Sauber’s new test driver Esteban Gutierrez.

Dean Stoneman was fifth for Williams having run with a large aerodynamic testing device on his car early in the session.

Force India and Virgin both ran two drivers during the day, with Paul di Resta and Rio Haryanto driving the car in the morning. The Indonesian driver’s running was cut short by a technical problem on the VR-01.

Fastest times

Car Driver Car Best lap Gap On lap Laps
1 33 Daniel Ricciardo 1’39.616 68 83
2 31 Oliver Turvey 1’40.725 1.109 84 85
3 57 Antonio Felix da Costa 1’41.381 1.765 76 77
4 41 Esteban Gutierrez 1’41.432 1.816 84 88
5 35 Dean Stoneman 1’41.522 1.906 68 70
6 36 Mikhail Aleshin 1’42.073 2.457 55 58
7 38 Jean Eric Vergne 1’42.489 2.873 60 93
8 37 Paul di Resta 1’42.736 3.120 27 28
9 32 Sam Bird 1’42.985 3.369 60 67
10 62 Jerome d’Ambrosio 1’43.518 3.902 34 36
11 40 Pastor Maldonado 1’43.750 4.134 107 108
12 34 Jules Bianchi 1’43.894 4.278 15 59
13 39 Rodolfo Gonzalez 1’44.924 5.308 72 83
14 42 Rio Haryanto 1’49.439 9.823 20 21

Speed trap

Driver Car Fastest Speed (kph)
Oliver Turvey McLaren 317.5
Pastor Maldonado HRT 315.7
Antonio Felix da Costa Force India 315.7
Dean Stoneman Williams 312.9
Sam Bird Mercedes 312
Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 312
Rodolfo Gonzalez Lotus 311.1
Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 310.2
Jules Bianchi Ferrari 309.3
Paul di Resta Force India 309.3
Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 309.3
Jerome d’Ambrosio Virgin 308.4
Mikhail Aleshin Renault 307.5
Rio Haryanto Virgin 299.8

2011 F1 testing

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59 comments on Ricciardo fastest in first young drivers test

  1. Maldonado’s best time today – 1:43.940 , and it’s 1.1 second faster than Senna’s qualification time (1:45.085). Fantastic driving! Bad news for Senna and Klien, great news for Williams.

  2. earlrue said on 16th November 2010, 13:40

    Ricciardo being 0.3” faster than Webber in Q3 is bloody quick. That would have been P3.

    Costa is surprisingly fast too. With a time good for P15 and beating Liuzzi (Q2, P16) by 0.26”.

    Turvey would have qualifyed P14 last Saturday, not close to Lewis’ or Jenson’s times. But who knows what they are running and testing.

    • It is very quick but the track could easily be a second quicker today than Saturday and probably is.

    • Are these cars in race condition though? Just curious if this is really a fair comparison or if since they are testing they are allowed certain conditions that they wouldn’t be in a race….

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 17th November 2010, 3:59

      Ricciardo being 0.3” faster than Webber in Q3 is bloody quick. That would have been P3.

      But there were not laps driven in anger. There was none of the pressure normally associated with a Grand Prix weekend.

      • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 17th November 2010, 11:28

        I still think this Ricciardo guy is something special. He is genuinely quicker than any of the other aspiring F1 drivers, even without the RB6. I hope when Webber retires, Red Bull pick Ricciardo up as his replacement. Him and Vettel would be a battle I’d like to see!

  3. Oops, for Maldonado it’s even better: 1:43.750 (used old timing).

  4. McLarenFanJamm said on 16th November 2010, 13:46

    shock horror, a red bull is fastest

  5. Thats some impressive work by Ricciardo. Right there amongst the full-time driver’s times while the others are some way off.

    Bianchi, not so impressive.

  6. Ricciardo way too fast
    Evevn I dont believe Costa’s time, he really did a good job. Now I dont think Liuzzi will fit in Force India.
    Maldonado looks promising as well.

  7. luigismen said on 16th November 2010, 13:58

    Good time by Maldonado, maybe people will realize that replacing Nico with Maldonado isn’t that bad of a choice.
    but still, there’s more testing days left to make a real judgment

    • Chris P said on 16th November 2010, 21:28

      Ill make my real judgement after a few races, not test sessions where anything can be done to the cars to affect the lap time.

  8. Dextrous said on 16th November 2010, 13:59

    its great to see young guns behind an F1 car it just brings out the best in the car…….

  9. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 16th November 2010, 14:15

    A interesting thing, HRT in front of Ferrari.The question that I am asking is that whether they will be able to do 2011 aero testing in their car or this is just a test to give some mileage to the young drivers.

  10. Ricciardo is talented but had the best car.
    Bianchi – How can he be third-last? I hope he was running heavy or tested something, because it’s not an impressive time.

    • He had the best car, but not only was he the fastest, he was faster than Webber, as someone pointed out.

      • The track also has a whole 2 hour long race worth of rubber. I honestly dont think these times are quick because of the drivers. Something else (like the track conditions) is influencing it.

        • macahan said on 16th November 2010, 15:42

          Absolutely track conditions play a big role here. So much more rubber then during qualification. GP2 support race and a full F1 race added a lot of rubber. Bust still some pretty impressive lap times from some of the guys.

          I would been mighty disappointed if Riccardo had not been fastest of them all consider he drove the car that was fastest in qualification plus a very skilled driver as well it’s for naught he is the reserve driver for RedBull.
          Some of the drivers didn’t impress that much on their times but must say Maldonado did a superb job that much quicker then the regular drivers. BUT track should be as pointed out faster then when the drivers did qualification before the race. As much as 1-1.5sec according to some so Maldonado seem to gotten the best out of the car perfectly in line with what could potentially been expected and would run Senna and Klein for their money.

          • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 16th November 2010, 21:10

            He’s likely familiar with the car’s handling as well having done plenty of time in the Red Bull simulator, which most other drivers here have not.

    • Ferrari made some tests indeed:


      • Sorry, I don’t see any new parts. The thing on top of the on board camera is to measure speed and shouldn’t slow the car down.

  11. xabregas said on 16th November 2010, 14:22

    Impressive time for Felix da Costa, his best time is better than Luizzi´s qualifying lap and only 0,4 off Sutil´s time.

  12. People, people, the track is obviously much quicker than Saturday, you can only compare between drivers on the day… having said that, even so so impressive times.

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 16th November 2010, 16:09

      There alright but, this is after a Porche Race, two GP2 races and a qualifiying session for the feature race, 45minutes of F1 qualifying and a full F1 race with only two retirements, 6 days to set the cars up to the track perfectly and TONS of other info.

      It’s not much more than you’d expect from competant single seater drivers, get the F1 guys in and the times could be incredible, lap records would be smashed.

  13. over 100 laps of more rubber laid down

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 16th November 2010, 16:10

      Yeah, 14 drivers did from 30 to 90 laps today. The track will be even faster tommorow.

    • sato113 (@sato113) said on 16th November 2010, 17:10

      and its in the middle of the day. warmer track temperature.

      • Stubie said on 16th November 2010, 18:52

        Midday track temps. Yes, I think this has a lot to do with it as well.

        Nonetheless, some impressive times from them. Ricciardo besting Webber’s time is impressive, I don’t care how you qualify it with conditions improving… I hope some of these guys get seats that are independent of the wallets behind them.

  14. f1geek said on 16th November 2010, 14:49

    Pirelli or bridgestone?

    • Tomster said on 16th November 2010, 15:09

      They were all on Bridgestone tires.

      • Scribe (@scribe) said on 16th November 2010, 16:11

        last hurrah. It’ll be truly interesting to see what times the F1 drivers do on the Bridgestones. Vettle fastest shouldn’t wonder, still by that time the track will be actually made of rubber, an rubber only.

        • DeadManWoking said on 16th November 2010, 17:03

          The young drivers are on Bridgestones today and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday the Teams will all test the Pirellis with either their Race or Test Drivers. The Bridgestones will not be used after tomorrow.

          • Scribe (@scribe) said on 16th November 2010, 17:38

            woops, I ment the Pirellis. My whole posts looses it’s point like it is now. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what the Pirelli times are but, of course, it’ll be a very benign track by that point.

          • DeadManWoking said on 16th November 2010, 17:49

            Yeah, with so much more rubber on the track you can’t really make a direct comparison. I imagine on Thursday we will see a lot of long high fuel runs to check the wear on the various types of Pirellis, we may not get some really hot laps till later on Friday.

  15. karan01 (@karan01) said on 16th November 2010, 15:04

    What is the purpose of a young drivers test?

  16. sato113 (@sato113) said on 16th November 2010, 17:13

    di resta is SLOWER than da costa in the same car…
    di resta had had way more practice. how can this be?

  17. the edge said on 16th November 2010, 18:18

    just goes to show how useless vettel is and how good the RB6 is

  18. f1geek said on 16th November 2010, 18:25

    I got a question : do the f1 drivers get the full tanks for the race before qualifying? so they do with quali with full tank ? or They put the fuel after the qualifying?

    • DeadManWoking said on 16th November 2010, 19:20

      Previously those in Q3 had to qualify with the amount of fuel they would start the race with but with no refueling this year they can qualify with as little fuel as possible though they must have enough in the tank at the end for the FIA to take a sample for testing. They fill the tanks just before the race.

  19. Portuguese young driver Antonio Felix da Costa, did a good work, but I in my opinion, Alvaro Parent deserve the opportunity to seat again in a F1 car, but when you have to pay 200000€ to test, talent isn’t enough to drive a F1 car…

  20. Ricciardo has a great future with RBR, pity they will most likely make him a #2 driver.

    • Robert said on 17th November 2010, 0:33

      I agree.. they need to replace Mark Webber with another Australian! And they will only make him #2 in the beginning since he’s new. He’ll have every chance to prove himself.. Hamilton was Number 2 first season to Alonso and look what happened ;)

      I really wanna see more of this guy..

      • Stretch (@stretch) said on 17th November 2010, 5:17

        Well Horner did say the team in the future is going to be built around Vettel (if not currently). Hopefully he replaces Webber when he retires so I don’t have to barrack for another nationality.

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