Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Alonso’s role in Ferrari strategy revealed in pit messages

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010
Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010

The discussions on the Ferrari pit wall that led to crucial decision that cost Fernando Alonso the world championship have been revealed.

The exchange of messages between Alonso and his race engineer Andrea Stella, which was not broadcast during the race, shows the team’s preoccupation with Alonso’s position compared to Webber.

It also shows how Alonso urged the team to use Felipe Massa to hold Webber up.

The radio transcript, published by Corriere della Sera, shows how Ferrari made the mistake of reacting to Webber’s pit stop instead of keeping Alonso out.

Lap 9

Alonso is 1.7 seconds behind Jenson Button and 1.4s ahead of Webber, who is 0.8s ahead of Massa.

Andrea Stella: “You gained three tenths on Webber. Felipe is closing in too.”

Lap 12

Webber pits.

AS: “Webber has stopped and Vettel is also losing ground on Hamilton.”
Fernando Alonso: “If you see that Felipe can overtake him in a lap call him in.”
AS: “We are thinking about it, concentrate on Button.”

Lap 14

Massa pits.

FA: “How did it work with Felipe?”
AS: “He came out behind Webber”

Lap 15

Ferrari tell Alonso to pit on lap 16.

AS: “OK, come in [to the pits] now.”
FA: “OK”
AS: “You will come out close to Webber. You are in front”.

Lap 17

Alonso is 1.1s ahead of Webber and 1.5s behind Vitaly Petrov.

FA: “What’s the situation?”
AS: “We have to overtake the Renault in front, he won’t stop any more. After that it’s Rosberg.”

Lap 22

Alonso is 0.5s behind Petrov. None of the cars that were in front of him before he pitted have come in yet.

AS: “I know you are giving everything but it’s critical to overtake Petrov.”

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  1. Murial/Muriel (can’t even be consistent with the spelling of his/her own name), what are you on ? Can I have some ?

    Simply put, Nando struggles against a rookie, again. The end.

  2. I must say I agree 100% with Muriel Smith.
    This circus is manipulated against Alonso to such an extent that even FA himself is manipulated to manipulate his own self.
    But there are no manipulatorS,there is actually only 1 GRANDMASTER MANIPULATOR and I even know who it is:MY OWN SON,7 years old,go figure!!
    The wednesday before the race in Abu Dhabi I sneaked up on him while he was playing in the attic and saw with my own eyes how he was preparing the race.
    He had aligned his collection of matchbox cars and continuously made Vettel win and Alonso lose in the most cruel ways.
    From what I saw Nando didn’t stand a chance:everything had been prepared to the finest detail to make him lose the WDC.
    After the race I asked my son if he was also involved in the 2007 manipulation,but he denied and told me you can only be Grandmaster for one year and can not be re-elected and that in 2007 it was his now 10 year old brother,you know,my other son,obviously..

    1. Are you sure he’s your other son?

      1. good point.In such a manipulated world nothing can be considered 100% sure,not even your own kids.
        I have also warned my nextdoor neighbours about their son,because I was told he did something funny to Timo Glock in the very last corners of Interlagos in 2008!

  3. “red bull can hardly blackmail renault who else would they use?”

    I know,but they really tried to put the screws on with this advert ,that appeared the monday after the korea race ,in all the newspapers:

    “Energy drink F1 racing team looking for top class engine for F1 season 2011.
    All candidates can apply except from french origin.

    Candidates can present themselves with their engine at:

    Bradbourne drive,Tilbrook
    Milton Keynes
    Buckinghamshire MK7 8BJ(as in ..)
    Great Britain

    P.S. please knock,because the bell is out of order “

  4. It’s very simple, if Alonso would’ve pitted during the Safety Car just as Rosberg and Kubica, Alonso would’ve been in front of them.

    Still don’t understand why they focused on Webber, he had to win to become champion while Webber (5th) was behind Alonso (4th) and Vettel was leading the race.

  5. I mean Petrov, not Kubica!!!

  6. Wow, that’s a long one.

    If words can kill, Alonso would’ve die maybe thirty times over. So Ferrari, let’s just say, were not very good at choosing the right words, unlike Red Bull and McLaren. Not only did it penalized and mortified Ferrari, but it acted as a gleaming white shield that the other teams overly and overtly used and abused.

    He’s definitely faster than his teammate. And afterwards, Massa wasn’t the same and helped proved his critics right.

    So, Red Bull was saying that there will be no team orders and they will let their drivers race. Right, tell that to Webber when he exclaimed, “Not bad for a number 2 driver” after winning one. That’s a daring and brave driver filled with unabashed emotion. And tell that to me again as the images of the infamous nose job and wheels banging keep playing in my head.

    Same thing being claimed by McLaren. Right, save fuel, because there’s only so much of it to go around.

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