Multiple WTCC champion Andy Priaux in action at Macau this year

FIA appeal court decides World Touring Car title

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The FIA World Touring Car Championship was decided two races before the end of the season yesterday following a decision by the International Court of Appeal.


International Court of Appeal 16/11/2010 (FIA)

Imagine the outcry if this were to happen in Formula 1. BMW turned up at the Japanese round of the World Touring Car Championship using a different specification of gearbox. The stewards allowed them to compete but the FIA appeal court overturned the decision and struck BMW from the results.

The decision means the World Touring Car Championship will not be decided in the double-header race at the fabulous Macau Grand Prix circuit this weekend. Chevrolet’s Yvan Muller has been guaranteed the title.

‘Tea or coffee?’ Richard Branson to dress up as an air hostess and serve passengers on AirAsia flight after losing F1 bet (Daily Mail)

The story was on F1 Fanatic yesterday – they only get a link because they quoted me! I was asked by a friend who works for a news agency to supply a quote for the story.

Vettel spurred on by Spa spearing criticism (The Independent)

“Maybe mid-season, I don’t think I lost focus but maybe I became a bit tense as it wasn’t always easy to come back after the way some of the things had gone and the way some races had developed. After what happened in Spa I got a lot of bad press in particular. It wasn’t easy at that time, with a lot of people saying bad things and trying to knock us down.”

Hispania: What options for their 2011 Chassis? (ScarbsF1)

“This really leaves HRT with the only option of designing a new chassis or redesigning their current chassis. With Geoff Willis as Technical director, its possible the team could achieve this. Either with contracted-in staff or a design bureau such as Lotus used, the knowledge can easily be bought in. Equally with the huge network of sub contractors supplying F1, the manufacturing could be farmed out to third parties. The approach would depend on whether HRT own the design IP of the Dallara chassis. If they do own it, then modifying the chassis would be the quickest route to a race ready car. Albeit a car with compromises and resultantly suffering on pace.”

Sad news about a great snapper (Who Are You, Anyway?)

“Hugo was very easy going, perhaps because he had been inconvenienced by people far more famous than those we were asking him to photograph. After all, when you?ve had to delay a shoot for 24 hours while Kurt Cobain has his blood changed after an overdose, having Jarno Trulli flounce off mid-shoot because it?s ??a bit cold?? pales in comparison.”

Abu Dhabi GP urged to alter circuit (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “I personally would like to see it changed. If you look at GP2, it was not inspiring. I think it is a fantastic facility that we come to, but the end of the straight they need a wide challenging corner, not a chicane that has got one line through it – because it is impossible to overtake.”

Sebastian Vettel will find his life has changed beyond all recognition now he is world champion (The Daily Telegraph)

“There has been some speculation over whether Mark will stay on next season but there is no doubt in my mind. Mark has pushed Sebastian hard for two years running. He has come up short by the narrowest of margins. Who is to say he won?t come out on top next year?”

Comment of the day

JT reckons it’s more than just the cars and drivers that were being tested yesterday:

I’m pretty sure that’s a 1080p High Defenition camera.

Also Bianchi?s helmet wow that thing is a beauty!!

From the forum

Complete this sentence: You know you’ve been watching Formula 1 for too long when…

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Mujahid Rahman!

On this day in F1

Honda founder Sochiro Honda was born on this day in 1906.

He died in 1991, when the car manufacturer was at the peak of its success in Formula. That year McLaren made it six consecutive seasons that the constructors’ championship had been won by a Honda-powered car.