8 comments on “Drivers, Yas Marina, 2010”

  1. Over here, Nico

  2. How is the order/arrangement selected?

    1. By Constructors standings.
      11 10 12
      9 7 6 8
      4 3 1 2 5

      That’s pretty ordered.

  3. Lots of people in this photo that we may never see in an F1 car again.

  4. What a shame nearly all the drivers think it’s fine to wear hats and/or sunglasses for a photo like this… we’d like to see who you are under there.
    Thank goodness for 2 old school Jaguar drivers!

    1. Thats what to get for pandering to bad manners all season long…

      If only they refused to interview drivers in Glasses and hats we’d actually see a face occasionally.

      1. That won’t happen while they have sponsor deals with sunglasses companies (Mr Webber) or a contract that says they have to always appear in a certain blue hat (Mr Senna)!

  5. Kieth, could we please get a HD sized photo? 1920×1080. pretty please!

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