F1 Fanatic "Real racers don't need team orders" mug

New F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs available

F1 Fanatic updatesPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs are now available in three different styles starting at just ??8 (plus delivery costs).

Since launching the original F1 Fanatic T-shirt in July I’ve been looking for ideas for different designs to offer.

These two new slogans were picked a couple of weeks ago and have been transformed into simple and stylish T-shirts by motorsport apparel specialists Unlap.

And for the first time you can also get all three designs printed on mugs as well.

All three mugs are priced at ??8 each. The two new T-shirts with front printing only sell for ??14 and the original T-shirt with printing on the front and back is ??15.

All the T-shirt is made using 100% cotton with styling features including ribbed neck knitted with Lycra, hemmed sleeve and bottom, taped neck from shoulder to shoulder and twin needle stitching for extra comfort and durability.

“Second place is the first loser”

F1 Fanatic "Second place is the first loser" mug

It’s been said time and again in motor racing that the only place that matters is first place.

“Second place is the first loser” sums it up quite neatly.

“Real racers don’t need team orders”

F1 Fanatic "Real racers don't need team orders" mug

Enjoy your coffee with a teaspoonful of controversy?

This design was inspired by the vocal response on the site to the most controversial moment of 2010.

It’s expected to be liked and loathed in equal measure!

F1 Fanatic logo

The original F1 Fanatic logo T-shirt is still available and now you can get the same design on a mug as well.

If there’s any other F1 Fanatic products you’d like to see please suggest them in the comments.

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81 comments on “New F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs available”

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  1. Brilliant stuff, but I think I might go for the plain F1 Fanatic mug and T-shirt. :P

    1. maestroninthesky
      23rd November 2010, 12:37

      How about ‘Only Mugs use team orders!’

  2. Awesome! Love this team orders one :)

    1. Me too.I am getting it for the son whose best friend is a Ferrari fan!! LOL!

      1. getting it for the son whose best friend is a Ferrari fan!


        1. Genius… great stuff…

  3. Oh wow i’m definitely buying a mug. Great stuff.

  4. Those new mugs kind of look like an Alonso slugfest..
    team orders would of been fine if Webber was in second place at Abu Dhabi…

    1. No surprises there.

    2. Like I said, some will like it, some won’t.

      1. Well it isn’t really an ‘Alonso slugfest’ because we know very well that Alonso can win without team-orders. It was the team’s decision and a poor one at that – so if anything it is a light hearted joke about Ferrari.

      2. A great follow up mug design would be ‘save some fuel’

      3. Perhaps you should send one to David Coulthard… I’m sure he would love to remember all the times McLaren had him switch places with Mika.

    3. It’s nothing to do with Webber or Alonso. It’s a slogan on a mug.

      Cool new designs Keith :)

    4. alonso is probably the best driver in f1 at the moment. he doesn’t actually need team orders.

      1. And he showed it this year. If he had had a less ragged first half of the year, he might have won the season without any need for teamorders.
        Great idea for a mug.

      2. The Best driver is the current world champion, NOT Alonso.

    5. Presuming you mean if Web was 2nd and Alonso was 3rd?

      Yes it would have been fine, because at that point Vettel can’t win the WDC anymore (mathematical impossibility), so Vettel must think about what the best result for the team — in this case having one of their drivers be WDC — a goal which he can accomplish by letting Mark through.

  5. Nice but it’d have a lot more controversial to do have a mug with “Fernando is faster than you, sorry.” Although it probably wouldn’t sell very well. :)

    1. Oops meant – Nice but it’d have been a lot more controversial to have a mug with “Fernando is faster than you, sorry.” Although it probably wouldn’t sell very well.

      1. Jarred Walmsley
        23rd November 2010, 1:25

        I’d buy one of those, also Keith an idea for a future T-Shirt could be

        “Stay cool Felipe baby stay cool”

        I’d certainly buy one of those, don’t know about anyone else though

        1. I’d buy that too.

  6. Love the mugs, Keith. You could run with famous slogans/quotes from each season as time progresses eg. last years mug could have said “Felipe baby, stay cool”.

    I particularly love the team orders mug, but am slightly disappointed I can’t buy one that says “not bad for a no.2 driver” on it. :D

    1. Jarred Walmsley
      23rd November 2010, 1:28

      damn, you just bet me to it.

  7. Are you serious? Is it April 1st already?

    How’s about “Real Racers Don’t Need Their Team-mate’s Front Wing”?

    I’d consider buying F1 Fanatic merchandise if there were some interesting and original designs. I suggest having some kind of a competition to see if any readers can come up with something better,here’s one to kick it off:


    1. Actually I think that would look better as a hoody!

  8. Awesome love the designs prints.Now when & where are they given away for free??

  9. Love the team orders one Keith!!!

  10. how about ‘to finish first, first you must finish.’ if that were on a mug i’d definately buy one! might still get the ‘second place is the first…’ mug tho.

  11. Real Racers don’t need team orders…

    That means there are no real racers in F1

    1. Why do think we the guys who HAVE to overtake at ANY cost are so rare in F1 (Kamui Kobayashi & Lewis Hamilton being the standouts) most of these guys drive like they stole it for Q3 then sit happily waiting for the guy ahead to fall off the road.

      Funny how overtaking increases when someone pops up to actually try it

  12. Eight quid!? Isn’t that something like $13 U.S.? Christ, I thought the prices were bad here. Maybe if you tossed in shipping but, then, you’d have to come up with something not blatantly obvious but really creative like “RACECAR spelled backwards is RACECAR”. I know it’s in between seasons but, give me a break….

    1. I don’t know if it’s the same in the UK as here in Australia, but here, if you’re not a multi-squillionaire corporation, merchandise costs alot to get made. ;) I’m guessing that’s the reason the prices are what they are. The less you get made, the higher cost per item to get it made.

      Probably best to think a bit before complaining, especially when there’s plenty of free stuff available from Keith – like only the whole flippin’ website. :P

      1. Max, its not compulsary to buy one

    2. I thought all Americans loved Capitalism!


  13. just ordered a mug.

  14. Great designs Keith. I particularly like the team orders one.

  15. I love the mugs! Can I have a pair shipped directly to Ferrari with attention to Alonso?

  16. Still looking forward to see the F1 Fanatic merchandise live on the TV on one of the GP coverages!

  17. How about a picture of the 2010 winner,with the text:

    “The finger keeps coming back,even on this mug”

  18. Once again this website, although generally pretty good shows its editors complete anti Ferrari bias. Perhaps next year a bit more impartiality to go with what are usually quite informative articles, or maybe a mug having a bit of a dig at those who in your opinion can do no wrong?

    1. As several people pointed out after Hockenheim, Ferrari aren’t the only team to have used team orders.

      As I wrote here a couple of weeks ago:

      Riccardo Patrese waving the sister Williams of Nigel Mansell by at Magny-Cours in 1992. David Coulthard blending out of the throttle at Melbourne to let Mika Hakkinen win in the other McLaren. A chorus of boos at Austria in 2002 as Rubens Barrichello surrenders victory for Ferrari to team mate Michael Schumacher.

      A driver giving up without a fight is an ugly sight that makes a mockery of Formula 1

      See: The problems with a two-tier championship

    2. If you don’t like Keith’s t-shirt, you certainly won’t like this one…


  19. A bit disappointing. I guess those slogans are meant for those who want a dig at Alonso and Ferrari, but, sorry, they are not that great if you just like the sport and the competition.

    1. I like them exactly because of the sport and the competition. Not explicitly against Ferrari, nor Alonso, just against using Team orders to change the competition.

      The first one (second place is the first loser) is one of the most famous quotes of Ayrton Senna, and he was talking about why he wants to win it.
      That should not offend Alonso nor Ferrari in any way, they wholeheartedly agree with that quote.

      1. The quote “second place is just the first loser” is usually attributed to Dale Earnhardt. I’ve heard that idea since I was little so no surprise if Senna or any other competitor also said it.

    2. MVI wrote: “A bit disappointing. I guess those slogans are meant for those who want a dig at Alonso and Ferrari, but, sorry, they are not that great if you just like the sport and the competition.”

      Agreed, it seems a little petty to me. But in that same spirit, how about these mugs? “The red light at the pit exit means STOP. – Canada 2008” or “Midfield driver + double diffuser = 2009 WDC” or “Next time save the team $100 million and buy the wife her own copy machine”. I think these would sell pretty well.

  20. Brilliant Keith – another item onto my list for Santa! :D

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