F1 Fanatic "Real racers don't need team orders" mug

New F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs available

F1 Fanatic updatesPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs are now available in three different styles starting at just ??8 (plus delivery costs).

Since launching the original F1 Fanatic T-shirt in July I’ve been looking for ideas for different designs to offer.

These two new slogans were picked a couple of weeks ago and have been transformed into simple and stylish T-shirts by motorsport apparel specialists Unlap.

And for the first time you can also get all three designs printed on mugs as well.

All three mugs are priced at ??8 each. The two new T-shirts with front printing only sell for ??14 and the original T-shirt with printing on the front and back is ??15.

All the T-shirt is made using 100% cotton with styling features including ribbed neck knitted with Lycra, hemmed sleeve and bottom, taped neck from shoulder to shoulder and twin needle stitching for extra comfort and durability.

“Second place is the first loser”

F1 Fanatic "Second place is the first loser" mug

It’s been said time and again in motor racing that the only place that matters is first place.

“Second place is the first loser” sums it up quite neatly.

“Real racers don’t need team orders”

F1 Fanatic "Real racers don't need team orders" mug

Enjoy your coffee with a teaspoonful of controversy?

This design was inspired by the vocal response on the site to the most controversial moment of 2010.

It’s expected to be liked and loathed in equal measure!

F1 Fanatic logo

The original F1 Fanatic logo T-shirt is still available and now you can get the same design on a mug as well.

If there’s any other F1 Fanatic products you’d like to see please suggest them in the comments.

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81 comments on “New F1 Fanatic T-shirts and mugs available”

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  1. Dear Keith.

    I find these slogans quite offensive. Didn’t spect something like that from you.
    By the way, the “save fuel” order will be banned for the future, so better you make a mug and a t-shirt now with this slogan for the recordings, so everybody can remember it too.


  2. surely if its a mug, then it relates to Massa ? ;)

  3. This might explain why I am yet to receive my f1 fanatic t-shirt that I paid for on the 2nd of Oct and why Luke has stopped answering my emails. I really think you need to get a more reliable distributor Keith. I would consider ordering the new design if I ever get my first purchase.

    1. I don’t ignore e-mails. Can you please contact me via the contact form on the website so I can look into your problem please.

      Thank you.

    2. Can you send me all the details you can on your order please and we’ll look into it:




    Real teams should evaluate team orders IF, like this season, the competition is so fierce. So personally I don’t agree.

    And stop blaming the ferrari case, you’re so patetic, that’s what the sports is all about, to be fair both drivers should start in parity, but when you see that rivals are close to you all the time, a good team should evaluate whom of the drivers is in the best position to compete for the championship and start from there, but it has to be a collective decision. So stop this Ferrari thing, if it wasn’t the pit error in Abu Dhabi, Alonso would have been fairly the champion today.

    1. We’d need really big mugs to fit all that on.

      1. Maybe as part of a 2 or 3 mug set?? Where’s that like button gone to? :-)

  5. I think in the spirit of Keith being so quick with his analyses and breaking stories, there should be a mug that says “F1Fanatic is faster than you!”

    “Save fuel” or “No refuelling ban here!” would be a great one because most of us can’t get by without a good cuppa!

    If you want to go on the team orders one, how about misquoting Rob Smedley and having one that says “Great result and very, very mug-nanimous?”

    I’ll get my coat.

  6. haha or one for Hulkenberg

    “you for coffee?”

    say it out loud a few times

  7. how about

    i said tea orders Mr fia man, not team orders!

  8. I find these slogans quite offensive. Didn’t spect something like that from you.

    Can’t believe how seriously some people take what is obviously a bit of fun.

    Lighten up and learn to enjoy a joke!

  9. Do you have one with “Real racers don’t need flexible bodywork”?

  10. How about: “Here’s mud in your F-duct”

    1. Or: “Diffuser? I didn’t even know her…”

  11. The double diffuser was a clever interperetation of the F1 rules, how do you interperate the controversial “Real drivers win without team orders” mug? Is it definately Alonso or could it be any coded message from F1? ;)

    1. ‘Save fuel’ – Switch off and have a cuppa!

      Typhoo-is-stronger-than-PG Tips. Confirm that you understand the message.

  12. Will these be sold by anyone other than unlap?

  13. Team orders!…Storm in a teacup….Monsoon in a mug.

    Real racers don’t need four wheels…;)

  14. Why is everyone always having a go at Fernando Alonso???
    Why is it so biased here??? Ok fine team orders not exactly what anyone wants to see but Alonso did not win the championship so why doesn’t everyone forget about it??
    If Jenson or Lewis were involved in team orders everyone would forget it because they are biased.

  15. I hate how everyone talks about Jenson like he is a king.
    Would everyone be so harsh if Fernando was British???

    P.S I’m not a an Alonso fan-boy in any way. I admire him because he is an outstanding driver. I’m A Mark Webber fan.

    Fernando has contributed more to F1 than Jenson. Enough said.

  16. How about:

    Real racers don’t need cranes

    Real races don’t weave about

    Real racers don’t overtake the SC

    Real racers don’t lie to the stewards

    1. Ricky bobby finally someone who understands me that’s what I’m talking about I like Lewis I’m a big fan.But those things are easily forgotten. How about a real racer does not complain when it rains in Korea? Keith if are reading this please remember that this is nothing against you. You have my full respect

  17. ricky bobby and others, i think you should take things a tad less seriously, you seem to have a case of sense of humour failure. This is a British website and we are bound to be a little biased, only a little but its not a crime is it? Plus there was an element of humour in most of the “anti Ferrari/Alonso” posts. Your post is just spiteful. Try injecting some humour, we can laugh at our drivers too.

    1. So the mugs are good fun but my post is spiteful. Well, it could also be the other way around. It all depends on yor POV.

    2. Thats the point nobody ever laughs at our drivers I’m British that does not necessarily mean I only support British drivers. I just feel a lot of people are here to have a dig at Fernando. When was the last time you ever saw anything nice written about Fernando???

      All Hale King Jenson Button????????????

      1. Faraz – from memory the Korean GP review was probably the last time I saw something positive about Alonso.

        If he has done something worthy of praise then he will receive it from the majority of F1 fans and vice-versa. The same can be said for Hamilton and the rest of the F1 drivers.

  18. MouseNightshirt
    23rd November 2010, 20:27

    Shameless cashing in on the site’s popularity Keith.

    I LOVE IT! :D

  19. Alonso is the best all round driver in f1.

    There you go.

    And no robbybobby, all you need to do is add humour to your barbs and they arent so spiteful. Lewis is probably the most criticised driver in f1 history so the squealing sounds slightly hollow to me.

    But he is the marmite man. you love him or you hate him. he is brown with a yellow top ( thats not racist i hope??)

  20. How much would it cost to get the pair of “Real Racers…” and send it to PERU, where I live?

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