Sebastien Buemi, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2010

Best F1 pass of 2010: make your nominations

2010 F1 season reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton lines Fernando Alonso up for a pass in Montreal
Lewis Hamilton lines Fernando Alonso up for a pass in Montreal

What was the best overtaking move of 2010?

I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

Make your nominations and the most popular suggestions will be voted on to select the best F1 pass of the year.

Lewis Hamilton, Australia – It’s not often you see cars passing around the outside of the high-speed turn 11 but Hamilton made the move stick on Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton, China – Double pass on Adrian Sutil and Sebastian Vettel at the hairpin.

Fernando Alonso, China – Controversial but quick-thinking pass on team mate Felipe Massa on their way into the pits.

Adrian Sutil, Valencia – Squeezed around the outside of Sebastien Buemi on a track usually regarded as an overtaking-free zone.

Nico Rosberg, Silverstone – Passed Jaime Alguersuari around the outside at Brooklands.

Sebastian Vettel, Silverstone – Barged his way past Adrian Sutil in an unsubtle, arms-and-elbows fashion.

Rubens Barrichello, Hungary – Braved some excessively tough defensive driving from Michael Schumacher to thread his Williams through an impossibly narrow gap.

Kamui Kobayashi, Japan – Launched his Sauber at Jaime Alguersuari at the hairpin and scrabbled past.

Fernando Alonso, Brazil – Patiently prised third place out of Nico H???lkenberg’s hands – and with the championship hanging in the balance he had to take care passing the Williams.

Robert Kubica, Abu Dhabi – In a race that was short on passing Kubica proved it could be done with a well-judged move on the outside of Kobayashi.

What do you think were the best passes of the year?

List the passes you think should be in the shortlist below and we’ll vote for the best pass of the year in two weeks’ time.

F1 Fanatic pass of the year: Previous winners

2009: Kamui Kobayashi on Jenson Button at Yas Marina
2008: Felipe Massa on Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello at Montreal

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229 comments on “Best F1 pass of 2010: make your nominations”

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  1. Felipe Massa on Sutil in Canada for sure.

  2. Mark Webber – Spa
    overtaking Felipe Massa on the outside of Rivage, was mighty

  3. Many great passes here, but for me Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg at Melbourne. I saw it in real life and no one expected him to even dream about the pass, but he pulled it off superbly.
    So its Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne

    1. and my parents reckon Hamilton on Sutil and Vettel in Shangai

  4. I would like to say Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne, but because Ozzy tv is so rubbish they chose to go for a commercial break just as he was lining it up. You can tell when there’s going to be an ad break on Ozzy TV because they cut from the BBC commentary and play heavy metal for about 2 minutes while 2 local idiots talk over the top about the colour of Webbers underpants, they then do the same thing after the break, before going back to Brundle and Foghorn Leghorn, I mean Leggard.

  5. My suggestions are Barrichello on Schumacher or Alonso on Massa.

  6. Kubica’s string of passes in Singapore, pleeaaase :)

  7. Kubica in Singapore!

  8. Any one of Kobayashi’s moves in Japan and Valencia does it ;) The new master of late-braking overtakes.

    There was one particular overtake that I liked thas not on the list. Liuzzi did one on Schumacher in Montreal on the last lap. At turn 6, a corner that doesn’t see overtaking, and with no aid of backmarkers, forced his way up the inside of someone who was likely to take you off the road that race, and made it stick. Well done Tonio.

    1. Thanks for reminding that move by Tonio. One of the few moments we could really cheer him this year.

  9. Maybe more best duel than best overtake as such – but Petrov retaking (albeit temporarily) Hamilton in Sepang was something we see very, very rarely in modern F1. Here’s a great link with Russian commentary – even if you don’t understand, it’s great to hear their excitement. At one point the commentator calls him “the Vyborg Rocket” (Petrov’s birthplace). Pretty funny. But also a reminder of what Petrov is capable of at his best.

    1. To me that was one of the moments where i got the feeling Petrov deserves to be in F1. His car was definitely slower on the straights, but he kept the duel going for several laps and he was close to retaking Hamilton again if not for Lewis “breaking the tow” on the straight.

  10. Kubica passing Sutil in Singapore anyone?

  11. Webber on Kovi Valencia.

    Oh no, wait, I’ve not got the hang of this have I.

    1. Hm, High flight, not really Highlight apart from the fact everyone learned a lot about the RBR and Webber was able to walk away on his own legs.

  12. One that never even got a mention by the commentry team or many people at all was Hamilton around the outside of Webber in turn 3 (I think) Turkey. Check the highlights.
    A perfectly judged move on full tanks at a vital stage of the race. No weather, tyre or f-duct advantage involved.

  13. Webber on Hamilton in OZ.
    Vettel on Button Spa.

    I think a worst attempt list would be good.

    Most places would be taken by the RBR drivers, maybe is was the car ;-)
    Of course Hamilton in Monza effectively lost him the title, it would be easy to argue that one as no.1

  14. Hamilton on Rosberg in Oz for me.

  15. webber’s pass on hulkenberg in brazil was much more filigrane than alonso’s on the same driver taking 5 laps or smth.
    mind you, webber could have easily ended up sitting the same amount of time behing hulkenberg had he not created and then taken his opportuniy without hesitation.

  16. Lewis’s pass around the outside of Rosberg probably stuck with me the most this season as nobody would have thought they’d see that before the race.

    Worst has to be Trulli spearing Chandhok at Monaco or one of Massa’s torpedoes.

  17. Where are great Alguersuari s overtakings on Hulkenberg and Petrov in Malaysia???

    1. Where are great Alguersuari s overtakings on Hulkenberg and Petrov in Malaysia???

      I didn’t say it was an exhaustive list:

      I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

  18. Of the available choices, probably Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne.

    1. You don’t have to pick from “available choices”:

      I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

  19. Definitely Button on Lewis, Lewis on Button in Turkey, was high up in the stand at the 1st corner so saw the whole thing, it was amazing battle and was very heart in the mouth stuff after Vettel and Webber had shown them how it’s done :)

  20. In no order:

    Massa on the FI at Canada.

    Petrov on Rosberg at Spa.

    Alo and Mas pit lane.

    Rubens at Hungary.

    Webber on Kobayashi at Singapore.

    Others that weren’t quite as good for me: Kobayashi at Japan on Jaime but full marks for bravery when the STR driver had a fit of rage it seemed, Alo on a wild di Grassi at Monaco and Vettel at Silverstone which was a pass I thought had barely any class but he got the job done and I admried that from someone who gets a lot of stick for seemingly not being able to overtake.

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