Bernie Ecclestone

Ecclestone taken to hospital after mugging

2010 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

Several newspapers are reporting that Bernie Ecclestone was mugged in London on Wednesday night.

Ecclestone and girlfriend Fabiana Flosi had jewellery worth ??200,000 stolen from them.

Ecclestone, who turned 80 last month, had to be taken to hospital with a head injury.

In 1996 thieves broke into Ecclestone’s house while he was at home with his family, punching and kicking him before stealing a ring from his (now former) wife Slavica.

Last month Jenson Button was the target of muggers during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. Ecclestone played down the incident at the time.

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85 comments on “Ecclestone taken to hospital after mugging”

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  1. “so fabiana, what is it that first attracted you to multi-millionaire bernie ecclestone?”

    1. Man, you cracked me up :) Its his looks of course

    2. LOL. Fabiana replies – “I’m into really old men.. the older the they are the closer I am to their will.”

    3. OK, it’s pretty ridiculous, but to be fair he’s quite a catch by pensioner standards

      1. On what planet is he considered a ‘catch'(without his oodles of billions obviously)
        Dude looks like a cross between a goblin and an orc.

        1. Goblin turns to Orc having read that… *tear*

    4. “so fabiana, what is it that first attracted you to multi-millionaire bernie ecclestone?”

      ‘His life expectancy!’

  2. Poor old Bernie. But, to quote the strange haired little man himself, “I think they look for victims who are not too bright.”

    1. I knew those words would come back and haunt him………… Just didnt think it would com back and bite him so soon! Karma’s a B!tc#

  3. 2nd time this has happened to him I think. Sure he was mugged a few years ago in the street in London.

    1. Well who wouldn’t steal from an old man who is carrying 200,000 bucks worth of jewellery?

      1. Bernie doesn’t look capable of defending himself even if was given a rocket launcher. Bad idea to get flashy Mr.Ecclestone.

        1. Just shows how cheap he is…all his money an no wing man?

          1. I was going to say exactly the same thing.

      2. What the hell are you talking about man? “Who wouldn’t steal..”

  4. wow. Makes me think about how things are in London o.O but then again, I live in Rio, where the police are now using military tanks and equipment to fight the drug-dealers, so I guess London is still much better than here…

    1. Larcern, coming from a troubled country, i can assure you that Rio’s Police force’s determination to end a plague that has been damaging your beautiful city’s reputation is very acceptable, bordering on envious. when i visited in 09, i was impressed with the perception people have of Rio being so dangerous, i didn’t have an issue, but again my wife was a resident for many years and knows how to go about there avoiding trouble.

      Bernie i guess was flashing, common, 200,000 pounds worth of Jewelery? was he and his GF visiting the Queen’s ball?

      In case you are wondering, I come from Beirut, a city where you are 99% guaranteed to not be touched even if you walk around with a 100carat diamond on your head and gold dripping from your cash lined pockets, but if the whoever feel like it, can close the airport, and start street fights and cross border fights that can send the entire country back at least 30 years… at best…with the most of the World’s blessing, so enjoy, and don’t flash … I’d rather my Ipod be picked/jacked (not really) on my way home than be made captive in my own country cut out from the rest and my life and that of my family’s at risk…it’s relative i suppose.

    2. I guess London is still much better than here…


  5. Now Bernie knows how the BRDC feels!

    1. I was gonna say…..Bernie’s been mugging people for years now.

      Joking aside……not a nice situation.

      1. And you’d be right… too bad about about you conscience though… ;)

        1. Yeah I know Alex, you gotta admit for an 80 year old in not half in good shape.

          And he doesn’t seem fazed by it at all, his incredibly gorgeous girlfriend is “shaken” according to the news, he’s just strutting his stuff still.

  6. Sorry bout that Bernie… I needed the lolly.

    Cheers, M8

    1. Sorry bout that Bernie… I needed the lolly.


  7. I dont really see what is so funny about punching & kicking an 80yr old man

    1. It’s not funny at all. But do we forgo all black humour for the sake of Bernie’s age?

    2. you haven’t been an f1 long enough. People don’t like him because he was chasing after the dollar so hard, that he was willing to destroy the roots of the sport if necessary.
      As you can see he is not liked by the f1 fans. And i can assure you he doesn’t care.

      1. Ive been following F1 since the early 80’s & am well aware that some ppl dont seem to like him. But to gloat over him being mugged/bashed is very sad

  8. If this was in Sao Paolo he’d have killed the Brazilian GP.

  9. so now besides slavica, there are four rufians that took anything of value from bernie.
    It’s bernie 100
    slavica 1
    rufians 1
    bernie still wins buy a big margin.

  10. Wow I’m not seeing much sympathy for Ecclestone on here. But, as much as I dislike him at times, we should remember he is 80 years old, and beating up an old person is a pretty dispicable thing to do

    1. what if the mugger was 80 as well?

      1. Absolutely hilarious reply

    2. I’m not so sure about the ‘beating up’ part. I’m picturing a mister Burns type scene where the mugger taps him on the shoulder and Mr. E dropped like a sac o’ potatoes.

      1. may be thinking about suing them.

    3. Thanks for some decency Ned.

      Don’t like Ecclestone.

      Don’t like his attitude or his bullying.

      But punching and kicking an old man to the ground is not in the least funny.

    4. we should remember he is 80 years old, and beating up an old person is a pretty dispicable thing to do

      Be it wrong or right it still happens, anything can happen in this world, so Bernie should have been more prepared considering his situation and his wealth. We dont really know the full story. Maybe there was a way for him to get away with not being beaten up? I can bet you anything that he provoked them with his logical arguments lol. Anyway, its not a good scene but sometimes its good to remind people that all that money doesn’t do jack…

      1. To add to that, the whole thing could have been a set up, or maybe Fabiana’s lovers lol…

        1. When you are as ‘important’ as Bernie Ecclestone, you’d think he would employ some guards around his house. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading! I thought this would be just as likely as the Queen being mugged…

  11. Maybe it’s just an insurance scam. He probably never had $200,000 worth of jewellery on him. I mean who would be that stupid

    1. Well considering he has many millions of dollars its not that stupid, and maybe they were on their way to dinner at a fancy resturant. Rest assured Bernie does not need to pull an insurance scam

  12. Prisoner Monkeys
    26th November 2010, 12:17

    I’m disappointed by some of the posts here. Bernie might not be the most popular guy around here, but it’s not okay to laugh at someone else’s misfortune. Maybe if this was a story of Bernie the Sly Businessman losing a few spare million pounds in a failed business venture, but we’re talking about a mugging here, which is not exactly laughing matter. He could have been seriously injured.

    1. +1, these comments are way below standard, and highly disappointing.

    2. +10 Some arguments don’t allow jokes.

    3. agreed. hope he gets better. no one wants to see the main man hurt.

      1. Yeah apologies guys, I was meant to put a disclaimer on my comment but the boss was coming so I panicked and hit return.

        So not only do you guys think I’m a troll, but a work shy charlatan too!, not looking good for me is it?

        Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve guys have been through it but I was the victim of an unsuccessful mugging, and I swear down your on edge for weeks.

        1. how was it unseccessful?

          1. I fought back, smashed my iPhone, still works though!

            I threw the bike another two guys they wanted at them.

            And I successfully talked a junkie out of stabbing me in Camden at 3 am, now that one was scary.

    4. +1

      As much as I dislike Bernie, being mugged isn’t nice whoever it happens to. Especially if he sustained injuries requiring him to visit hospital.

    5. Agreed, if it was a bad business venture, then mock away but an assualt is hardly the time or place to mock Bernie, for all we know he could have been seriously injured and he’s just hiding it from the media.

      1. The jewelry will turn up, they’ll trace it back to the thief and Bernie will make them “disappear” – permanently. He may be a small man in stature, but I would NOT want to get on the wrong side of him.

        Also bad taste to be mocking him – he’s 80 years old for god sake! If it was your old man being turned over you wouldn’t be having a laugh and a joke.

  13. Poor Bernie D:

    Hope they find the buggers that robbed him.

  14. I hope Bernie recovers soon. I have a lot of respect for the guy but even if I didn’t this is a horrible incident.

    I wouldn’t make jokes myself but I don’t have a problem with some of the lighter comments. It isn’t that tasteful but these are posters who were worried and concerned about Button and Sauber after their incidents and I don’t think there is a cruel intent. Perhaps I’m naive but Bernie has a sense of humour so maybe he’d prefer jokes than my pity so all I’m going to do is wish him a speedy recovery.

    1. I think you’ve got that one right Steph, I couldn’t imagine Bernie sitting around moping and wanting everyone to be sympathetic towards him and I doubt he’d take any offence from some light hearted comments at his expense either. He’s as tough as nails and twice as sharp.

      I wish him well and I’m sure he’ll be back to his ruthless old ways soon enough, I can’t see a mugging keeping him out of the office for long, even at 80.

  15. I think the “the lighter comments” are made as to how the subject himself would have commented on such incidents (See the mugging on JB in Brazil). People are just trying to payback with the same coin.

    We should not bring morality in here, as BE knows not even an iota of that. What is he going for a walk with clunkers worth so much? He must have been exaggerating like always with BE :(

    1. since when can’t he take a bit of lip? just a taste of his own medicine, really.

  16. Well, er….’Soft and not too bright’ eh Bernie?

  17. If I remember it well, what Bernie played down was the fact that Button’s mugging was in Brazil – something a lot people were making a battle horse about. He said that people run to risk to be mugged anywhere (I remember Andrew Davis from PF1 having a fit because Bernie mentioned it could have happend in Oxford street). This unfortunate incident proves him right.

  18. They dint mug him. I think they where trying to sell him a hat:)

  19. this isnt funny , but after what he said in sao paulo it becomes extremeley funny

  20. Bernie’s not too hard to find if someone does want to knock him off. I always see him popping in and out of the Versace store down Brompton Road.

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