Bernie Ecclestone

Ecclestone taken to hospital after mugging

2010 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

Several newspapers are reporting that Bernie Ecclestone was mugged in London on Wednesday night.

Ecclestone and girlfriend Fabiana Flosi had jewellery worth ?้?๚200,000 stolen from them.

Ecclestone, who turned 80 last month, had to be taken to hospital with a head injury.

In 1996 thieves broke into Ecclestone’s house while he was at home with his family, punching and kicking him before stealing a ring from his (now former) wife Slavica.

Last month Jenson Button was the target of muggers during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. Ecclestone played down the incident at the time.

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  1. No one deserves to be attacked on the street like that but his lack of concern for those mugged and threatened in Sao Paulo does feel a lot like karma.
    Even so, get well soon, Bernie.

  2. Hope Bernie’s okay and the injuries weren’t too serious. It’s horrible for anyone to get mugged. Sure, he’s loaded, but that doens’t make it any better.

  3. And Bernie sez: We should have more police there. Crikey, if you and your girlfriend can wander around flashing 200,000 pounds worth of jewelry, you can afford a freaking bodyguard!!!

    Now, get away from the hospital and go mug another country for the right hold a F1 race.

    1. Crikey, if you and your girlfriend can wander around flashing 200,000 pounds worth of jewelry, you can afford a freaking bodyguard!!!


      being wealthy and that popular, needless to say old and helpless individual walking with a hot chick; put two and two together its obvious that you need to take extra precautions. At least have someone around to keep an eye from a distance. I am very surprised Bernie did not have this.

  4. London is not Sao Paulo, his indices of criminality should be much smaller. Bernie, in the opportunity of the case of Button left in defense of Sao Paulo. Bernie has affectionate connections with Brazil from the times of Fittipaldi and Ayrton Senna. He passed many times vacation in home of Senna Senna and his current girlfriend is a Brazilian. A lot of health to Bernie.

  5. Nice to see so many comments poking fun at Eccelstone here. Although I may not have agreed with a lot of things he has said in the past few years, I never wished ill health or misfortune on him.

    Being mugged at any age is stressful, but more so for those who are older, even if they’re rich beyond their wildest dreams.

    I just hope that nobody on here is a victim to a mugging during their life, or indeed their grandparents. Wouldn’t be so funny then, would it?

  6. As somebody has already said, he’s got enough money to hire a minder.

    1. Where was Pasquale when Bernie needed him most?

  7. That’s bad all sorts of things are happening this season & now this. I always thought that he have security with him what happened to them this time I don’t know.I heard that the incident happened around his office in UK in Knightsbridge & why was he carrying jewellery to his office.I hope he gets well soon or who will manage the F1 business!!!!!

  8. Bernie and his girlfriend are wandering around flashing 200,000 quid and you wonder why he got bonked? I have little sympathy for the rich poser after his comments regarding Button’s at-gunpoint episode in Brazil where he snipped that the crooks were “…just trying to buy a hat”.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      27th November 2010, 5:34

      Do you think he was just wandering down the street, carelessly rifling through bills where everyone could see them in deepest, darkest Soho? If you read the article, you’ll see what was happening: he wasn’t carrying the cash, his girlfriend was wearing it in the form of jewellery. No doubt the muggers saw a younger woman with a much older man, both of whom were well-dressed and figured they were an easy target.

      1. Blah, blah, blah. Don’t disrespect me by putting words in my mouth. That’s not what I said and I think you know it. Money, jewelry, clothing, personal grooming, it’s all the same tip-off to a thug.

  9. I’m suprised anyone could get near him, if i was a billionaire i would have an army around me, especially at his age, come on bernie you can’t take it with you

  10. Lets see, Bernie runs the sport we love, an excellent season has just concluded and some folks think it’s funny when yobbos beat him up !?
    Put yourselves in his place and see how amusing it is.;)

  11. Hey look on the brightside, maybe they knocked some sense into that piece of s#%t. Will never feel sorry for that arrogant a-hole no matter what ever happens to him!!!!

  12. It’s a bit sadistic having a ‘like’ button on this sort of article!

  13. Just seen TV footage of what they did to his face.

    Makes most of the childish spite passing for humour on this thread just a bit sick.

  14. Not only is it not nice to beat up an old man, those muggers should pick on someone their own size!

  15. Read the interview. Bernie took it pretty well, all things considered. It’s just life, and he rolled with the punches.

    Like him or not, he deserves respect.

  16. if he read the comments, he wouldn’t care. He doesn’t care about us the fans. Why should we care about him? He was a true racer at the beggining, but he changed along the way. He said once at a monaco historic event, while talking to sterling moss. it’s like in the old days, before i came and fuยทยทยทยท it up. And i don’t apreciate that. Guess who is fuยทยทยทยท up now.
    I hope he recovers soon, but it’s good that this happened so he can realize what the fans think about the way he turned f1 into.

  17. When I heard Bernie had been mugged I did laugh, but after seeing the picture off him looking like he had been three rounds with Mike Tyson I can only wish him a speedy recovery. Loath him or love him this only proves what a tough old nut he is.

  18. Does Fabiana have any brothers? The thought of my sister getting boned by an 80 year old midget would drive me nuts.

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