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Alonso named best driver of 2010 by team bosses

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F1 team bosses vote Fernando Alonso as the driver of the year.


F1 bosses vote Alonso the best of 2010 (Autosport)

“Alonso beat Vettel by nine points overall after the votes of all the team principals were added up – moving him up from fourth place overall where he was voted last season.”

Scarbs F1 on Twitter

“I’m hearing the 2013 engine rules are: mandated 1.6l I4 turbo, 88mm bores, direct injection, 100kg\h fuel flow rate.”

I love you boys! (Red Bulletin)

Adrian Newey: “If I had to choose one moment of the last season, perhaps I would pick the moment when I knew the RB6 was a fast car. Wind-tunnel testing is one thing, but you can never be sure. Not even pole position at the first race will guarantee you?ll still be competitive at the last race.”

What if Senna had jumped to IndyCars? (The Times Leader)

“When we look at a possible Senna-IndyCar partnership, it?s not just the question of how would Senna fare against the IndyCar field, but rather if the massive public following and immense level of respect that followed him would have had any major impact on the IndyCar ??civil war?? that ripped the sport apart in 1995.”

2011 FIA Formula One World Championship (FIA)

Lewis Hamilton now listed as number three. Updated list here: 2011 F1 drivers and teams

Comment of the day

Invoke has reservations over Sergio Perez’s arrival at Sauber, after the team dropped the ‘known quantity’ Nick Heidfeld:

It?s interesting that they have have switched back to an unknown quantity again so quickly. I?m sure the sponsorship potential was very enticing, and actually I think Perez could do well in F1 given some time, I just hope it doesn?t hurt their chances next year.

On a more positive note, this move should hopefully ensure stability for the team in the long term. They provided some exciting on-track action this year, I wish them well for 2011 and beyond.

From the forum

Amazing pictures from a race at the Oscar Alfredo Galvez race track from Fer No. 65. See here: They copy us at Monza…

Read Fer’s excellent guest article on the Argentinean Touring Car Championship from earlier this year: Why you should watch?? TC2000

Happy birthday!

We’ve got a double birthday today – all the best to RIISE and Speed Damon!

On this day in F1

One year ago today the FIA confirmed Sauber would race in F1 in 2010, giving it the space that had been vacated by Toyota:

Sauber takes Toyota?s place on 2010 grid

Image ?? Ferrari spa

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  1. The team bosses’ opinion of Alonso was shared by the drivers in that vote they had in July. Then again, Rosberg received a vote for “most beautiful woman,” so who can say how scientific it really was. ;-)

  2. No surprise here. Alonso is still the best. In an RBR this year, he would have dominated from start to finish. I think Vettel was deservedly a close 2nd. You have to say that he is a solid top-3 driver, along w/ Alonso and Lewis. Webber has no place in the top-5. Kubica and Rosberg belong there.

  3. I find this article hilarious,not because Alonso tops the poll by team principals,he also came out well in the drivers vote to,but its the denial some feel,Why?

    Brakius mentioned the Moss interview,it certainly does show how professionals see him rather than the anti Alonso camp do.

    Ferrari knew he could be a bit fiesty,and not easy to please,yet he and Ferrari pulled themselves back from a 47 point deficit at Silverstone to fight and lead the WDC,and i might add the THIRD fastest car.

    Lastly Dan Thorn sums it up nicely i think.

  4. Alonso is, at least for me, the best driver out there. His comeback this year was great! But he made a couple of silly mistakes this year, especially in Spa and Silverstone where he didn’t give his place back to Kubica, so I don’t agree with him that this was his personal best. This year I think both Kubica and Rosberg were the best, but they didn’t have the right car. But as I said, Alonso’s comeback was brilliant because his car was not the quickest of them all.

  5. '92 & '93 Peugeot 905 Le Mans Winner
    3rd December 2010, 20:09

    Whose helmet is it on the picture???
    The helmet before you click on this article

  6. LMFAO…It makes the Russia bid look credable. How ALO can be considered for anything apart from snake of the year makes me wonder, and Quatar for 2022, Bernie must be doing overtime, considering they dont have a domestic league and no grass. But Iam sure Herman can build some disposable stadiums for em.

  7. I see the dominoes have started to fall, lets hope it spreads to all those corrupt forces who wanna take F1 to places….Oh wait a minute……..It`s already there.

  8. Prisoner Monkeys
    3rd December 2010, 22:52

    Read Fer’s excellent guest article on the Argentinean Touring Car Championship from earlier this year: Why you should watch… TC2000

    I was going to write an article on “Why you should watch V8 Supercars”, but decided against it. It’s not worth watching, since one of the manufacturers has taken to buying the champion every year. They don’t care about the racing; rather, they’re trying to control as much of the grid as possible as a marketing exercise. The moment a driver starts showing promise, Holden buys them – even when it violates an existing contract.

  9. I like that Hulkenberg made the top 10 out scoring his team mate Rubens and equaling Massa. I really think that Williams has really lost the plot in not keeping him.

    1. Barrichello was way better than Hulkenburg all season and outscored him 47 to 22 points where it really matters.

      One Swallow doesn’t make a summer.

      It would seem that both team principles and F1 drivers suffer from some sort of short term memory syndrome.

      1. It shows just how much thought that they put into their voting, when both Massa and Hulkenburg get into the top ten (ranked equal with Massa isn’t saying much either) and Barrichello is nowhere to be seen.

        1. Actually he’s 10th, but he was way better than the two ahead of him.

      2. Ruben should have and did outscore Hulk during the season… he’s the experienced veteran. What he didn’t do was to impress the way The Hulk did. Having said that… Rubens did make it and Shumacher didn’t… He’s got to be loving that!

        1. Rosberg is no rookie and Hulk is. Rosberg has been here for 4 years and Rubens has been not been retired for 3 years. I don’t see the comparison.

        2. Hulk only really impressed for a couple of minutes in Brazil.

      3. Well you have to take into account the amount of experience Barrichello had. When it comes to raw talent Hülkenberg is the better of the 2. He’s proven to be consistent, fast, able to pull out a good qualifying lap, able to drive under hard conditions (he did that better than Barrichello actually! Beat Barri comfortably in Maleysia as well as his pole-race) and he doesn’t make many mistakes. He was a little off the pace, but overall he wasn’t far behind Rubens, which is a great achievement. So I can see why they picked him over Barrichello. Given the amount of experience you’d expect Barrichello to destroy Hülkenberg the way Kubica did with Petrov. That didn’t happen.

        1. And Alonso couldn’t pass Petrov in a faster car. It’s all really just perception isn’t it.

          1. Alonso couldnt pass petrov, who had a faster car on the straights, which is where all the overtaking happened.

            but yes it is just perspective :p haha


  10. He impressed on more occassions, but not on a regular basis. But that’s is what rookies do, sometimes they preform well en the next race they don’t.

    And it is no shame to end up behind Rubens. That’s a very good driver who performs well over a full season. Hulk still has to learn how to do that. He will.

  11. 2005-2010 there is only one WDC won by Ferrari driver. And i beleive next year is just one more dry year to this list even Donkey is treated like a king in Santander Ferrari. The dream team is no more.

    Stop the hype, its ridicules!!

    1. Ferrari were right up there in 4 of those six seasons fighting for the WDC, so it’s only your opinion that is ridiculous (different word to “ridicules”).

      1. ridicules is what you get when something ridiculous mates with hercules :)

    2. In that period, which driver won the most titles?

  12. Spa09: From 2005-2010 also just one McLaren driver won the WDC. So that dream is also over?

  13. Serves him right. And it ain’t no hype, never was, never will.

  14. Alonso is the most talented driver, and Singapore 2010 was a drive of the year, incredible demonstration of pure speed with inferior car

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