Tell us about your F1 race experiences in 2010

2010 F1 season review

Crowd, Monza, 2010

Crowd, Monza, 2010

Did you go to an F1 race in 2010?

Throughout the year we’ve heard from loads of F1 fans who witnessed the season from the stands.

If you made it to a race in 2010, share your experience with us in the comments below.

Did you enjoy the experience? What did you see? And will you be going back again? Tell us about your F1 race experiences this year.

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2010 F1 season review

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35 comments on Tell us about your F1 race experiences in 2010

  1. bwells said on 5th December 2010, 22:40

    My son and I attended Montreal this year and what an amazing time we had… we were there from Thursday so not only did we get the full race weekend but were able to see lot’s of that great city..:) The travel to the venue was simple as our seedy little hotel was one block away from the underground Metro which after one change took us directly to the front gates of the track.. :)
    Line ups were acceptable for this scale of event and it seemed that even though Montreal had a year off they still know how to throw a party!!

    The Thursday pit walk was a bit damp but nothing was soaking my spirits for my first GP… the excitement of seeing the garages close up was amazing… the capper was a mechanic from Lotus came and took my camera into the pit and got some great shots for me! very different from other garages where they wouldn’t let you see part of the cars.. lol…

    Friday was awesome having the freedom to watch from other grandstands as we moved around the track… our seats were at Senna corner in GS11 but my favorite spot was GS21 right at the breaking zone for Epingle… it was amazing watching the cars accelerate out of turn 9, brake for the hairpin and accelerate on there way down Droit Du Casino… that was where the RBR’s really shone… exiting that hairpin was truly crazy just how fast they were… :)

    Saturday we packed a lunch and a 6 pack of beer in our backpacks.. (as per everyday..:) and headed to our seats… Quali was awesome because you could really see that the cars and drivers were getting to grips with the track… the speeds were dropping and the excitement was building! Watching Lewis pushing his car down the back straight on the big screen was a sight to behold.. never seen that before… lol

    Did I mention that the City of Montreal really knows how to throw a party!! There was huge sections of downtown blocked off with stages scattered all over the area… Franco Bars every 40 feet so there was NO excuse to have an empty beer… every kind of music you could imagine playing all around you.. and great people that were more than willing to help out some “out of towners” with directions to the hottest clubs… but the atmosphere on the streets was where the real action was… we partied until 4am every morning then were up at 8 on our way to the track… the perfect schedule… 8)

    Race day was almost too much to take for me… being my first GP I was asked a few times to settle down by the people behind me as I was jumping around like a school boy! The race was spectacular and the perfect weather so all was awesome!! as the last laps wound down we found a spot to crawl over the fence so we were ready… as the cars passed the start/finish line we bolted for the fence..
    climbing the grandstand and hopping the fence… then sprinting towards the podium… obviously my son had an easier time of this but I kept up with him… :) We got there just as Lewis, Fernando and Felipe made it to the stage… what a moment!! We soaked in the atmosphere in all it’s glory… when that was said and done we walked back to Senna corner looking for scraps.. I managed to find a piece of kevlar and many marbles as trophies… We carried on walking the pit wall watching the crews start packing up when we noticed a group of people in front of the Mercedes pit… there was Jock Clear having a Q&A session with the fans… the best question being about Micheal’s driving during the race.. lol

    So we made out way back to downtown and enjoyed one more night in Montreal before flying home Monday… the fact that we have to fly to our home race got me thinking that since we have to fly to Montreal, we might as well start flying around the world to watch GP’s… so that’s our plan for next year.. :)

    I had a thrilling trip for my first GP and look forward to seeing not only Montreal again but other sites around the world…

    Cheers… 8)

  2. Toby Bushby said on 6th December 2010, 1:58

    I only went to Albert Park this year. I only attend Sundays now after being there so many times. I’d much rather watch the rest at home with live timing and (of course) the live blog here to read! All FP’s are live on tv in Melbourne when the GP’s on, so no need to stand at the track (and pay for it) when you’ve been to a few weekends before.

    The exciting moment for us this year was standing against the fence at the inside of turn 6, chatting to a VERY young marshal, when the cars came around and a white flash flew past our eyes, rubbing the fence, and then it seemed an explosion happened and we were all completely covered in black and white flecks of carbon fibre and foam! This was Kobayashi taking off and slamming into Hulkenberg and Buemi!

    An all ’round check to make sure we were all still alive, a bit of dusting of each others shoulders and we all stared as some morons across the track were giving schtick to Hulk and Buemi as they stood beside the track fuming.

    Otherwise, a fairly standard affair at the Melbourne GP – except when the security guards turned up in numbers to force us to stop looking at or taking photo’s of the stricken Williams. I had a fair argument with them, but soon realised I’d be kicked out if I continued, so chose the better part of valour and walked off. ;)

    Overall, the Australian GP weekend is a fantastic time, and I recommend to anyone who can, come down to Melbourne and experience it for yourselves!

  3. Kathryn S said on 6th December 2010, 2:38

    I attended Montreal with my husband and our two adult children…we attended several races in Indianapolis and were thrilled at the chance to attend a GP race again. We planned to arrive on Thursday in hopes that the paddock would be open as it had been at the USGP…to our delight, we were able to visit. Unfortunately, it was wet and very cold–however that didn’t dampen our spirits too much. We watched both the McLaren and Toro Rosso teams practice tire changes and were delighted to see both of the Virgin drivers…Lucas surprised us all by coming out, signing autographs and posing with fans for pictures. Timo stayed in the garage, but waved a bit. We were also able to spot Jenson Button’s dad in his garage, but no sign of Jenson. I did catch of glimpse of Rubens as he came in to the paddock area, but he was moving pretty fast so I did not get a photo. We left a bit early due to the cold…but we got to and from the paddock on buses that drove right on the race track, though traveled counter-(anti)clockwise.

    Friday was MUCH warmer so that aspect was a lot more enjoyable. We settled in to our seats–stand 34–right at the inside of the apex of L’Epingle. The sound is unbelievable and seeing F1 cars on the track after a two year break was really fun. We spent the entire day at the track getting views of some of the other cars racing from a variety of different viewpoints.

    Saturday was another great day…and an opportunity to see which cars were really fast in quali. We were a bit distracted for a while by some workers climbing the huge geodesic dome display that is a remnant of the island’s history as the location for the World’s Fair (1966, I believe)–I bet it was a great view up there! The biggest problem during quali was the inability to track of who was where. We had a Jumbotron directly in our line of sight, but the letters were too hard to see without binoculars…and if you were looking through the binoculars, you were missing the action on the track. But there is just nothing like being there!

    Finally, race day! The day dawned bright with sunshine and warmth…and anticipation for a great race. As we all know now, that’s exactly what happened. Although we missed a great deal of the action, our viewpoint at the hairpin was great…and I’m not sure if I would consider tickets anywhere else on the track.

    We’re not planning to go back for 2011, but not because it wasn’t a great experience…maybe 2012?!?!?!

  4. BasCB said on 6th December 2010, 7:32

    I just love reading all these first hand stories of all of you visiting the GPs. Great idea to have them posted here!

  5. Our Nige said on 6th December 2010, 10:27

    I was lucky enought to get to 3 Grand Prix this year – The Spanish, Hungarian and the Italian Grand Prix and with a 3rd child coming along next year it will be a long time before I will be able to get to anonther…
    Spanish GP
    Flying out of Belfast we were also caught up in the Ash cloud disruption, and we spent the night before coming up with Plan B, Plan C and plan D, looking up boat times and train timetables! On the day of travel our flight went out as if there was no problem, it was the only morning that week flights had been going so we were soo lucky!! I found the Spanish GP and Barcelona great – the Gp is well orgainsed with special trains well signposted and no hassle. The Spanish fans really love ALonso, and have an intense dislike for Hamilton which was evident when he went out in the last few laps. We bought food in a deli in Barcelona and brought the food with us – which was much cheaper than buying it at the circuit. We had tickets at the first corner and it was interesting to see Button trying to get a way past Schumacher – I would have just taken Schui out….
    Hungarian GP
    I flew from Dublin with Ryaniar (crap) and back with Aer lingus (great). Usual train and walk to the track – it was not too far and easy enough to find. We sat at the 1st corner and for 99% of the time did not think the price was worth it as the track is in a bowl and you can see more of the track from General Admissiion tickets – UNTIL the Schumacher Barachello incident right in front of us – AMAZING!!!! I swear people in the stands ducked as they thought Barchello was about to hit the wall and end up alongside us!! I text a guy who works for Renault hoping to get into the paddock but no joy.
    Italian GP
    If you are into F1 at all – GO THERE – it is an amazing track with great fans and history just drips from everything. I have been to the British, French, Austrian, San Marino, Spanish and Hungarian GP but Monza was without any doubt the best. We had tickets for inside the first chicane which was OK but being able to walk the track after the race and being at the podium was AMAZING!!! A note of warning, on Sunday morning at the track we were given an armband to get us back in if we left it. When I went to the mercandising area for a drink someone CUT if off my wrist – looking back now I remember them doing it but did not realise what had happened at the time – a tense 10 mins was spent at the gate on my return to the grandstand convincing the marshall to let me in!! I could go on about the Monza trip for pages and pages but if that was the last grand prix I ever go to I will be happy!!! Bernie – please do not sacrifice more of the traditional GP venues for more Bahrains etc – F1 NEEDS THEM – passion is more important than a few more quid…..

  6. John Snow said on 6th December 2010, 10:29

    I went to the Turkish GP this year, it as epic!

    The Friday and the Saturday felt more like a test as there was almost no one there, while it didn’t have any atmosphere, I was really nice being able to park next to the main gate, walk in and get to our seats with in 5 minutes, there were no queues for anything. We got seats high up at the end of the start finish straight and I think we got the best seats in the house – they were covered (definitely needed in that heat), we were able to see all of the straight, the pits, the first and second corners and the complex of corners at the end of the lap. On the Friday we walked around the track and enjoyed watching a lot of drivers get it wrong at turn 8. It was a shame we couldn’t get a kangaroo but we were able to follow the racing well enough. The race on the Sunday was really tense with the front 4 running so closely, all the previous races we’d been to had been rather dull and we were worried the same thing would happen here, then it all kicked off right in front of us and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Definitely going back next year!

  7. Louisepa said on 6th December 2010, 10:52

    I went to SPA this year. It was fantastic, the weather made it even better. During practice 1 and 2 we walked around “The greatest corner” – Le Rouge! Friday it rained all day, and there was so much wind = very cold. But throughout the rest of the weekend the weather changed from wet to dry. The race was epic! Especially because the track was wet in some places and dry in others. I saw some great driving, especially the to Merrcedes GP made it fun. And me being a Hamilton fan, the weekend couldn’t have had a better ending

  8. Typhoon said on 6th December 2010, 13:45

    I went to my first Singapore GP this year- my forth different overseas GP (try and make it to Silverstone every uear). I enjoyed it so much that I will be returning again in 2011. For a Spectator, this is the best GP I have been to eclipsing even Monoco for spectator experience.
    Its a 12hour flight from London for me, but I got an over night flight and was asleep most of the way. My Hotel and and the circuit was a 20min taxi ride from the Airport.
    I stayed at a trackside hotel and was able to walk to the circuit and return to the hotel inbetween sessions. Whilst the drivers may get driven to the paddock, you get to walk with all the other team personnel in and out of the circuit and they go to and from their hotel. Watching a GP under light is quite some experience, sound of the engines reverberating from the building was very different from a traditional track. There is spot where you can stand under the Esplande bridge and hear the cars raceing a few feet above your head – amazing! The concerts and off track entertainment (all included in the ticket price) was were all top notch. The underground train network has 4 or 5 stops around the circuit so it is very easy to get around and to pop in and out of the circuit to do other things, have meals etc between the 15.00 gates open time and the evening track action. You can get very close to the cars on this circuit. All seats have view of a big screen too so its eay to follow the action.
    For those thinking of attending in 2011 I have written a list on how to get the most from the event, in the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix section.

  9. supernicebob said on 6th December 2010, 14:00

    Went to Belgium this year and it was amazing. Having not been to a grand prix weekend in 10 years it was long overdue.

    Some photos here:

    Drove over with 3 friends and camped along with a lot of other people on here at the Elephant (didn’t get to meet a lot of people thanks to the weather though!). The wet weather did make it tough going at times, but it also contributed to an unforgettable weekend.

    Spa is a simply amazing track on which to watch the best drivers and cars in the world in action, and certainly the best track I’ve been to for viewing and photography (unless you get barged out of a good spot by an Italian photojournalist backed up by the police!). So many great areas that you can get to with a general admission ticket, though you do have to get there early for the best spots on Sunday.

    I think we’re going to tick Monza off the list in 2011, but I can’t think of any reasons not to go back to Belgium.

  10. After sacrificing 5 years to saving every penny I had, I was lucky enough to realise a dream and be able to go to all 19 races this season – it’s been a hell of year!
    So I guess you could say that I’m in a fairly unique situation in terms of being able to compare all the races.
    Despite this though it’s virtually impossible to pick just one stand-out venue, every race has it’s own unique character – yes, even Turkey & Valencia!
    Some fairly good advice though is to follow the rule of the 3 M’s: Monza, Monaco, Montreal.
    Monza – If you’re a real race-fan, and after nothing more than the simple pleasure of man & machine hurtling around one of the all time classic tracks – then this one’s for you.
    Montreal – Fantastic track, brilliant fans, and a city that embraces the GP like no other. Take a trip down Crescent Street of an evening & it’s a full-on F1 carnival!
    Monaco – Well, let’s be honest, I don’t need to sell this one to you!!
    If you’re able to go a tad further afield, then Japan is an amazing experience, as much for Japan itself as for the stunning Suzuka track. Singapore is also an amazing spectacle to behold, even if the racing can be a tad dull. And not forgetting Interlagos, probably the best race day atmosphere I experienced all year. Don’t be put off by the scare-mongering about car-jacking, you can jump on the metro & in 20mins you’re at the track – safe & simple!
    Obviously I could write tons on my experiences, but I won’t bore you all! If you’ve any questions you think I could help with please just ask, I’ll happily help all I can. You can get me on twitter: @alexjsnell, or on the message board of my blog:


  11. Went to Monaco this year and nothing can quite match the magic of Monaco. If you’ve never gone then do try to see the race. The noise and the smell of the cars is something that you will never forget. Oh and don’t forget your eye plugs!!! ive attached my Youtube videos i took on the sunday from stand K.

  12. I went to Interlagos this year, and it was thrilling as always (my 5th and last time was in 1995). This year I watched the Friday practices from right behind the paddock and couldn’t see much “action” except for the cars leaving the pits and they managing to handle the Senna “S”. First car I put my eyes on was Nico Rosberg, shining at the morning Brazilian sun… and Button’s McLaren were… Oh man, what a moment!
    Some pics HERE
    I watched Saturday and Sunday’s events from the Juncao, right from that big red stands you can see at the beginning of the straights. That was quite an amazing experience: the cars passing with low gears and rpm on Friday, and at full throttle on Sat and Sun.
    I saw Emerson with his historical Lotus (shame it was only 2 laps), I saw Hulkenberg’s pole twice (the first and when he lowered his time), I saw Massa colliding with Buemi on the opposite side of the circuit, on the Curva do Lago.
    Not much happened in front of me (like Graeme above), but staying right there at Juncao makes your ears blow on the first lap, pal.

  13. Robert said on 9th December 2010, 1:45

    I was at Spa again this year.

    My stuff should be dry soon.

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