Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal R30 with new 2011 Lotus livery

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault have revealed the first genuine photographs of their current R30 F1 car in the new 2011 Lotus livery.

It has a black-and-gold design similar to that which Tony Fernandes’s Lotus Racing team also intends to use in 2011, harking back to the John Player Special Lotuses of the 1970s and 1980s.

Renault announced this morning it will be sponsored by Lotus Cars in 2011, who have also invested in the team.

Lotus Racing and Lotus Cars are currently in dispute over the rights to the use the name “Lotus”.

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Update: Another rendering of the livery:

Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering
Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering

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    1. INDEED!

      they just bought 2 pots of paint (one gold, one black) and went: “there you go, John Player Special”.

      But it just doesn’t look right… appart from the red endplates

    2. Agreed, this really looks wrong. The rendering ooks fine, but the real thing just looks wrong in so many ways.

      Whats worst about it is that they all act like children. Team Lotus announced a while ago that they would use that kind of livery, so what is the first thing that Lotus Renault does? Show this livery. How much lower can they go?

      And people once thought that Renault was only behaving stupid and purile when Briatore was in charge ………….

      1. How much lower can they go? Well, not as low as Fernandez!

    3. Ironically, the new yellow pirelli logo on the tyres would have perfectly suited lasts years yellow renault and last years green and yellow lotus.

    4. You got that right! Especially with those stupid red endplates to make Total happy.
      It seems that every time I start to like Renault in F1 again, they do something stupid to completely mess it up. They should go back to the gorgeous telefonica livery they had earlier in the decade, give Kubica a worthwhile team mate and stay as Renault.

      Morons, morons, morons.

      And don’t even get me started on Danny Bahar. That man is singlehandedly going to ruin Lotus.

      1. And though it may make quite a few of you angry,

        I’ve never really been a big fan of the JPS livery. I loved that the true Lotus team wore British racing green this season.

        1. You’re probably right about BRG being the true livery, but I grew up with the JPS livery, and I loved it… Not sure about this new interpretation though.

    5. Yeah, amazing how they could get something so simple so wrong.

  1. Like the old JPS days… I like it!

    1. yes but gasgoyne’s lotus team were going to use this livery. what a effing joke.

      1. They already have their livery also.

        1. The Team Lotus livery is way sexier than than the Lotus Proton Renault livery.

        2. that is far superior to the lotus renault joke one.

          1. you’re kidding, I hate everything about the proton lotus team… It was just one big sad marketing exercise… This new team looks just the same..

      2. You have to remember this team might actually have a shot at winning races, while Gasgoyns is only there to sell tshirts and mugs.

        For that reason alone, I support the Reno team.

        1. Gasgoyns is only there to sell tshirts and mugs.

          What a bizarre (and unsubstantiated) claim.

          1. No kidding! If anything, Fernandes, Gascoyne, and Co. proved this year that they’re serious about racing and are in it for the long haul.

  2. Those red endplates ruin what might otherwise be one of the best liveries I have seen in years.

    Regardless of how much I like it, I hope I never have to see this car on track

    1. ignoring the red endplates which are obviously to appease total, this is the worst execution of JPS style i have seen.

      the stripes running down the nose are tight at the cockpit, and get wide and loop under the nose, making the whole nose look like a big droopy lotus logo in a sock. not elegant or dynamic or flattering at all.

      1. Agree. The gold linework looks too heavy, the original JPS style was more of a pinstripe wasn’t it?

        It could perhaps do with varying-width lines, like the mid-90s Rothmans Williams.

        1. Exactly. From the back it looks sort of okay, but a bit unrefined and clumsy, the front/side views look bad – and the gold strips on the front wing look like ridiculous bling.

        1. I agree as well but bear in mind that this is the bodywork of the 2010 car. The 2011 car will undoubtedly have new bodywork, therefore a different shape and therefore will need different lines. Why go to all the effort of getting the lines right when they’ll just have to do it again when the new shape is out?

          Still though, it’s not very nice looking at all.

      2. A bit like the McLaren with the big Mercedes star on the front last year. That also looked quite wrong and heavy at the front.

        1. Ah, good point, that is true – and it looks wrong for the same reasons.

    2. Agree with Ned. The Red ruins the whole thing.

      That aside the R30 was one of my all time favourite liveries. Is a shame it has to go just because Renault are jumping on the Lotus bandwagon.

      1. Do you mean the R29?

        1. No – the yellow and black they used for the 2010 season. Just a one-off as it turns out, which is a shame.

          1. I agree. What a shame we have to see the great 2010 livery gone already. *cries*

          2. The yellow black was a great livery…

          3. I liked that livery as well. Best livery they had in years.
            When seeing these pictures, I can imagine Fernandez saying they helped his case with this car in this livery. It is completely obvious they are intentionally going against his entity.
            And from what i understood, the Team Lotus rights from David Hunt very clearly state that only they are allowed to run that Lotus logo with the initals and green field in F1.

      2. Eh? I think you’ll find it’s the other way around. There is no Renault anymore only the engines. Group Lotus (you know THE Lotus car manuafacturer?) acquired Renaults minority share so logically, they are the true Lotus manufacturer. Gascoynes team only licensed the use of the name.

        Both owned by Korean companies – the only thing they have in common.

    3. Regardless of how much I like it, I hope I never have to see this car on track

      Hear hear.

  3. Photographing that at the Renault World Series next year is going to be interesting… not sure I’m a fan.

  4. That’s pretty bad.

    If they’re going to go down that path at least get rid of the red Total endplates.

  5. What about Vitaly Petrov? Those that mean is out?

      1. What’s funny is I could imagine someone doing a bad impersonation of a Russain says “does that mean is out”..!!

  6. that yellow logo ruins it ;/

  7. I think the livery looks great!

  8. The finish is too Glossy, giving it a horrible shine. The gradient on the gold just makes it look too wishy washy and the Red Endplates just ruin it.

    1. I noticed in my local newsagent that JPS are sold in a gloss black box (as well as blue and indeed red). The new Lotuses are great free publicity for the cigarette manufacturer.

      1. The new Lotuses are great free publicity for the cigarette manufacturer, and you can bet the CEO of the company is loving it – because no health experts are complaining about this subliminal advertising. You can bet JPS won’t stop either Team using the colours, because of the free advertising. However Lotus cars cannot accept the free advertising they are getting from New Team Lotus… surely bad business froma car company about to invest in a whole new fleet of automobiles.

  9. All the red ruins it and there’s too much gold. Looks more like a Wolf.

  10. I quite like it. Also, someone needs to close a bold tag.

    Did that do it?

    1. LOL, yes, a too wide brush could explain some of it.

  11. and it dosent hava Lada and HP sponsors logo on it … damn

    1. Lotus-Lada would have been funny. But then I’m more of a Lotus Racing fan!

  12. I have to say, I appreciate the design effort and am annoyed with the Lotus-row-gate-whatever already, but think that this is a pretty ham-fisted way to execute the John Player Special livery. It’s clunky, and not just because of the red.

    1. It looks like someone at Renault took a quick look at the Gallery on entries for the Team Lotus livery competition and thought – hmm, we’ll just copy that one whilst looking at one of the worst entries…

      …seriously, this is the best they could come up with???

  13. Are JPS cigarettes still available? If so, I bet they are looking forward to all this free subliminal advertising from one of the biggest sports in the world.

    Also, if they are still available, would the liveries fall foul of fag ad bans?

    1. I believe my dad smokes ’em, but there in a red pack with gold letters. But that would be pretty simple to change the red to black:P.

      1. Well this is interesting then. If the livery refers to a current cigarette brand (even if not directly, or through actual sponsorship) ok with the FIA?

        I wonder because the Marlboro logo can’t be used on current Ferraris any more, and therefore presumably if (hypothetically) McLaren wanted to use it’s old red and white Marlboro inspired livery it wouldn’t be allowed to.

        1. … meant to say “is that ok with the FIA?” of course…:)

        2. It’s a different matter if the company in question is pumping millions of dollars into the team, which in John Player Special’s case, they aren’t.

          1. Sure. I would wonder though if the wording of the FIA ban is for sponsorship from cigarette brands specifically, or simply advertising/promotion. Someone wishing to cause a bit of hassle could possibly make an argument that the livery does the latter, subliminally at least ;)

            Not that I would be that someone :)

          2. They could always claim they have a UPS sponsorship lined up!

          3. Keith, there is a Mclaren MP4-26 pic on Facebook, showing Jenson Button getting his seat fitted, obviously it’s given no aero details away, but you can see the carbon fibre is unpainted but for a section of white behind Button’s head – perhaps this suggests Mclaren will go white/red Marlboro-esque livery in 2011. ;)


            We all know it will be surely be chrome, but one can wish!!

      2. They’re still sold in black and gold packets in the United Kingdom, at least until the Government gets its way and removes all branding and packaging from tobacco products and replaces them with a single white/black colour packet…

  14. Also the gold stripes are too thick to work as a JPS homage, they should be pinstripe thin.

      1. That’s exactly right. The original striping and design was precise and almost delicate. This looks like just another wrap. Maybe the other Lotus will do a better job?

  15. It´s all ugly, & indeed it looks more like a Wolf, so get rid of the all too big lotus badge!

  16. Chris Pattison
    8th December 2010, 12:25

    To be fair the quality of the photo possibly makes it look a little duller then it should but it’s still the poorest example of a JPS theme ever.

    If it’s really had the weeks of thought gone into it that they claim then they should be quite embarrassed.

  17. Why has a Malaysian backed Luxembourg-owned French sponsored car driven by a Pole got a Union Jack flag on it?

    1. It must be a lame attempt to a joke!

    2. Maybe they’re going to announce a British driver??

      (Also it’s either the Union Jack or the Union Flag, not the Union Jack Flag)

  18. Pants, 1970’s Airfix kit with a 10 year olds humbrol paint job. Not refined at all.

  19. I actualyl quite like it. I’m not a big fan of the red end plates though. I’d still rather have a yellow car to liven up the grid.

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