Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal R30 with new 2011 Lotus livery

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault have revealed the first genuine photographs of their current R30 F1 car in the new 2011 Lotus livery.

It has a black-and-gold design similar to that which Tony Fernandes’s Lotus Racing team also intends to use in 2011, harking back to the John Player Special Lotuses of the 1970s and 1980s.

Renault announced this morning it will be sponsored by Lotus Cars in 2011, who have also invested in the team.

Lotus Racing and Lotus Cars are currently in dispute over the rights to the use the name “Lotus”.

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Update: Another rendering of the livery:

Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering
Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering

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  1. That black looks suspiciously chocolate-brown to my eyes.

    1. Maybe they overpainted a normal one, and didn’t use a thick enough layer of black that the yellow won’t shine through under lights?

  2. Although I wish this livery was on the 2010 Lotus team, I think, all prejudice aside, and forgetting that it has anything to do with JPS, it is in fact quite an attractive livery, it looks very smart as well as racy!

  3. So they were perfectly recognizeable throughout the 2010 season with their classy, flashy yellow-black livery, and now they’re back to boring, dull and dirty shades of black with slight gold stripes and ugly red parts to please the sponsors.

    I wish my 70 years old grandpa telling these apart from Virgin cars in 2011 -_-

  4. Should be

    I wish my 70 years old grandpa best of luck telling these apart from Virgin cars in 2011 -_-

  5. I don’t see the Lada logo. If it were there, there would have been 3 cars logo on the race car (Lotus, Renault, Lada).
    But anyway, I don’t like this livery
    I hope Team Lotus will keep the green and yellow livery :(

    1. They could also slap a Proton logo on, make it a Lotus-Proton-Renault-Lada.

  6. Quite like it, except for the red plates. Still not THE JPS.

  7. Please lets demonstrate to get them to use the black/yellow livery. This is just ugly, and honestly I think it is just an provocation of the other Lotus team, they didnt even use a real gold color, but some half ass sand-thing.

  8. did someone just chunder on an f1 car? thanks renault for only 1 season of awesome retro livery. now you’re just confusing the flip out of everyone and making me feel sick!

  9. I don’t know if it is the way the black and gold is used, the red parts on the livery for Total or because I don’t like this whole Lotus name dispute but from the pictures I have seen I don’t really like the look of the 2011 livery, yet I did like the Lotus black and gold JPS livery from the 1970s/80s.

    Just like with Team Lotus I find it odd that they are using the black and gold livery when classic Lotus only used it because of JPS sponsorship and neither are sponsors by JPS and even subliminal tobacco liveries such as with Ferrari and Marlboro are not allowed anymore.

    I notice that the car has the British flag on it, does this mean they will officially become a British team. Although the Reanult’s F1 factory is in UK Ranault F1 are French and Proton are Malaysian. Or is it a case that they are trying to associate themselves with classic Lotus so they included the British flag on the car.

  10. They just painted an entire car with a tobacco companies
    colour scheme. I wonder if the ‘subliminal advertising police’ are going to be all over this the way they were with Marlboro? It sure looks more like a pack of JPS than the barcode ever looked like a pack of Marlies.

    The retarded thing is they’re giving free advertising away to a tobacco company!!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything something similar to this in my life.

  11. I’ve submitted 2 designs to Team Lotus (Tony Fernandes). Both a modern takes on the classic JPS. In my opinion, if you are going to use the Black&Gold livery, it needs to pay respect to its heritage. That’s what I’ve tried to achieve.

    Please have a look and let me know what you think. If you like, why not show your support to Team Lotus and tweet to the guys? @themightybeard : @tonyfernandes @H_Kovalainen @MikeGascoyne

    T128 “EF”:
    T128 “AS”:

    1. Both are epic!

      I prefer the Senna influenced livery. I’m guessing there is a third livery in waiting looking at what you have put in the descriptions?

      1. there is but sadly I missed the competition deadline. I will try to finish it off but very busy at the moment.

        The 3rd one is the T128 “CC”.

    2. Chris Pattison
      8th December 2010, 15:14

      Both of your designs look superb.

      1. Thank you Chris. I hope Team Lotus think the same.

    3. I think, ladies and gentlemen, this is the only appropriate response ….

      … as for that clunky, ugly and petty, Renault effort, the less said the better.
      Maybe if we all ignore it, it’ll go away.

    4. Now I’m glad I didn’t waste time entering. Both of those are stunning. I prefer the second one though.

    5. Love the Senna influenced one!!

      Makes me realise I’m not going to win that competition…I mean my entry was better than what Renault have come up with, but nothing compared to some of the other entries I’ve seen.

    6. Well I guess a prefer the EF one, but who cares?? Both brilliant!

    7. Nailed it :)

      Now that’s a JPS Lotus livery. Good job!

    8. Like many others, the Senna inspired one is my favourite of the two, and I would love to see you win it with that. It looks refined, elegant, and fits the lines of the car beautifully. Well done.

      1. Raphael Campos
        8th December 2010, 20:46

        Thanks a lot for the compliments everyone! If you have the time, could you maybe tweet your compliments to Lotus Racing and its head people? That would be amazing!
        @themightybeard @tonyfernandes @H_Kovalainen @MikeGascoyne

        Thanks again! Fingers crossed!

        1. I saw your link for the Fittipaldi livery elsewhere on the site before I’d seen it here, and already decided on my own to tweet it at Fernandes, Gascoyne, and @mylotusracing. Both of them are great though, I’d be excited if either of your designs won.

      2. Raphael Campos
        8th December 2010, 20:46

        Thanks a lot for the compliments everyone! If you have the time, could you maybe tweet your compliments to Lotus Racing and its head people? That would be amazing!
        @themightybeard @sschaumloeffel @tonyfernandes @H_Kovalainen @MikeGascoyne

        Thanks again! Fingers crossed!

        1. Raphael Campos
          8th December 2010, 20:47

          Sorry about the double post!

          1. That’s okay – I think I have now let Lotus Racing know that I love your designs – that new Chapman version is great work – I guess it would even work if the gold had to become yellow, the lines just are so well drawn on the body of the car.

    9. These are fantastic.

      Looks great, and also makes the sponsors logos really stand out. I think you’ve nailed it.

    10. Both of those look great. I like the AS design especially with its delicate use of the gold pinstripes.

      A shame I am not on Twitter, but I will get onto the Team Lotus site to put some weight behind them.

  12. Bartosz Grabski
    8th December 2010, 14:33

    For me it looks really good. Can’t wait to see it on TV.

  13. I don’t care what all the complainers are saying, I. Love. This. If they use this, this will easily become my favorite livery on the grid. Yeah, maybe they should ditch the red endplates, but I frankly think it still works GREAT as a whole. Seriously floored at how beautiful it looks. Not only that, but the black + gold makes it something most modern F1 schemes don’t do anymore: look bada**

  14. If they enter in the name of Lotus Renault then does it mean that Renault will only be part of the team as a engine supplier like Mercedes in Mclaren-Mercedes? & if this is the team own by Tony Fernandes what will happen to the real Lotus Racing. I think it will again will like be having two Red Bull on the grid.

  15. Not a good look. I really don’t think it’s refined enough. The line work is too big and not very sexy at all. The over large Lotus logo on the nose, just looks stupid.

    I am seriously not impressed with Lotus Cars jumping on Team Lotus’s idea of bringing back the black and gold livery. When has a team ever revealed their livery for the forthcoming season this early?? They are clearly thinking that if they distribute these images first then it will be Team Lotus copying them…. pathetic.

    It pains me to see such a bad design getting onto an F1 car because I design race liveries for a living (amongst other things). I’m not the only one with the same opinion, from reading other peoples comments, that this is not the great livery that it should have been. Here’s hoping Team Lotus do a better job.

  16. Looks a stunner, three things spoil it however, first the Red endplates, second the giant Lotus badge, there is the fact that Real Lotus Racing said they were going Gold/Black first.

    To be honest I don’t think one of the Team Lotii (plural of Lotus :P) will have black/gold come the start of the new season.

  17. Well, in case of win for this team….what anthem we will hear?

    French? British? Luxemburg? or mayby Malaysian?

  18. The Pirelli tyres would have looked great on this seasons Renault.

  19. They clearly rushed the livery out so they can claim that Team Lotus is copying them.

    I loved the yellow Renault livery. Disappointed that it will be gone…

  20. I think it looks great. Gold endplates rather than red would obviously be better, but that shot from the rear wing looks really good.

    Let’s hope Renault stray from using the same block-ish, chubby design they’ve had going the last few years and the livery will probably work better.

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