Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault reveal R30 with new 2011 Lotus livery

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Renault have revealed the first genuine photographs of their current R30 F1 car in the new 2011 Lotus livery.

It has a black-and-gold design similar to that which Tony Fernandes’s Lotus Racing team also intends to use in 2011, harking back to the John Player Special Lotuses of the 1970s and 1980s.

Renault announced this morning it will be sponsored by Lotus Cars in 2011, who have also invested in the team.

Lotus Racing and Lotus Cars are currently in dispute over the rights to the use the name “Lotus”.

Renault 2011 Lotus livery
Renault 2011 Lotus livery

Update: Another rendering of the livery:

Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering
Renault 2011 Lotus livery rendering

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  1. to my taste a gold has too dark shade and overall it’s a bit heavy, but nonetheless is looking really great.

  2. What a joke of a company Group Lotus/Proton are making themselves look. Like some spoiled kids, they’ve seen how warmly Lotus Racing has been received and instead of being grateful to bask in the reflected glory of the Lotus name, they’re scrabbling around for the credit by launching a flawed legal bid, and now as a naive ploy (which is an insult to F1 fan’s intelligence) of copy-and-pasting Team Lotus’ livery as if somehow that’ll work. I doubt anyone will be confused next year. I hope Lotus Renault never finish a race and the company go bankrupt. Good PR Group Lotus; you’ve made a lot of people dislike you.

  3. I know this isn’t constructive, but I can’t resist:

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dany Bahar and your lame company you’ve destroyed! Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. A, poor car, look what they did to it!
    If they are capable of doing this to a poor and helpless car, what can they do to a human then?

    But, it’s not about the livery, it’s about the results!

  5. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    8th December 2010, 22:27

    Remember earlier this year when Ferrari were forced to get rid of that bar code for fag advertising, well surely this JPS livery is 10 times more blatant.

  6. and how confusing is that going to be for casual fans to see 2 prominant car manufacturer logos on the nosecone!

  7. I think it looks good…. Really good. Alot better than those ugly generic indie car designs like Virgin had.

  8. the best part is the Pirelli tyres.. they actually look kinda cool

  9. no russian sponsors.. hmmm

  10. We all know who the real Team Lotus is. Its a joke in my opinion. My support will be behind Team Lotus not Proton wisjing to get in on the act.

  11. So the Lotus livery is going to be exactly the same except for every lotus sticker is replaced with renault and every renault with lotus?

  12. All this renault/lotus news is pretty damn silly, such a shame that the renault is losing its cool ‘renault’ colours. The 2010 renault looked mint. This new livery looks rushed and unspectacular. Hopefuly the design will be tweaked before the start of the new season. I hate the new pirelli tyres too, should be white writing!

    1. The Last Pope
      9th December 2010, 17:58

      Its not the colour of the Pirelli lettering that makes it look wrong. Its the fact that it isn’t writen in the Pirelli font with the long streched Capital P over the other letters. Goodyear,Bridgestone and Michelin have always used their logo font to write their name on the tyres so we are used to it. Its is strange that Pirreli have chosen not to because it would look way better imho. I would have liked them to do like what Michelin did and have a yellow box (curved with the tyre of coarse) with red pirreli font inside it. I think that would have looked awesome when spinning at 180mph too.

      1. I think the problem with using the logo is that the stretched P might look weird on the curve of the tyre. None the less I’d style like to see it though.

  13. Surely the black gold/ gold jps livery has only ever been used by Team Lotus – and never by Group Lotus? What gives Group Lotus the right to trade on another companies brand and heritage?

    1. Isn’t that the main problem, Group Lotus / Proton think they own the rights to everything Lotus (including Team Lotus), whereas Fernandez’s group believes that Proton only own the rights to the road car brand, with the Team Lotus brand being a completely separate company, which was owned by David Hunt, until Fernandez’s group bought it from Hunt this year. It’ll end up in court where the lawyers will work out who can be Team Lotus.

  14. Upon comparison of this livery and the (proposed) livery for Team Lotus at, I’d have to say the Team Lotus have got it right absolutly right, and is by far the best looking of the two. However judging by Gascoynes tweets, unfortunatly it may never see the light of day=[

  15. May I have your attention please?
    Will the real LOTUS-RENAULT please stand up?
    I repeat, will the real LOTUS-RENAULT please stand up?
    We’re gonna have a problem here….

    MASSIVE counter punch to Tony F for trying to get smart and take the team lotus name !!!! *POW*

    Stole your Team name *POW*
    Stole you 2011 Livery *POW POW*
    Quickly legitimized with some media shots *POW POW POW*

    Awesome play LOTUS-RENAULT!!!! at least you build lotus cars and come from a top pedigree of engineering, technology and manufacturing

    This project looks smart on paper and more legit than:

    Team LoutsNAZA1MalaysiaTuneFernandezGascoyneGroup F1

    I feel sorry for that Team (Just cant bring myself to call them lotus) I hope they re brand,realign with PRODRIVE (ASTON MARTIN) or LOLA and just let the F1 world balance it self out.

    I like the 2010 team lotus for being professional and a team with serious ambition for racing not for the LOTUS name thats what i will support!

    Cause I’m LOTUS-RENAULT, yes I’m the real LOTUS-RENAULT
    All you other LOTUS-RENAULT’S are just imitating
    So won’t the real LOTUS-RENAULT please stand up,
    please stand up, please stand up?

  16. It is an ugly design which would NOT improve safety as black car does not improve visibility!

    Lotus should do better, specially having the best ever driver of Formula one Robert Kubica.

    Schumacher proved that that was some major error in awarding him not seven, but a single world title which he never deserved!

    How it was possible that that scum master was able to cheat 7 years to steal the title?

    Vitaly Petrov seams to be the next star of Formula one, with drivers like Lewis Hamilton.

    From now on I am the fan of Robert Kubica ONLY!

    His driving is like a virtuoso i n a concert hall!

  17. Well I remember going to a VERY secretive Lotus in Norfolk to draw the new-season machine when the colours were to be in Gold Leaf cigarette red and white.

    I had to look at the two halves of the car separately, while the other end was sheeted over, and draw much of the final illustration from memory as no photos were allowed.

    Looked OK in the following Sunday’s Observer magazine supplement though!

    1. Cool! Is there a link to your drawing online anywhere?

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