Who are the real ‘Lotus’ in F1? (Poll)

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Two different teams are locked in a dispute over who has the right to use the Lotus name.

Both intend to use cars in classic black-and-gold John Player Special Lotus colours in 2011.

Who do you think are the real Lotus? Cast your vote and have your say below.

Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Valencia, 2010
Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Valencia, 2010

Lotus Racing

The team entered into F1 by Tony Fernandes in 2010. Fernandes bought the licence to use the name ‘Lotus’ from Proton, owners of Group Lotus, in 2009.

Lotus Racing has always considered itself a continuation of the classic Team Lotus and marked its 500th Grand Prix start at Valencia this year.

Fernandes acquired the rights to use the name Team Lotus from David Hunt in September. Hunt has owned them since the original team collapsed at the end of 1994.

2011 Lotus-Renault livery
2011 Lotus-Renault livery

Lotus Cars

The company which builds Lotus road cars was historically separate from the racing team.

They have now agreed a title sponsorship deal with Renault and have become an equity partner in their F1 team.

They plan to call the team Lotus Renault GP.

Over to you

Which team do you consider the rightful user of the name ‘Lotus’? Cast your vote and have you say below.

Who are the real 'Lotus' in F1?

  • Lotus Racing (65%)
  • Lotus Cars (17%)
  • Neither (18%)

Total Voters: 4,059

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175 comments on “Who are the real ‘Lotus’ in F1? (Poll)”

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  1. I didn’t read all 170 responses but from the first page and “no connection to the history of Team Lotus” comments:

    Litespeed F3 team is made up of original Team Lotus members and were part of the group of engineers that Tony has employed from the onset after the purchase of their F1 entry for the 2010 season when the budget cap fell through. So there is technically a lineage back to the original Team Lotus from the 90’s at least, depending on each of their tenures.

  2. Lotus DNA? – Group Lotus or Team Lotus? who 1?
    Team Lotus VL owned by Group Lotus or Chapman?
    HeHeHe… Like u married widow
    not ur dna but ur wife dna
    same name ok
    how about ur name?

  3. This is typically modern motor”SPORT”….Ever since David Hunt bought LOTUS and devoted huge sums of money and years of dedicated hard work to try and get Team Lotus back on the F1 grid there were SPORTSMEN in F1 determined to stop it happening.
    Of course it can only be Tony F’s team and good luck to them.
    Of course LOTUS cars will automatically benefit however well or badly.
    The only sportsmen in F1 are most of the drivers but some of them forget.

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