Team orders ban scrapped for 2011

2011 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Hockenheim, 2010

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Hockenheim, 2010

The FIA has scrapped the rule banning team orders from the FIA Sporting Regulations.

As of next year the rule stating “team orders which interfere with the result of a race” will no longer apply.

A statement released by the FIA said:

The article forbidding team orders (39.1) is deleted.

Teams will be reminded that any actions liable to bring the sport into disrepute are dealt with under Article 151c of the International Sporting Code and any other relevant provisions

Ferrari were found to have used team orders during this year’s German Grand Prix.

But the World Motor Sport Council stopped short of imposing a penalty that would have stripped the team or its drivers of points.

Do you agree with the FIA lifting the team orders ban?

  • Yes, teams should be allowed to use team orders (54%)
  • No, teams should not be allowed to use team orders (46%)

Total Voters: 1,264

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159 comments on Team orders ban scrapped for 2011

  1. Is this improving the show? i think not. If they cant enforce the rule i don’t see the point of having a two driver team. If Red Bull had used team orders this season, the championship would have been over half way though the season. Then the team with the best car will stand a much better chance of winning the drivers title then they do when they don’t use team orders. I don’t watch F1 to see the 2nd driver holding up the competitors, i want to see drivers fight, team mates fight and even crash. There is nothing as exciting as seeing some serious team mate rivalry. I just hope that Red Bull and McLaren won’t jump the TO boat next season.

  2. HewisLamilton said on 10th December 2010, 16:14

    Whether a team is sneaky and issues team orders in a stealthy fashion or if it is done in a blatent manner in front of everyone it is all the same in the end… TEAM ORDERS. How they are issued should not matter.

    Not being aware of when team orders are used shouldn’t matter. It is still team orders. It makes me think of stealing is ok, as long as you don’t get caught. It still the same thing.

    Team orders are team orders and team orders are integral to F1 in it’s current formula and in all formulas from it’s history.

  3. antonyob said on 10th December 2010, 16:14

    ooh wheres the finger wagging “this isnt sport” merchants now? brilliant rule change. i agree with keith on most things but ive fundamentally disagreed with this stupid rule from day 1. so Keith, if most people agree there should be no team orders, why have they been allowed again?

  4. I’m against team orders being used but I’m glad the ban has gone. If team orders are used then I’d rather it was done in an obvious and open way rather than with a wink and a nod which I personally feel is even more insulting to the fans.

    The fans should always be at the heart of the sport but this is a business and the team always comes first. They’ve not just got their own cars to think of but sponsors etc and while I’ll never like any team order I do accept that sometimes I can see why they’re used and I don’t think the ban was ever really workable. Take Ferrari, that was so blatant but still they got off pretty much.

    I do feel that drivers aren’t as protected now which is a shame but I’d rather they got rid of a rule that wasn’t working than kept it for appreances.

  5. the fine should be increase to something like $2 million IMO. but than again that amount is still just a penny to big team like ferrari and mclaren

    I’m against removal of team orders but let’s wait and see when 2011 season finally unfold

  6. My opinion is that these teams spend millions on their cars so they should have the right to do whats right for them

  7. antonyob said on 10th December 2010, 16:38

    2 cars. 1 aim. whats so difficult to understand?

  8. Finally, some clarity. At least we can now move forward knowing exactly what the teams intentions are and aren’t.

  9. doesn’t mean much. Massa is still the only one in the top teams that will accept a team order. you won’t find lewis, jenson, sebastian or mark moving over if they are still in mathematical contention, no matter what they’re told.

    • dyslexicbunny said on 11th December 2010, 12:15

      And they won’t have to be told if they are out of it. Which is why I think the repeal was silly. But we’ll have to see how it plays out.

  10. HewisLamilton said on 10th December 2010, 17:01

    I thought the news of all team radio communications being made available to broadcasters from the 2012 season is quite good as well.

    • bosyber said on 10th December 2010, 18:57

      That is definitely a good thing indeed, and I am looking forward to getting some good quotes, although I suppose it will also mean that teams will become more circumspect in discussing tactics and performance/testing plans.

  11. Hmmm, so is Jenson going to quit now? My guess is not as I’m sure McLaren will say nothing is changed in how they run their team, but I believe McLaren could now be his last team as I can see the majority of teams using team orders.

    • graham228221 said on 10th December 2010, 18:09

      why would mclaren decide to use team orders? red bull didn’t apparently use on track orders and came up trumps against ferrari this year.

      just because they are no longer banned doesn’t mean that they are obligatory.

      • bosyber said on 10th December 2010, 18:58

        I would also hope that some sponsors might prefer a team that is sporting and thus refuses to live by team orders, as there is clearly a group of people who prefer that way of racing, like myself.

  12. Bad idea IMO. I just hope we won’t see something similar to Schumacher last lap pass on Barrichello. Why didn’t the FIA reformulate the rule, or make a new one to replace it ?
    I think a good idea would be to allow team race order, but during a limited time period. For instance in a 40 lap race, team order would be allowed from lap 20 to 30. After that, it would be forbidden to switch two drivers.

  13. Theres only one way to truly get rid of team orders.. one car per team and ban customer teams or collaborations of any kind! :)

  14. graham228221 said on 10th December 2010, 17:21

    Great! Definitely the right decision, well done FIA.

    Interesting the general opinion is also changing, according to the vote so far.

  15. team orders aren’t a way of getting more points in a easier way?

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