Five-race gearboxes among other rules changes

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Nico H???lkenberg, Williams, Abu Dhabi, 2010
Gearboxes will last five races in 2011

The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has agreed other changes to the F1 rules for 2011 and 2012.

Among the changes for next year is the requirement for gearboxes to last five races rather than four, With 20 races on the calendar next year that means a teams could complete a season using four gearboxes.

As announced in June, driver-adjustable rear wings will be introduced next year.

Tests for bodywork deflection – an area of much dispute in 2010 – will be revised and cockpits will be strengthened to reduce the chance of components puncturing them and injuring the driver.

The FIA has also promised changes to the rules on “driving and driver conduct”. There will be revisions to the list of penalties available to stewards including penalties for drivers who do not use both types of tyre compound during the race.

The race director will be able to close the pit lane “for safety reasons” and the width of the fast lane in the pits will be limited. The FIA will clarify when cars may overtake the safety car, following the contentious circumstances in this year’s European Grand Prix.

Shallow-groove wet weather tyres will be officially referred to as “intermediate” tyres in the rules.

For 2012 the FIA say that “team communications will be made available to broadcasters”.

Biomass will be introduced into fuel compounds and a new limit on suspension compounds will be added.

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