H???lkenberg hoping for Force India drive in 2011

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Nico H???lkenberg, Williams, Bahrain, 2010

Nico H???lkenberg joins the list of drivers vying for a seat at Foce India:


Nico Hulkenberg Q&A: Force India my best shot (Formula 1)

Force India is our best shot, but it is also no secret that quite a few drivers are trying to land a seat there. We are talking to them and let?s wait and see what develops.”

David Hunt: Group Lotus in the wrong over F1 move (Eastern Daily Press)

??Given Renault still have a suspended sentence tied to them after bringing the sport into disrepute in 2008, are they doing so again by deliberately and willfully confusing the public over the Lotus brand???

Q&A with Lotus Renault GP chiefs (Daily Telegraph)

Dany Bahar: “We will try to continue to act and behave like a professional company. And if this is not liked by the public there is not much we can do.”

Group Lotus hints at full team takeover (Autosport)

Gerard Lopez: “There is the opportunity for the partnership to evolve in the future. To discuss, even between ourselves, what the world is going to look like in five years is really difficult.”

Unique F1 Driver Ratings, 2010 (The Race Driver)

A highly original approach to rating driver performance from Peter Windsor.

Venezuela F1 driver flies flag for socialist Chavez (Reuters)

“State oil company PDVSA, whose oil revenues have financed Chavez’s decade-long ’21st century socialism’ experiment in the South American nation, is Maldonado’s main local sponsor. ‘We’re backing Pastor Maldonado and his team via PDVSA, so he can race round the world and show what he’s made of,’ the sports-loving Chavez said this week, recalling that he approved funding for the driver early on his career.”

Comment of the day

While the furore over Lotus rages on, the gradual disappearance of Renault from F1 is not being overlooked either. Here’s what Todfod had to say:

Its kind of sad to see Renault sell their team and exit. But I guess it was just a matter of time.

They looked very keen to bow out after the whole crashgate scandal, and after Fernando left they were just focusing on finding a suitable replacement and getting the team into better shape to make a profitable exit.

Bahar just showed up at the right time for them but the sale looked inevitable at the end of last year.

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On this day in F1

Three years ago today Renault announced their all-new driver line-up for 2008: Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr.

And we all know how that story ended:

Image ?? Williams/LAT