Audi R18

Stunning Audi R18 Le Mans racer revealed

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Audi R18
Audi R18

Audi’s new R18 Le Mans sports car looks better than most F1 cars if you ask me.


Audi R18 Le Mans prototype unveiled with full roof, epic LEDs (Autoblog)

To me, Le Mans Prototypes should always be closed-cockpit coupes. I think the new Audi R18 looks gorgeous – especially in the black livery (which I don’t expect will stay!) More pictures of this fabulous car below.

F1 World Champion 2010 – Sebastian Vettel (Make and model)

Infographic by Patrick.

David Wormald ?ǣ A Formula 1 addict

Check out this blog by F1 Fanatic reader and live blog moderator David.

Peter Windsor on Twitter

“I hear that Tony Fernandes was told at the F1 Commission meeting yesterday that he “must” change his team name.”

Will Buxton on Twitter

“Have it on good authority that Team Lotus has not been asked or told to change its name.”

Comment of the day

No sympathhy for Nelson Piquet Jnr from Maksutov:

I don?t care what Piquet says, his last and final attempt to make people feel sorry for him is not going to get him anywhere. We live in a world where bullying by your boss/manager in a professional sport, job or ??level?? doesn?t work and hardly happens any more.

There are rules, civil and sport law that prevents this type of thing, and if appropriately addressed the victim is always a winner. Piquet had plenty of opportunity to come forward to FIA and WMSC to complain about the mistreatment, he could have done this behind closed doors at any time even without risking his seat. But he chose not to, so he can benefit from it in an unorthodox, crooked and corrupt manner. Sorry but to me that sounds no better than Briatore himself.

Piquet is just a sad loser and the more he says the more desperate and ridiculous he sounds. Briatore is nothing but an opportunistic corrupt business man, and he will continue to be like that forever. That is what got him to become rich in the first place.

From the forum

An unusual question from James_mc on what was the coldest Grand Prix. Ciaran Walsh suggests the 1978 Canadian Grand Prix.

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday today to Connor Ryan!

On this day in F1

One year ago today the FIA announced that former drivers would assist the stewards during race weekends:

Audi R18 pictures

Image ?? Audi Motorsport