“Massa drove like his brother” – Montezemolo

2010 F1 season

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2010

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2010

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo gave a harsh verdict on Felipe Massa’s season when talking to Italian journalists yesterday.

According to Reuters, Montezemolo told them:

At a certain point in the season Felipe was fed up and sent his brother. For this Felipe gets seven minus.

For [Fernando] Alonso, in his first season in Ferrari, I give him nine and a half. But unfortunately even he didn’t win.
Luca di Montezemolo

Massa ended the season sixth in the drivers’ championship, 108 points behind Alonso. He did not win a race all year, but was ordered to hand victory to Alonso while leading at Hockenheim.

In October Montezemolo said he expected Massa to give “the performances of a number one driver” to help Alonso win the championship.

Montezemolo also downplayed rumours he plans to leave Ferrari and go into politics:

Let me do my work, I’m so happy that we have lots to do here at Ferrari, lots and lots.
Luca di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo

Image ?? Ferrari spa

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103 comments on “Massa drove like his brother” – Montezemolo

  1. Sure, IMHO Massa is still a great driver and I hope he’ll do good in 2011. (And BTW I’m a McLaren fan…)

    It’s quite obvious that he lost his motivation after the Hockenheim debacle.

    Even if he was slightly slower than Alonso in qualif, he could have done better during races with the proper rage.

  2. alexander said on 14th December 2010, 14:16

    what a ****** idiot he was the one who decided not to let felipe win the german gp
    how can he say he underperformed he only had one retirement this season(his carreer best non finishes)

    Alonzo wasnt any better
    he made tones of mistakes:
    -spin in austrailia
    -malasia blew the engine
    -china jump start
    -monaco p3 crash
    -turkey- out of q2 , massa into q3
    -dirve thru at silverstone
    -germany could NOT overtake massa (team orders implemented)
    -spa crashes out (rookie error)
    -bad team decision abu dhabi

    crashed with luizzy canada and susuka
    brazil- bad quali+race result

    you may think massa was slow but the fact is that alonzo was on top form thats why he was 3 tenths a lap quicker

    • Vow, hats off to u. Did u even read ur comments before posting it ? Ur whole comment is hilarious. Since I dont have patience to comment on ur whole post, I take ur last sentence.
      In ur view, Alonso was 3 tenths quicker coz he was in form. He was quicker than Massa in almost all the races and to be out of form for he whole reason is beyond reasoning. Who asked Massa to be out of form ? Th fact is that he simply didnot drive the car fast , not even in his home GP. To blame Alonso for Massa’s performance is pleasing ur ANTI-ALONSO minds/hearts. Each car ca be set in different ways. Massa could have setup his car to his liking just like Button did in Monza and on several other occassions. fan fanaticm is good but its got to backed with logical reasoning.

    • spudw said on 16th December 2010, 0:27

      I thought it was Massa that jump-started in China

  3. I think its unfair to criticise Massa’s second half of the year – it wasn’t that bad, apart from Suzuka.

    Germany should have been a win. Hungary and Spa were solid 4ths, Monza and Korea were good podiums, and the team let him down at the other three – Singapore, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

  4. I think the big problem for Massa is that Alonso is an incredibly fast talented driver. Probably one of the best we have ever seen. Alonso could make just about anyone look slow in the same car. It’s the harsch truth – not sure what he can really do about it.

    • Dan Newton said on 14th December 2010, 15:44

      “Alonso could make just about anyone look slow in the same car.”

      Yeah, just ask Hamilton!
      (Digging up a hornets nest with that one)

      • I see what you mean with a hornets nest. :)

        Hamilton is admittedly not “just anyone”.

        I think Alonso did it at Renault for sure. He has a great abiltiy to get the most out of a car that’s not always the fastest on the grid.

        • Dan Newton said on 14th December 2010, 18:59

          Was just making a lighthearted comment, and you have a good point. He (Alonso) got more than most out of the 08 and 09 cars even if we done mention ‘that team mate crash’.

    • Jimscreechy said on 16th December 2010, 13:58

      Couldn’t agree less. Alonso isn’t the most talented or the best driver though he is certainly top 5. I would put him on par with Kubica in terms of skiill and talent rather than the likes of Vettel and Hamilton who really are at the extreme end of the talent spectrum. In fact Alonso himself stated this quite clearly during the season he isn’t the most talented driver but the delivery of top tier consistent results are where his strengths lie… I’m paraphrasing here so forgive me.

  5. MadMalc said on 14th December 2010, 15:19

    Alonso monumentally failed to make Hamilton look slow when he was at McLaren. And Hamilton has only shaded Button this year. Massa was well up with and sometimes in front of Alonso in the first half of the season – the call to let Alonso pass destroyed his self esteem.

  6. an incredibly harsh thing to say, but at the same time i am suprised massa is even still at ferrari. i don’t think he has much support within the team (other than rob smedley of course).

    it’s a real shame but it’s what alonso does (or tries to do, like at mclaren) he needs to be the unquestioned leader of the team. why were alonso’s performances so much better after hockenheim? because he knew that he was number 1. if ferrari were going to replace massa, they would have to find someone that would be happy to be number 2. there is not a chance in hell of kubica settling for it, and for me he is the only option.

  7. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 14th December 2010, 15:39

    Maybe Dudu Massa is a really good driver and Montezemolo meant it as a compliment?

  8. One of the problem is that after Germany Massa himself have been slightly shaken off as he knew no matter how fast he drive Alonso will be faster & even if Alonso can’t pass him, Alonso can always cry to the team.

  9. Captain Jack said on 14th December 2010, 17:07

    Simple solution to all this and it ryhmes with Kubica.

    Want to see a Ferrari thrown around Monaco, Spa or Suzuka within an inch of it’s life? RK is your man. That guy would be a force of nature in a Ferrari.

    • Icthyes said on 14th December 2010, 17:14

      And the effective end of Alonso’s career. The guy’ll have nowhere else to run once RK rattled him.

      • There’s no way Kubica will be Alonso’s team mate because Alonso will want assurance that Kubica is the number 2 driver and RK will not accept that. Probably a wise move from Alonso as Kubica would give him a run for his money and we know how ALO reacts under pressure given his self destruct at McLaren

        • wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 15th December 2010, 1:33

          Agree with you Icthyes & Paul

          Kubica will thrash Alonso if they both run in the same car.I want Kubica to driver for a WC winning car if Lotus Renault fails then it will be wise for him to find somewhere else for 2012 if the team release him.He need to unleash his talent.

  10. Weasel Chops said on 14th December 2010, 17:17

    *attacks Alonso because Monte’ said something weird again*

  11. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 14th December 2010, 18:33

    It’s also reminiscent of what Montezemolo said about Schumacher this time last year:

    He real Schumacher, the one I know, will remain forever part of the Ferrari family. I said it in Monza and I repeated it in Abu Dhabi.

    But, it seems he has a twin brother, identical in every way, who seems to have it in his head to go and race in Formula 1 with Mercedes. I don’t know him personally, but it seems we have nothing to offer him: we have two young drivers in Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, on whom we are counting to deliver a lot next year.

    See: Luca di Montezemolo expects Michael Schumacher to join Mercedes

    • wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 15th December 2010, 1:35

      He said somehting about Kimi when he started the 2010 season that Kimi gave his helmet to someone else, & they couldn’t give them a better car so they left Kimi & signed Alonso.

  12. qazuhb said on 14th December 2010, 18:33

    I expect both drivers to get equal treatment until Alonso is one point above in the WDC standings (probably before the start of the second race of the season). From then on, Felipe will have to do the right thing for this is a team sport, you know. And the rest of the season, he’ll drive at 50% just to collect his money.

  13. Ummm. So you are unhappy with your driver?…..again. You had the same problem with Michael? What are you talking about? Before Michael moved to Ferrari, the team was an also ran, a mid-field team, few podiums, fewer wins. Then Michael moves to the team and turns it into “the team to beat”. Quits half way thru the season? You mean like in 99′ when he returned from Silverstone to dominate the remaining races(only to move over and let Irvine attempt to win the driver’s title)? Or do you mean in 03′ when the car/tyre combo was a nightmare? or perhaps 05′ with the riduclous tyre rule, or finally 06’? You remember that Luca, don’t you? Michael was 25pts adrift after Canada only to fight back, and have his car fail him in Suzuka when he was leading your new boy Alonso, and then again in Brazil when it was all but lost, he fought hard was the quickest only to have a fuel pump problem? I think Luca needs to re-evaluate his statement, at least about Michael, and if you are not happy with Felipe, why not oust him like you did Michael.

  14. What LCdM should say to cover up Massa’s bad season? He said “Massa drove like his brother” meaning “I know Felipe can do better than this”. If he said “Felipe’s year was perfect, the best he can do” was it better??
    We all know he was slower than Alonso all the year, even before Germany.
    The mistake Ferrari made with Massa was giving him a new contract just after a few races: too soon for a driver that isn’t as good as Alonso; but we all know that Massa is backed by Fiat Brasil

  15. tharris19 said on 14th December 2010, 21:10

    LDM and SD treated him like an unwanted step-child then say he under performed. I can’t post what I think about Ferrari’s treatment of Massa or Massa’s response to that treatment. I would find it difficult to discuss violation, rape, etc., without a viseral and vulgar statement.

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