“Massa drove like his brother” – Montezemolo

2010 F1 season

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2010

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 2010

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo gave a harsh verdict on Felipe Massa’s season when talking to Italian journalists yesterday.

According to Reuters, Montezemolo told them:

At a certain point in the season Felipe was fed up and sent his brother. For this Felipe gets seven minus.

For [Fernando] Alonso, in his first season in Ferrari, I give him nine and a half. But unfortunately even he didn’t win.
Luca di Montezemolo

Massa ended the season sixth in the drivers’ championship, 108 points behind Alonso. He did not win a race all year, but was ordered to hand victory to Alonso while leading at Hockenheim.

In October Montezemolo said he expected Massa to give “the performances of a number one driver” to help Alonso win the championship.

Montezemolo also downplayed rumours he plans to leave Ferrari and go into politics:

Let me do my work, I’m so happy that we have lots to do here at Ferrari, lots and lots.
Luca di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo

Image ?? Ferrari spa

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103 comments on “Massa drove like his brother” – Montezemolo

  1. Jameson said on 15th December 2010, 6:36

    Every time Montezemolo opens his mouth an angel loses it’s wings.

    Massa came back this season after a massive, nearly career ending shunt just to have some slick stiff in a suit berate him for being forced to under-perform? Too bad Montezemolo is downplaying his political aspirations–he’d make a great pretentious despot.

    • spudw said on 16th December 2010, 0:29

      He’d make a great second act to Berlusconi, and Italy would continue to be a political laughing stock.

  2. knoxploration said on 15th December 2010, 7:44

    Gee, Luca, I wonder why Felipe could’ve been fed up? Could it — just possibly — be to do with the poor management at Ferrari, who didn’t allow him to race even when his performance was nearly equal to that of his overhyped teammate to the point in the season when you chose to illegally and blatantly apply team orders?

    Team orders at the mid-point of the season suck, when they’re applied despite the drivers in question being near-equal on points, on qualifying performance, *and* on the number of times each driver beat his teammate. So does Ferrari, for having so little sportsmanship as to apply them.

    And I say this as somebody who was until very recently an ardent Ferrari supporter for multiple decades, and indeed was a Paddock Club guest of Ferrari at multiple race events. (Say hi to Gino R.) ;-) Not to mention the money I’ve spent on Ferrari gear, and purchases from Ferrari sponsors.

    As long as the new status quo — the era where sportsmanship simply doesn’t exist at Ferrari — continues, I won’t be back.

    You reap what you sow, Luca, and Felipe reaped a little for you when you broke his spirit, just as you did to Kimi Raikkonen before him. You deserve many more years of the same, until you actually allow your drivers to race each other for the majority of a season, up to the point where it is realistically impossible for one of those drivers to win the championship.

    That was not the case with Felipe, last season — not even remotely close.

    A truly disgusted ex-Ferrari fan who was overjoyed to see your “strategy” fail.

    • I agree 110%

    • spudw said on 16th December 2010, 0:37

      Knox, very well said. There is truly an absence of sportsmanship in Ferrari’s management culture, which, until it changes, will always make it satisfying to see them lose and disheartening for the sport to see them win.

    • Impreza_600BHP said on 13th January 2011, 23:03

      totally agree, it was nothing but a pleasure for me the nature of the way they lost in Abu Dhabi, exactly the same uncompetative selfish mentality caused the Abu Dhabi result,Ferrari have gone from a team who are only driven by the passion of the love of racing to its very soul to a bunch of arragant corporate bigots.

  3. Luca gets a 10 for arrogance and a 0 for diplomacy, and he wants to go into politics?

    Massa gets a 10 for diplomacy in Germany, and a perfect 10 for being a submisive no.2 driver for Ferrari for too long…

  4. The Limit said on 15th December 2010, 14:52

    I think these comments go along way towards explaining the current ‘mood’ within the Ferrari team. Is this really the way you treat a driver who, less than eighteen months ago, nearly died in one of your cars?
    For this alone, if I were Massa, I would tell Luca to go f##k himself. Nothing in this world is worth that amount of grief!
    As for the comment that ‘not even Alonso won’ referring to the lost championship, Luca neglects to mention that it was the strategic blunder made by the team that was responsible. Nor the fact that his beloved team paid Kimi Raikkonen millions of euros to not compete in F1 this season. It begs the question, if Raikkonen was so f##king useless, why pay him not to drive for a rival? This guy is a p###k.

  5. Haven’t had time to read the whole thread so apologies if this sentiment is duplicated.

    Colliding with a solid object that hits you in the face at over 160 mph is something that’s going to take time to heal physically and mentally and it’s barely over a year. During that time Massa would have needed encouragement and support from the team, as his first emotion would have been that he let the team down. Ask anyone injured through no fault of their own in the line of duty. The way Massa came back from all this was exemplary, and then the Teflon Don starts sticking his oar in, and you know how much the Italians love to stir the pot and kick a man when he’s down.

    Montemezolo and his gang are entirely responsible for Massa’s fall from grace, and what’s hurts me are the number of so-called fans calling him ‘rubbish’. He is too nice to be world champion because he doesn’t have the killer instinct. So what? He did his bit so leave him alone. For Ferrari to call him a ‘No.1′ driver now is not only supremely ironic, it’s also insulting because he never has been as long as FA has been in the team.

    I am a lifelong Ferrari fan but not any longer. Can you imagine your boss saying this about you in circumstances like this? Go into politics Monte-whatever your name is – Berlusconi not only needs a miserable toad like you – he deserves you.

  6. Comments here should not be debating how well or otherwise Massa performed. The issue here is what an arrogant mouthy p***k is Luca M?

    He has clearly never taken any tuition in people management, which is why one journalist described Ferrari, pre- and post-Ross Brawn, as “Scuderia Shambles”.

    Now he wants 3 car teams because that will be a way for super-wealthy Ferrari to dominate the constructors championship and at the same time eliminate those new teams. He hates them so much because one day they might show up his prima-donna no.1 driver.

    Talk about verbal diarrhoea!

  7. The Limit said on 16th December 2010, 18:13


    Could not agree more. It is a pure miracle that Felipe Massa is even alive, let alone racing. Luca’s attitude is also counter productive because, despite all the talk, Ferrari will only reclaim the constructors championship by having both drivers scoring points. The drivers championship is an altogether different beast, but coming out in public like this about Massa can only widen any rift that exists within Ferrari.
    Also by openly supporting one driver over the other, Ferrari regains its Schumacheresque persona as a ‘one man team’. No driver in their right mind is going to want to play second fiddle to Fernando Alonso, especially one of such a high calibre as Robert Kubica for example. So Ferrari need to find a balance, and by treating a man with honour and dignity as Massa has so poorly infront of the world’s press is not the answer.

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