Karun Chandhok, HRT, Monte-Carlo, 2010

Kolles: drivers “the only reason” Lotus beat HRT

2010 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Karun Chandhok, HRT, Monte-Carlo, 2010
Karun Chandhok, HRT, Monte-Carlo, 2010

Colin Kolles said HRT would have done better in 2010 if they had used more experienced drivers.

HRT started the season with rookies Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok, but also ran Sakon Yamamoto and Christian Klien during the course of 2010.

In a Q&A published by the team Kolles said not having more experienced drivers was the “only reason” why Lotus and Virgin last year:

Q: How would you describe Hispania Racing?s first year in Formula 1?
Colin Kolles: It was a difficult year but we were the most reliable new team. I think the only reason why we did not finish tenth is that teams like Lotus and Virgin had more experienced drivers during the whole season. I think that in testing we showed quite a good performance in relation to the other new teams.

Q: Hispania Racing showed a good improvement. How can this help for 2011 and how will the experience help next year?
CK: We improved over the season. Reliability was the first objective. We learnt a lot and hope that from now on we can concentrate more on improving the performance.

Q: What is the actual situation of the team and what can you say about the car for the 2011 season? What is being done over the winter?
CK: We are working to have a better package than last year. From my point of view, the season was not as good as we would have liked it to be in terms of performance and this has to improve. Obviously this depends on a lot of factors but we are working to achieve our goals.

Q: What do you think about Williams F1 and Cosworth being your suppliers next year?
CK: It cannot be wrong to have a package which proved to be on a regular basis in Q3 in qualifying.

Q: What are your objectives for the new season?
CK: To stabilise the team and to improve its performance.

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