Montezemolo still wants three-car teams

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Luca di Montezemolo repeats his demand F1 for three-car teams in Formula 1.


Season?s greetings and surprise presents. Fiorano hosts the Italian F1 media dinner (Ferrari)

“We hope next year will be as good a season as this one and not one like 2009, when the championship seemed to be drugged. The small teams? Honestly, I feel it would be better to have the opportunity of running a third car rather than seeing cars that would struggle even in GP2: it?s an idea we will put forward again strongly for the future.

“On the subject of the new circuits, I have to say it would be better if more thought was given to the races with an increase in overtaking opportunities with less effort going into beautiful architecture.

“Then we must unblock this absurd limitation on testing. Formula 1 is the only sport in which there is no chance to train. It is like asking Real Madrid, Milan or Inter to play with smooth soled boots in the rain or not to warm up before a Champions League game.”

FIA Gala 2010 – F1 Season Highlights (Youtube)

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race video edit is also now available on

F1 2011 Technical Regulations ?ǣ Detailed and Explained (Scarbs F1)

“The driver adjustable front wing is now deleted from the rules and instead the rear wing is now driver adjustable. This is because the expected benefit of greater front wing angle never provided the driver with more grip when following another car.”

Soft Pauer launch 2011 Timing and Track Positioning App (F1)

Eighteen quid seems very expensive from what I’ve seen of this. If you’ve got it tell us what you think of it in the comments.

Lotus legacy unclaimed – Gerard Lopez (BBC)

“We are sure to be called what we are going to be called and I’m not sure they will be called that way. It’s pure speculation that there might be four cars using the same name.”

McLaren Group achieves carbon trust standard (McLaren)

“This achievement makes McLaren the first and only Formula 1 team to be officially recognised by the Carbon Trust for taking action on climate change.”

Liuzzi: Force India seat is safe (Autosport)

“Each time a driver is said to interest Force India, looks like it’s always me the one who has to move over. This is obviously just what part of the media says, because on my part I’m very calm.”

Comment of the day

Luca di Montezemolo’s got nothing on our Steph:

??For this Felipe gets seven minus.?? Is that his grade or what he lost at Germany?

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One year ago today Virgin announced it had taken over the team entered by Manor Motorsport, and confirmed Lucas di Grassi as their second driver alongside Timo Glock.

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