Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, Monza, 2010

Schumacher: “I push things to the borderline”

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Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, Monza, 2010
Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, Monza, 2010

Michael Schumacher tells CNN he is not prepared to “win at all costs” but admits “I push things to the borderline”.


Michael Schumacher: Life in the fast lane (CNN)

“CNN: Are you prepared to win at all costs?
MS: No, it has to be within a frame of what’s allowed, but within that frame, yes, I push things to the borderline.”

An appreciation of John Anderson (Motorsport)

“An Australian who came to the United States more than 30 years ago, Ando was an old-school master mechanic and fabricator who could build anything and everything. He was also a very funny man, a hilarious storyteller and a kindly soul.”

Vitaly Petrov official website

According to this story (not translated) Vitaly Petrov will announce his 2011 plans on Wednesday next week.

Thanks to Prisoner Monkeys for the tip.

December 16th, 2010 (McLaren)

“Guess who?s most excited about all this? Lewis, of course. He?s already started talking about the potential of saving up KERS in order to double-deploy it in harmony with using the adjustable rear-wing ?ǣ all of which would create a sizeable end-of-straight speed delta. All sounds very exciting, doesn?t it? Unless, as another of our engineers puts it, ‘without the adjustable front-wing, the tyres grain so much that nobody can get within two seconds of each other, so we never even see all the exciting stuff work!'”

Ecclestone dismisses talk of rival F1 series (Reuters)

“It’s what he [Luca di Montezemolo] says every time he goes to Monza every year. ‘We need more money’. It’s all nonsense. They’re not going to break away. They’ve tried it all before. Luca’s a lovely guy but he likes to say these things and then he forgets what he is saying.”

Comment of the day

Senna fan Marck is from Brazil and has been to see the “Senna” movie:

I don?t think that many people really understand what kind of figure he was here in Brazil, I mean, 20 years ago Brazil wasn?t such a successful and growing country as it is today, and Senna really was one of the very few reasons that most of the Brazilian people had to cheer about.

The movie depicts this very well at one point. The impact that his death brought on the people down here was something out of this world. Many people had no clue what F1 was, nor had seen a single race on their lives, but when he died, everyone here cried.

In my opinion, when you watch the movie, you feel that Senna once again is doing his magic in F1 cars, for those two hours, once more. And because of that, you can?t help but to feel a very heavy mood towards the end of the movie, because you know what?s going to come next.

From the forum

The F1 driver theme tunes thread is up and running again after some inspiration from Twitter.

Happy birthday!

It’s Julio MV’s birthday today!

On this day in F1

The Indianapolis oval re-opened on this day in 1909, now sporting the brick surface for which it was famous. It had originally been opened the previous August but the macadam surface used broke up, leading to accidents which killed five people.

The track was closed and in 63 days 3.2 million bricks were laid to construct the new surface. Although it was later replaced a section was retained at the start/finish straight.

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