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Le Mans follows F1’s lead with smaller engines

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The organisers of Le Mans racing series have followed F1’s lead by adopting smaller engines and reducing fuel consumption.


Le Mans 2011 Regulations Finalised (Speed)

“Downsized engines, essentially 2010-spec LMP2 power plants, will be enforced in new-for-2011 LMP1 cars. Teams will have a variety of options, including 3.4-litre naturally aspirated V8s, 2.0-litre turbos, or a 3.7-litre diesel turbo, which Audi has opted for with its V6 TDI. ”

How new rules could change the championship (BBC)

“It could be that, with this new rule, having track position could change from being a blessing to a curse. It may be that if there are evenly matched cars, they race in pack, in order to be able to overtake with your moveable wing later on.”

Move over, Lewis Hamilton (The Press and Journal)

“I learned everything in karting. Simple as that. As a kid people generally frowned when I said I was going go-karting. I think they thought I was just going to some random place down the road just to have fun for ??10, but it was an actual hobby and something that I really enjoyed doing that has grown into something even better.??

F1 to Watch ?ǣ Alice Powell (Will Buxton)

“I first met Alice last year when she was in the middle of her debut single-seater season in Formula Renault UK and I was immediately impressed with her maturity and outstanding racecraft.”

Formula 1 B?dzie tor wy??cigowy na Ukrainie (

Rumours of an F1 track planned for Kiev. Here’s an automatic translation of the article.

Thanks to Adam Glogowski for the tip.

Comments of the day

Yesterday was all about the top three drivers of the year with over 400 comments on the final part of the F1 driver rankings and driver of the year poll.

Here are three different comments from people putting the cases for different drivers.

First, nathancabopino argues for Sebastian Vettel:

I personally have to disagree, purely based on the fact of how many points Vettel lost due to mechanical/electrical failures. I know he made mistakes as well, but nobody has been anywhere near the perfect driver this season. As you say Keith, he lost 48 before Korea + 25 at Korea = 73. That?s a huge chunk of points. […]

So overall my rankings would be:

3. Hamilton
2. Alonso
1. Vettel

Here’s why Dan_the_McLaren_fan defied his username to back Fernando Alonso:

I hesitated between Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Kubica. But I then I remembered that Kubica wasn?t always on top form and I remembered him doing a few mistakes (Spa, Hungary, Abu Dhabi qualifying).

Despite being the quickest man of the year, Vettel doesn?t deserve to be named the best driver, he did two big mistakes which won?t be forgotten that soon.

Then I was left with a very difficult choice: Alonso and Hamilton.

But finally I chose Alonso, because from Germany, he did an almost perfect series of races (if you don?t count Spa and Abu Dhabi), and he managed to beat the Red Bulls twice in qualifying, without an underweight car. I might hate hate the character, but I truly respect Alonso as a driver.

Finally, part of Sean’s very long comment stating the case for Lewis Hamilton:

Hamilton and Alonso are both candidates for number one because they both outperformed their rides in many races. Vettel deserved the drivers’ championship but arguably should have made fewer errors given that he did have the fastest car by a mile.

The clincher for me between Hamilton and Alonso is that (a) Hamilton is clearly inside Alonso?s head, as we saw from, for example, Alonso?s radio transmissions in Melbourne, and his entitlement-based meltdown in Valencia, (b) on balance, Alonso?s errors were more egregious than Hamilton?s, as described above, (c) drives like Canada, Spa, Melbourne, Sepang and China from Hamiltonwere at least as impressive to be as drives like Korea, Brazil and Monza from Alonso, both of them being serially brilliant in any case, and (d) one of Alonso?s wins was simply gifted to him by his team mate.

Got a view on who was the best driver of 2010? Cast your vote here now.

From the forum

RIISE wonders if there’s something more to Stirling Moss’s recent comments about Michael Schumacher.

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One year ago today, Michael Schumacher announced his return to Formula 1 in 2010.

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