Stars of 2010

Thanks to F1 Fanatic’s stars of 2010

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Stars of 2010
Stars of 2010

It’s been a terrific year on F1 Fanatic. As I reach the end of my first 12 months running the site full-time I’d like to thank the many people who’ve helped out.

First of all, many thanks to Cari Jones who ran the site for a week-and-a-half while I was on holiday and has taken over the Monday round-ups so I can get some sleep on race weekends!

Thanks to everyone who has advertised on F1 Fanatic throughout 2010.

Our F1 Fanatic live blog moderators have done a brilliant job this year running 96 live blogs – one for every session this year.

Thanks to Adam Lewis, Arun Srinisavan, Chris Colantonio, Dan Bigham, Dan Stapley, Darren Hector, David Kelly, David Wormald, Elly, IDR, LAK, Magnificent Geoffrey, Robert McKay, Scott Joslin, Lord Stig, Vikas, Michael Jones, Matt Hare, Andromeda, Mohames Sakr, Michael Bertrand, Ritesh, David Pete, RoboCat, Kaushal, Chris Humphreys and Armen Abrahamian.

Big thanks to everyone who’s helped on the technical side of the site including Ed Marshal, Jamie Atkinson, Kareem Shaya, Richard Homer and Ian Haycox.

Thanks to all the guest article contributors including John Beamer, Robert York, Adam Corlett, Andy and LJH, Tom Hitchings, Ned Flanders, Steven Smith, Ben Evans, Jeremy Sedley, Fer. No 65, Tim Ferrone, Stephen Prater, Steven Smith, Duncan Stephen, Wei Jian and Allan Mooney.

Thank you to all the PR and media people – far too many to mention – for answering phone calls, arranging interviews, granting accreditation and giving me your time.

We’ve had some brilliant competitions on the site in 2010. Thanks to Silverstone Circuits, Duke Video, Icon Publishing, Unlap/Motorsport in Print, Car-a-day, Universal Pictures, Genesis Publications, Goodwood, Proud Camden, Stuart Codling and Motorbooks for supplying the prizes.

Tommy B and Katy have helped out on the forum during the year – thanks to them too.

Thanks also to Bryn Williams, May Starey, Emily Wilkinson, Julien Leroy, Adrian Hearn, Neil Davies, Alex Sabine, Drew MacDonald, Carol Treurnicht, Chris Yurhee, David Entrican, Gerard Hetman, Ripping Silk, Robert Boismier, Sam Collins and Mark Young.

I couldn’t even begin to name everyone who’s left a comment on the site this year, let alone reply to every comment. I have, however, tried to read every comment that’s been posted and reply as often as possible. Thank you to everyone who’s participated on the site in 2010!

Special thanks to Ratboy for all his help.

Last but by no means least, sincere thanks to everyone who has donated to F1 Fanatic in 2010.

If I’ve missed anyone out I should have included, I’m really sorry!

I’m celebrating Christmas with my family today. Whatever you’re doing today and for the last few days of the year, I wish you all the very best and a happy 2011.

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