Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2010

Hamilton hoping for “smoother” year in 2011

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2010
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2010

Lewis Hamilton speak of “personal troubles” that he claims affected his performance in 2010.


Lewis Hamilton aims to put his ‘personal troubles’ behind him (The Daily Telegraph)

“The personal life, the way things have gone have not been as smooth and as happy as they could have been in the past and to do what I do is a combination of many, many things that are surrounding you.”

Alonso: I don’t fear Vettel (Autosport)

“I’m not afraid at all of Vettel. Should he come to Ferrari one day it won’t be a problem, I have nothing to say on that.”

Comment of the day

Maciek has an interesting suggestion regarding F1 commentary:

A few years ago there was a strike at the Canadian national broadcaster that left the hockey games with nothing but the sounds of the arena and zero commentary ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ it was fantastic. Not sure that would work as well for F1, but some silent bits with nothing but race sounds would be good.

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