Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

Lewis Hamilton voted best driver of 2010

2010 F1 season reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

F1 Fanatic readers have voted Lewis Hamilton the best driver of 2010.

Hamilton, who finished fourth in this year’s world championship, finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, with Robert Kubica a close third.

World champion Sebastian Vettel was voted the fourth best driver of the year.

Here are the “Driver of the Year” poll results in full:

F1 Fanatic Driver of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Driver of the Year 2010 votes

Read the comments on the poll here.

Pass of the year: Kubica on Button

Robert Kubica’s pass on Jenson Button in the European Grand Prix was voted the best pass of the year. Watch the pass here.

It was picked as the best pass from a short-list of ten. The runner-up was Rubens Barrichello’s on Michael Schumacher at the Hungaroring.

Here are the ‘Pass of the Year” poll results in full:

F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year 2010 votes

Read the comments on the poll here.

Best overtaker of the year: Kamui Kobayashi

F1 Fanatic fans voted for Kamui Kobayashi as the driver who did the best overtaking moves in 2010.

Hamilton was runner-up with Kubica in third.

Here are the ‘Overtaker of the Year’ polls results in full:

F1 Fanatic Overtaker of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Overtaker of the Year 2010 votes

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  1. Hmmm.

    Based on the performances in 2010, Hamilton was clearly not the ‘best driver of 2010’.

    Can people read the criteria and not vote ‘favourite driver’ instead?

    Otherwise, Heaven forbid, it makes the users of this site look like they don’t really understand F1

    1. Probably they don’t, but Keith does, and his previous article heavily influenced some people. Let’s be clear, I’m not accusing Keith of anything, I’m just stating the fact. That’s how psychology works, people want to identify themselves with some kind of authority, in our case – Keith, so more or less subconsciously they blindly follow his opinion, modifying their own just to fit the “authority’s” opinion. There’s also fitting in with majority mechanism, the current leader of the vote always gets extra votes, because people want to be in the majority, want to be those who were “right”. If it’s possible, I would suggest modifying polls so they would not show the results until closing.

      1. Am I wrong in thinking that the poll result doesn’t pop up unless you a) click a link b) have already voted?

        1. It does, but that doesn’t mean people won’t talk about it in the comments) while the voting is till on (see the rigged Pass of the year vote and comments regarding results while voting was still on), influencing others who didn’t vote yet. I think the result should be displayed only after Keith closed the poll.

      2. What nonsense. People can vote however they choose.

        1. Keith surely you see that writing an article that makes a case for who you believe the best driver of 2010 to be and opening a pole at the same time on the same site will have effect the readership and how they vote.

          Many people will believe what you wrote and vote accordingly, it’s not a criticism it’s just a fact of the human psyche. That’s how advertising and propaganda work.


          1. Way to point to an utterly asinine article and study that have no actual bearing on the implication that this site is biased toward British drivers (which of course it is not).

            The so-called study is implying that if you interrupt people while they are processing information, the subject will then not be able to effectively comprehend the information resulting in the inability to make an informed decision. How do I get a cushy job where I can con money from the taxpayers so I can point out the obvious to numb-skulls?

            How does the study have no bearing on the poll results, you ask? Polls are entirely based in opinion–not facts, fabrications, and comprehension as with what the study is concerned. If we are basing everything purely on facts, then Vettel was clearly the best driver as he won the WDC, and the worst driver is Klien as he was last. However, as naming someone the “best” of anything is entirely subjective, you simply cannot claim that someone expressing their opinion in the matter will have any effect on the opinion of another person. This is evidenced in the fact that there are a number of disparities between the poll results and Keith’s rankings.

            Additionally, don’t have people read something that tells them not to believe everything that they read in order to make your point–it’s obviously counter-intuitive. I’m not entirely certain that the numbers quoted in the article are even properly represented.

          2. What I find interesting about reading this site is that if Keith has an opinion, he tries to find reasons why he holds that opinion, and in rating the drivers, he gives pros and cons after every race, and did so again in the season reviews, inviting people to agree or disagree with reasons for why they do so.

            You can call that “influencing”, but others might reasonably call it discussing an opinion with facts and reasoning. How is one supposed to make up ones mind? And is this best done when one is uninformed but opinionated, or from weighing facts and after discussing differing viewpoints?

            Gut feeling can’t really be excluded from human decision making, but we can at least try to do better than that, and F1fanatic has been doing a great job at it.

          3. Jameson – I can’t be bothered to spell it out for you, I’d suggest reading all the relevant articles again and thinking about it a bit harder.

            How do I get a cushy job where I can con money from the taxpayers so I can point out the obvious to numb-skulls?

            Sounds like your looking for a job on the BBC news desk.

          4. surley people who vote on this site dont only visit this site for information on f1..for them to be influenced by keiths article it must be the only information thay have on the subject….and f1 is not advetising

    2. Some people actually try to see the driver performance seperate from the car performance.

      I’d have to say that the current top 3 would exactly fit my list. I’d say Rosberg should be ahead of Vettel and Button should be ahead of Webber. Then it would be perfect.

      1. Then it would be perfect…

        …In your own imagination land.

        1. Well it would actually confirm more to the real world. Rosberg has been a better driver than Vettel all year and most certainly better than Webber.

  2. I’m a Hamilton fan through and through but i don’t think he was the best driver this year, i actually thought it was his worst year of his 4 in f1, bar Montreal and Spa it wasnt majorly impressive, good yes, but the best in 2010, no. Alonso for me was the best driver in 2010 closely followed by Vettel and Kubica. I hope Hamilton in 2011 is more like the Hamilton of 07/08, and please god make the MP4-26 competitive from the start!

    1. I dont know what kind of Hamilton fan you are but I, as one of them, DONT want him to return to the driving of 2008. People tend to forget his earlier drives in the season but for the first ten races he was conclusively the best driver out there, getting every ounce of performance from his car. He got punted in Australia where from 11th, he was challenging for a podium!!!
      Not to mention had the Singapore move stuck, most media would be singing his praises. Lewis was awesome in 2010

      1. Yeah it’s amazing how quickly people forget. They just seem to remember the last race and the end classification.

        Vettel was a wreck during the first 2/3 of the season while Hamilton was performing near perfect every race.

        He made one bad mistake (in Monza) and got rammed by Webber in Singapore. All of a sudden he’s “making too maniy mistakes”.

  3. Your obsession with Hamilton is a little overrated, and its getting old.

    Hamilton is a great driver or even excellent driver no doubt, but lets put it simply, it doesn’t matter what hypothetical scenario or statistic you/we look at, if Hamilton was the best driver in 2010 then he would have been the 2010 F1 World champion. But he wasn’t and therefore he is not.

    1. I’m not sure who you’re addressing with that ‘your’? I was going to run the results of these polls regardless of who won.

    2. I agree.

      I like Hamilton but all the deluded accolades and capricious statements he is subject to make it hard to support him.

    3. So the fact that Hamilton was driving a car that was on average 1 second per lap slower than the Red Bull and STILL he was close to the WDC doesn’t mean anything?

      That Vettel blundered his way through the season and was even almost beaten by a midfielder like Webber means nothing either?

      1. Sure it means something… It means Hamilton was good enough to finish fourth in 2011, but he was NOT the best driver. Not even close.

        1. 17 points away in a relatively slow car. Ignoring the point that was just put in front of you isn’t a wise thing to do.

          1. Alonso wrung the neck of his Ferrari which was also a dog for much of the year and he just missed the title by four points. Like Hamilton, he made mistakes, but he overcame them better and finished second not fourth in the championship. From your logic, that should actually make Alonso the best driver this year.

          2. Brian Baum said Hamilton “wasn’t even close”. I’m referring to the fact that Hamilton definitely was arguably the best driver this season. along with Nando.

            Besides, Hamilton had to make do with an even slower car than Alonso, and no team orders.

          3. David, I disagree that Hamilton was the best or was even up with Alonso this season. Was Hamilton’s car as good as the Red Bull, no and neither was the Ferrari. I’m saying Alonso was able to get more out of his car. The McLaren wasn’t as slow as you imply. In addition to the wins Button and Hamilton earned, they could have also won at Monza and Abu Dhabi. McLaren CLEARLY used team orders, they were just not as obvious about it as Ferrari was in Germany.

            Overall, the finishing order is pretty much correct as to who were the best drivers in 2010. VET should have brought the WDC in much earlier, ALO put in some amazing drives to lead the championship into the final race (in a much slower car than the two Bulls), WEB had his opportunities but lost it all in Korea, and you know how I feel about HAM’s season.

            To say Hamilton was the best in 2010, you would have to go back to 2005 and give Schumacher driver of the year. His car was a pig and the tyres didn’t work well with the chassis. Yet he finished in third place (ahead of Montoya in the much faster McLaren). Somehow I doubt you would give him the same credit that you want to bestow on Hamilton.

          4. It’s pretty much a given that the McLaren was slower than the Ferrari. Especially at the beginning and end of the season.

            Other than that. Hamilton lost more points due to car failures and Webber’s brain failures than Alonso. More importantly, Alonso lost more points due to his own mistakes than Hamilton did.

            Anyway, obviously the majority of voters here can see this. Indeed Alonso was pretty close behind Hamilton, but still … behind.

          5. From McLaren’s own blog:

            Tim’s an extremely competitive guy. His email said it all: “I don’t like being second-quickest,” he wrote. “Worse still, is being told incorrectly that we’re third-quickest.”

            His displeasure stemmed from several recent reports firmly contending that our MP4-25 car was the season’s third-fastest chassis. Not true, wrote Tim, and – like any good engineer – he had the data to back it up.

            Over the course of the 2010 season, said Tim, our qualifying pace was just 0.001s per lap slower than third-placed Ferrari – negligible. On race pace alone, he asserted, the MP4-25 was actually 0.136s per lap quicker than the Ferrari.

            Overall, then, this means our car was 0.074s per lap faster than the Ferrari.

          6. I addressed that very quote in this article where I explained how the McLaren was usually slower than the Ferrari:

            2010 in stats part three: car performance

            But let’s be clear, we’re talking about a pretty small margin either way.

          7. You certainly could go race by race and find plus and minus points for each of the top drivers. HAM dodged bullets when he passed the safety car and raced VET in the pit lane. He also came within inches of disaster at Spa…. Of course there were ALO’s two epic passes on HAM late in the season, the huge error at Monza and impatience that cost him at Singapore. Add them up and that is almost half the races.

            Not giving VET credit for winning the championship is wrong. Unlike Hamilton in 2007, VET didn’t fold under the pressure. Yes, VET is still a bit wild, but he will grow out of it. As I said above, the final order is pretty much correct.

          8. There wasn’t much between any of the top three teams, clearly Red Bull had an edge for most of the season but Ferrari and McLaren had competitive cars and were in with a shout.

            You have to go back to the original question really:

            Which driver did the best job throughout the whole of 2010?

            Not to be confused with who is the best driver, who is the fastest etc. How many people do you think considered pre-season testing?

            It’s a fairly informal and undefined question. It’s a popularity contest really where most people will vote based on their lasting impression of the season, however that came to be, and who they favour.

            I guess if had voted it would have been for Vettel for the simple reason that he won the championship although that would have been an unconsidered choice.

            If your seriously looking at which driver did the best job then a considered choice might be Timo Glock, since he arguably had the most to offer his team.

          9. I’m saying Alonso was able to get more out of his car.

            What, 6 (not 13) points more out of a slightly faster car? Of course Hamilton was at least up there with Alonso. You’re remembering Alonso’s fantastic second half of the season, but being ignorant of his largely patchy first half.

          10. David A said “You’re remembering Alonso’s fantastic second half of the season, but being ignorant of his largely patchy first half.”

            Thanks for making my point for me, David. Yes, Alonso had a terrible first half. But he was able to turn his season around. Hamilton led the championship for five out of six races, Canada through Spa, before self-destructing at Monza. Alonso then stepped it up and had the results he needed when it really counted. That’s why the team bosses and his fellow drivers voted Alonso the best driver in 2010.

          11. You’ve still failed to convince anyone that LH “wasn’t even close” to being best driver of the year. Hamilton’s equally fantastic 1st half can’t simply be disregarded in the final reckoning.

            You’re making far too much out of him apparently “self-destructing” post Monza, since that was his only bad race (with Singapore largely viewed as a racing incident, if not Webber’s fault). Hamilton made the least errors of the top 4 and still had the speed to be a serious challenger. That’s why F1Fanatic viewers voted Hamilton as the best driver of the year.

          12. Hamilton had a whole lot more car trouble than Alonso did. Alonso had only one retirement (Malaysia). Hamilton’s car broke down in Spain and in Hungary. That cost him a lot of points. It also slowed him down in Japan.

            Alonso lost 4 points due to mechanical failures. Hamilton 32.

        2. I don’t know why he wasn’t “even close”. Fact is, he actually was very close – at the start of the last race he was in a way closer than Webber to getting the WDC, because Red Bull seems to have decided, sensibly, to sacrifice Webber to give Vettel a good chance.

          Vettel and Red Bull should have been able to get the WDC done much earlier – Alonso/Ferrari and Hamilton/McLaren did well to stay so close. In the last third of the season, McLaren seemed to struggle with getting the car right. Hamilton made some mistakes because they needed to take a risk or he would be out of the WDC race (I think Monza was also showing that they were nervous). During this part of the season Alonso/Ferrari were doing very well.

          In the earlier part Alonso/Ferrari were the team that didn’t seem sure of what they were doing, having lucked into a Bahrain win, but finding themselves a bit slower than they expected, leading Alonso to be on edge and making mistakes, and the team to not always be on the ball with strategy.

          These two teams did very well, as did their highest placed drivers. If the Red Bull hadn’t been so much faster, I think both would have made less errors, and the fight would have been solely between these two. I don’t know who would have won it, but I do think it is hard to argue with them being the best two drivers. Maybe Kubica will prove to be up with them, but he just wasn’t under the same pressure as these two, Webber, and Vettel this year.

      2. So the fact that Hamilton was driving a car that was on average 1 second per lap slower than the Red Bull and STILL he was close to the WDC doesn’t mean anything?

        No, I didn’t say that. But maybe the reason Hamilton was close in points is because other teams made silly decisions throughout the season? Red bull certainly did.

        But to judge who is the best under these circumstances is impossible. Also, 1 sec/lap is a little over-exaggerated, especially considering the qualifying times. The only way to determine with “absolute certainty” which car, and therefore which team, was the fastest or slowest (and by what margin), is to have the same driver test every single car and then see what happens. Certainly some cars will suit certain drivers more than others and vice verse. And for all we know maybe Hamilton would have been slower in a Red Bull.

        But I dunno about Webber being a midfielder though. I disagree with that.

        1. “You’ve still failed to convince anyone that LH “wasn’t even close” to being best driver of the year.”

          OK, how’s this…
          Vettel won the world championship, was the fastest all year and finished ahead of Hamilton.
          Alonso had a difficult car but finished within four point of the championship after having a crappy first half of the season and finished ahead of Hamilton.
          Webber had a great run and could have won, regardless, he finished ahead of Hamilton.
          I could care less that Hamilton car was a little slower, broke like a china plate when touched or that it managed its tyres worse than the other cars. Get over it. He finished fourth. The other drivers were better.
          Here’s a question for you. If Alonso won the WDC this year, would you still have voted Hamilton as the best driver? Seriously??

          1. David A: One more thing. You wrote “Hamilton made the least errors of the top 4 and still had the speed to be a serious challenger.”

            That sums my point exactly… Yes, Hamilton made the least errors and still had the speed to be a serious challenger AND HE STILL FINISHED FOURTH.

          2. Brian Baum: you don’t understand that his car clearly lacked pace compared to Red Bull and Ferrari. That’s why he finished fourth, only 16 points off Vettel. Car performance and driver ability are two different things.

            I’m afraid that you still haven’t made a valid point and are still wrong.

          3. David A:
            Clearly I can’t change your mind, and you can’t change mine.

            If finishing second is the first loser, than finishing fourth is the third loser. Hamilton was third loser this year. Better luck in 2011.

            Have a Happy New Year.

          4. Well, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

            When looking at the final standings, car performance has to be considered.

            Happy New Year.

          5. “If Alonso won the WDC this year, would you still have voted Hamilton as the best driver? Seriously??”

            Well that blunder in Abu Dhabi is certainly held against him.

            But yeah, even despite that, Hamilton is much closer than you would assume he would be driving a car that is about a second a lap slower than the top car and breaks down a lot more than the second fastest car.

            How on earth can you claim that driver quality is only determined by number of points amassed. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

          6. “How on earth can you claim that driver quality is only determined by number of points amassed. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.”

            I guess you haven’t READ any of my previous posts… Of course it has more to do with the number of points amassed:

            Alonso was better than Hamilton for several reasons. 1. He had the disadvantage of coming into a new team, a new car and a new system. 2. He made a lot of mistakes early and had some very bad luck that made a horrible start to his season, putting him nearly 50 points down at mid-year. 3. His outstanding driving at the end of the season put him on top of the tables at the final race.

            Hamilton had his bad luck/bad driving at the end of the season and it cost him. There honestly wasn’t a prayer of HAM becoming champion at Abu Dhabi unless VET, ALO and WEB all had heart attacks and died at the same time. Monza and the following three poor races truly finished his chances of the WDC this year.

            Like Alonso, I think Hamilton did a GREAT job with a car that clearly wasn’t as good as the Red Bull. But I still think Alonso did a better job with what he had to work with. Like the team bosses and the other F1 drivers, I think Alonso was the driver of the year.

            Tell you what. Since neither Alonso or Hamilton won the WDC. Let’s call it a draw and give Hamilton the best driver of 2010 up to Italy, and give Alonso best driver of 2010 after Monza.

          7. I like how you make allowances for Alonso’s season because he had a difficult car but say it doesn’t matter what the McLaren was like when looking at Hamilton’s performance.

  4. As a huge Hamilton fan I am nonetheless surprised to see him top the poll, but it’s worth reflecting that had he been just slightly more cautious in Monza, and also Singapore, it might have been a completely different outcome for him going into the last race.

    Hamilton knows he can do better, he said so himself, but his style is unashamedly that of a born racer, making him easily the most entertaining driver on the grid, and surely this has something to do with his popularity in this particular poll?

  5. Yawn yawn yawn. Still the old battle between People who Like Hamilton vs People who do like Hamilton.

    Anyway, to express my views I wouldn’t have had Hamilton as the top driver, simply because of his numerous avoidable retirements in the second half of the year. He’s been amazing don’t get me wrong. I think the likes of Kubica have been just as impressive if not better, and Alonso’s recovery was astonishing. But the people have spoken! Can’t wait to see what the order will be this time next year :)

    Bring on the 2011 car launches now…

    1. Well, no it’s not a battle – I like both Hamilton and Alonso (what an irony), I can’t dismiss his talent (LH), but he simply wasn’t better than Vettel or Alonso. Or, if we’re going to argue – what makes a driver best ? Our personal subjective perception of the matters or some dry facts ? Winning the WDC as a main factor ? No, I don’t think so, Red Bulls just had the best car, and they – Mark Webber or Vettel would’ve become champion a lot earlier if it wasn’t the engine issues. The best driver cannot have 4 DNF. Vettel had 4 as well, Alonso -3, Webber – 2, just for the sake of statistics.

      1. 4 DNFs? Are people really this daft? 2 of which were mechanically related, 1 of which was deemed a ‘racing incident’, and 1 which was a tad opportunistic…
        1 self inflicted retirement isnt that bad I think.

        1. I said they were avoidable, not his/not his fault.

  6. I think in a season where all the top drivers have made as many mistakes as each other it is probably only fair to say Vettel, who came out on top, has been the best driver.

  7. Why is this comment awaiting moderation?

    1. Your poll result lacked the necessary pie charts to back it up.

      1. Thanks, I’ll get right on it…

        1. If you could produce something as informative as this I think it would shed some light on the matter.

  8. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    29th December 2010, 15:18

    Living proof of how partisans Lewis fans are. He said it was his most average drive since he was on F1. But, no. Don’t believe Lewis, the fanboy base word has come, praise the lord…..

    My gosh….

    1. It was his most average season and still he was best! That’s why people are a fan of him. Not the other way around.

    2. No it’s not, Hamilton didn’t say “it was his most average drive since he was on F1” because 1. He said nothing of the sort 2. The term “most average” is nonsense. For a phony quote can’t you invent better “proof”? Hamilton gave himself 6/10 which considering his car and championship position could be construed as being big-headed. If we were to join you in your new found readiness to take him at his word it would mean that – with an extra 40% his powers to draw on – Lewis has the ability to win the championship in this season’s HRT!

      keep hating!

    3. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
      30th December 2010, 8:00


      1. I’m laughing at you too!

  9. Looking at how Lewis is apparently soo unpopular among readers of this site(judging by Keith’s article responses after he rated him no.1), its a wonder he was even voted as the top driver.
    What does that tell us?? Either there seem to be a majority of F1 fans who rate Lewis as the best driver of the lot and dont care about all the other B.S, or the haters actually secretly love watching Lewis.
    Funnily enough, the risk-averse trend has been to name Robert Kubica, every year as the ‘Best Driver’, because he apparently is a god-driver among men, mistake free in every sense of that word.
    Had Keith chosen him, there wouldnt be cries of favouritism and obsession and whatnot,the commenters would be falling over themselves to agree. The hypocrisy is pathetic.

    I think as an unbiased fan, really and truly, where one to watch the entire season, observe the differences in car performance…I think one would be hard put not to put Lewis in as the best driver this year.

    1. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
      29th December 2010, 15:27

      Lewis himself doesn’t believe it, my friend. He said it was his worst year so far….

  10. Well Hamilton winning driver of the year,certainly won’t disagree with that.

    Seb fan here but you Hamilton haters need to go and find a brain,from Germany onwards the Mclaren was half a second to a second and a half slower depending on which event and outperformed the car.

    Too say he didn’t deserve it cause of mistakes is nonsense.

    His only mistakes were Monza,Japan and Germany practice sessions.Singapore Webber’s fault imo.
    look at the other contenders and there bad moments

    Seb:Turkey and Belgium all his fault,Hungary utter stupidity,slight error in Qualifying in Singapore

    Webber:smashed into Lewis is Oz and then hit Heikki in Valencia,Singapore hit Lewis and got very lucky,Korea obviously and then a pathetic race in Abu Dhabi.

    Alonso:jump start in China,practice in Monaco,contact with Massa in Silverstone,crash in Belgium.

    Hamilton really made the least mistakes out of these 4 drivers so there you go Hamilton haters.

    Overtake of the season,don’t agree with the majority.
    I had 2,Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne and Kubica’s move on Sutil in Singapore,2 incredible overtakes.

    Overtaker of the year,I agree wtih,had to be Kobayashi,sensational overtakes in Valencia and Japan despite obviously having fresher tyres in both races.

    1. James.Each driver made dozens of mistakes thgrough out the year when you disect the races. And all those small errors in some ways in some races made a difference to their final position in a race. Your just looking at the big picture.

  11. The best driver poll winner is not bad, I have Lewis also high… But Kobayashi as “the best overtaker” of the season, I have to laugh… :D There were drivers which much cleaner overtaking and without using option fresh tyres, but ok let s have a comedy… :D

    1. Yeah but lets see Hamilton’s overtakes, he have made some brilliant ones this season, but in a perfectly balanced super quick McLaren it is not hard, the McLaren have also had the highest top speed at nearly all races, which makes it a lot easier to get the edge over the competition, because you cannot really overtake in the high speed low downforce sections anyway, also dirty air removes a lot of the advantage which for instance a Red Bull would have over a McLaren in the fast corners.
      Kobayashi had a Sauber, which were rubbish, and look at how he have performed compared to his team mates. He has qualified lower then his team mate in a lot of the races, but with some clever thinking and a series of gutsy moves he has nearly every time ended further ahead. He has made some really great overtaking moves this season, also imagine that it is his first full season. I agree he has not been very clean, but he has clearly taken some chances where most others didn’t dare to do.

      1. What about Hamilton’s double pass on Vettel and Sutil in China (pass of the year IMO)? No high speed blast pass there just masterful control under braking which is his hallmark. Kobayashi’s not even close to Hamilton.

        1. Yeah true that was a good one, but it was more a case of Sutil fighting Vettel, and they both outbreaks them selves, and then Sutil blocking Vettel out of the corner so he is pretty much stuck there. Hamilton just took the corner perfectly and in the process overtook two cars.

  12. Everyone has there own opinion, although Hamilton is not my #1 there is no need for me to be yelling biased or nonsense like that. Hamilton is talented as well and we shoud appreciate his contribution to the sport instead of bashing him.

    1. Totally agree dpod. He does stand out for his human qualities / humour / inteligence compared to the lack of charisma of other drivers, chief amongst those being Alonso I am afraid.

      1. charisma? humour? human qualities?intelligence?
        how long you didn’t use a vocabulary?
        nothing you saying reminds me of Hamilton

        or you just making a joke in which case makes me laugh

  13. you have to be kidding right?

  14. LOL @ Lewis being voted number 1.

  15. Hamilton of course! Did mistakes of a rookie but who cares. This is a british site… :P

    1. Yea but the same standard you use to judge Hamilton must be used on all the other drivers and of course they pale in comparison.

  16. Notice how if anyone puts a couple of overtakes together
    they become best overtaker. I must admit Kamui did a good job on Alonso in Valencia. But Alonso is not that hard to overtake, ask Nick Heidfeld.

    You guys are supposed to be F1Fanatics, whats with all the double-standards.

    The best overtaker is of course Hamilton.

  17. I think Hamilton was the most spectacular driver of the season especially of the top 5 but that doesn’t mean he was the best. However his drives through the field in Australia, Malayasia and China were the most exciting.

  18. Simple enough thing to sort this out is to post how many members can actually vote in this pole. Just because you see 31% on the chart doesn’t mean the 33% of possible british voters all voted for Lewis or jenson, no country is that sad.

    Another good thing if you could is to post the nationality on who voted for who, though I’m sure Keith you would start getting European biased next… Groan…

    Actually don’t change anything, it would just lead to more rubbish from WUM’s

  19. Argh there are so many stupid comments on this article! The results are what they are and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Move on.

  20. Considering that Hamilton only gave himself a 6 out of 10 for this season, this is not a bad result for him is it.

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