Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

Lewis Hamilton voted best driver of 2010

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

F1 Fanatic readers have voted Lewis Hamilton the best driver of 2010.

Hamilton, who finished fourth in this year’s world championship, finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, with Robert Kubica a close third.

World champion Sebastian Vettel was voted the fourth best driver of the year.

Here are the “Driver of the Year” poll results in full:

F1 Fanatic Driver of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Driver of the Year 2010 votes

Read the comments on the poll here.

Pass of the year: Kubica on Button

Robert Kubica’s pass on Jenson Button in the European Grand Prix was voted the best pass of the year. Watch the pass here.

It was picked as the best pass from a short-list of ten. The runner-up was Rubens Barrichello’s on Michael Schumacher at the Hungaroring.

Here are the ‘Pass of the Year” poll results in full:

F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year 2010 votes

Read the comments on the poll here.

Best overtaker of the year: Kamui Kobayashi

F1 Fanatic fans voted for Kamui Kobayashi as the driver who did the best overtaking moves in 2010.

Hamilton was runner-up with Kubica in third.

Here are the ‘Overtaker of the Year’ polls results in full:

F1 Fanatic Overtaker of the Year 2010 votes
F1 Fanatic Overtaker of the Year 2010 votes

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215 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton voted best driver of 2010”

  1. The best driver poll winner is not bad, I have Lewis also high… But Kobayashi as “the best overtaker” of the season, I have to laugh… :D There were drivers which much cleaner overtaking and without using option fresh tyres, but ok let s have a comedy… :D

    1. Yeah but lets see Hamilton’s overtakes, he have made some brilliant ones this season, but in a perfectly balanced super quick McLaren it is not hard, the McLaren have also had the highest top speed at nearly all races, which makes it a lot easier to get the edge over the competition, because you cannot really overtake in the high speed low downforce sections anyway, also dirty air removes a lot of the advantage which for instance a Red Bull would have over a McLaren in the fast corners.
      Kobayashi had a Sauber, which were rubbish, and look at how he have performed compared to his team mates. He has qualified lower then his team mate in a lot of the races, but with some clever thinking and a series of gutsy moves he has nearly every time ended further ahead. He has made some really great overtaking moves this season, also imagine that it is his first full season. I agree he has not been very clean, but he has clearly taken some chances where most others didn’t dare to do.

      1. What about Hamilton’s double pass on Vettel and Sutil in China (pass of the year IMO)? No high speed blast pass there just masterful control under braking which is his hallmark. Kobayashi’s not even close to Hamilton.

        1. Yeah true that was a good one, but it was more a case of Sutil fighting Vettel, and they both outbreaks them selves, and then Sutil blocking Vettel out of the corner so he is pretty much stuck there. Hamilton just took the corner perfectly and in the process overtook two cars.

  2. Everyone has there own opinion, although Hamilton is not my #1 there is no need for me to be yelling biased or nonsense like that. Hamilton is talented as well and we shoud appreciate his contribution to the sport instead of bashing him.

    1. Totally agree dpod. He does stand out for his human qualities / humour / inteligence compared to the lack of charisma of other drivers, chief amongst those being Alonso I am afraid.

      1. charisma? humour? human qualities?intelligence?
        how long you didn’t use a vocabulary?
        nothing you saying reminds me of Hamilton

        or you just making a joke in which case makes me laugh

  3. Notice how if anyone puts a couple of overtakes together
    they become best overtaker. I must admit Kamui did a good job on Alonso in Valencia. But Alonso is not that hard to overtake, ask Nick Heidfeld.

    You guys are supposed to be F1Fanatics, whats with all the double-standards.

    The best overtaker is of course Hamilton.

  4. I think Hamilton was the most spectacular driver of the season especially of the top 5 but that doesn’t mean he was the best. However his drives through the field in Australia, Malayasia and China were the most exciting.

  5. Simple enough thing to sort this out is to post how many members can actually vote in this pole. Just because you see 31% on the chart doesn’t mean the 33% of possible british voters all voted for Lewis or jenson, no country is that sad.

    Another good thing if you could is to post the nationality on who voted for who, though I’m sure Keith you would start getting European biased next… Groan…

    Actually don’t change anything, it would just lead to more rubbish from WUM’s

  6. I don’t quite understand why you think Kubica’s overtaking of Button was not brilliant?

    They were fighting wheel to wheel on a STREET TRACK for 6 corners instantly, with cold tyres or at leaast not at their best, and not completely yet being in a race rythm – with Kubica most of the part being a little behind, so he was the one who needed to squeeze between Button’s right tyre and the wall – not mentioning Renault/Mclaren’s car class difference and the fact that they both overtook 3rd party car while fighting each other – let me repeat – it all happened on a street circuit. If this is not breath taking overtaking – then I think there is not such at all out there.
    I’m glad that this one was rewarded – becouse whole world saw milion times Barichello/Schumi (which in fact was impressive and frightening, but not requiring that much skill from Barichello), and almost noone noticed this perfect overtaking from Kubica. Till now.

    Not always the brightest star shines most beautifuly.

  7. Anyone with a pulse could’ve won sitting in that RB6, THAT’S why Vettel isn’t driver of 2010. Someone like Hamilton or Kubica, who manages to grab a f1 car by the scruff of the neck and do great things with it deserves that title.

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