Austin F1 track construction

Austin F1 track construction begins

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In today’s round-up, video of construction beginning at the site of the 2012 United States Grand Prix.


Video: Construction at the F1 Austin site begins (Austin-American Statesman)

Sporting moments of the year (The Daily Telegraph)

David Coulthard: “Following hard on the heels of the constructors? title win in Brazil, it was a hell of a week for Red Bull and I take enormous pride at the role I played in their six-year journey to success.”

Webber coming of age a sight for bleary eyes (Sydney Morning Herald)

“For years staff battled to stay awake as in Europe and elsewhere Michael Schumacher ‘won’ Grands Prix, Rubens Barrichello dutifully finished second and Mark Webber was somewhere around eighth. All that changed this year when Webber and his Red Bull team mate, Sebastian Vettel, suddenly had the best cars. Even better, they decided there was no room for silly ideas such as there being no ‘I’ in team.”

December 29th, 2010 (McLaren)

Some interesting facts about the McLaren headquarters for the horticulturally-inclined.

Comment of the day

Can Williams really crack the top four in 2011? Scribe doesn’t think so:

Renault, the closest in the table to Williams in the table, was much closer to the top four than Williams was to them. They easily outpaced them over the season, Williams only started to catch up once Renault stalled development to concentrate on 2011. Remember also that while Williams may have been compromised by a late-ish engine switch, Renault where compromised by the upheaval in their ownership, to the point that when we first saw there car, loads of us on these forums thought it was possibly last years cars with new wings.

This year however, the Enstone team has bagged a massive new multi-year sponsor, while Williams has lost two large sponsors, had to drop a very talented young lad who gained them their first pole in yonks, for a pay driver who Hulkenburg soundly thrashed the previous year.

If anything Renault and Mercedes will only be stronger next year. Williams probably can?t make such a step. Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, well there already near the top. The gap between them might change in relation to each other and possibly to Renault and Mercedes, but again, to Williams? They?ll have to mess up, don?t think Williams will leapfrog any of them.

From the forum

We’re still sharing details of our F1 presents – I’ve just posted mine.

Happy birthday!

It’s the last F1 Fanatic reader birthday of the year – happy birthday to AlvinK!

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