The Red Bull RB6 in detail

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F1 Fanatic wishes all its readers a very happy new year!

As we wait to see the first 2011 F1 cars check out this detailed drawing of the state of the art in 2010: Red Bull’s RB6.


Happy New Year ?ǣ RedBull RB6 Illustration (ScarbsF1)

“I?ve been drawing this big detail ?ǣ big scale illustration of the RB6 as a prelude to a prediction of the 2011 car designs”

F1 dreaming: Young driver hopes to race in Austin (Austin American Statesman)

“In spite of this country’s lack of F1 tradition and training grounds, there appears to be some young guns who have a shot at racing in Austin.”

GP2 official website

F1 support series GP2 has re-launched its website.

Williams-Cosworth eye top four (Planet F1)

I see Planet F1 have quoted the first part of the interview I did with Cosworth’s Mark Gallagher. Although they have acknowledged the source of the quotes it’s disappointing to see some website editors persist in not linking back to original sources, a policy I always try to respect on F1 Fanatic. I posted a comment in response to the article yesterday asking to be linked to but it appears they have refused to publish that comment.

Comment of the day

After reading Cosworth boss Mark Gallagher’s view on the 2013 engine rules US_Peter argues in favour of the new, smaller engines:

F1 doesn?t need to be inventing new technologies to be helping develop technologies. The key word there is develop.

Yes, turbo engines and hybrid engines have existed for ages, but no industry can push the rate of optimisation like Formula 1. F1 engineers will certainly be able to optimise these types of engines to a far greater extent than the motor industry as a whole has done, and without a doubt some of that ingenuity will trickle down to road cars however small.

Even if F1 isn?t driving new technologies it certainly has a place at the forefront of developing those technologies rather than stagnating with old world engines. Don?t fear change, it?s what keeps things interesting.

From the forum

This discussion on what was the best drive of 2010 has drawn several interesting suggestions.

Happy birthday!

It’s dsob’s birthday today, so a very happy birthday to you!

On this day in F1

The first ever F1 Fanatic round-up was posted on this day last year:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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