Jenson Button, McLaren, Monte-Carlo, 2010

2011 F1 race ticket discounts run out soon

2011 F1 season

Jenson Button, McLaren, Monte-Carlo, 2010
Jenson Button, McLaren, Monte-Carlo, 2010

Are you planning as trip to an F1 race in 2011?

You’ll have to book soon if you want to take advantage of ‘early bird’ deals which offer up to 50% off on tickets at some tracks.

Find out how much you can save on 2011 F1 race tickets here.


Update: The Bahrain Grand Prix has been cancelled. See here for more information:

After an unsuccessful experiment with a longer track layout last year Bahrain is reverting to its original configuration in 2011. That’s good news for the fans in the stands as there will be more laps and hopefully a better race too.

You can get a 15% discount if you buy your tickets before January 31st:


Half-price discounts on all tickets are available if you buy your tickets before January 31st:


Ticket discounts expired at the end of December:


Adrian Sutil, Force India, Barcelona, 2010
Adrian Sutil, Force India, Barcelona, 2010

The biggest discounts are available until January 14th, with around 10% off available on most tickets for the Circuit de Catalunya.

After that deadline expires you can still get discounts of around 5% until March 25th:


Planning a trip to Valencia? You’ll have to move quickly to take advantage of their discount deal as it runs out on January 6th – that’s just three days away.

They’re offering up to 25% off on three-day ticket packages:


Silverstone tickets are always in demand. ‘Early bird’ sales began straight after this year’s race and the allocated tickets have already been sold out.

With other grandstands selling out quickly you’ll have to get a move on to get the seat you want. You can save ??2.50 by booking online.


Some discounts have already expired and with two German world champions on the grid in 2011 it;s no surprise to see grandstands are already selling out. But you can get ??20 off (around 14%) on some grandstands before the end of March – unless they sell out before then!

Remember the race is at the Nurburgring this year, not Hockenheim!


A 5% discount is available on tickets bought before the end of February:


Every F1 fan has to go see a race at Spa sooner or later – consider it a rite of passage.

Book between now and the end of January to get 10% off the cost of selected tickets, including weekend general admission passes:


Flags, Monza, 2010
Flags, Monza, 2010

Ferrari fan fever at one of F1’s most historic and picturesque venues.

Discounts are available on three-day ticket purchases only at Monza. Up to 16% discounts are available if you buy before the end of January and smaller discounts are available for four months after that.

Discounts do not appear to be available, have not been announced, or have expired for the Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, Singapore, Korean, Indian, Abu Dhabi, Brazil

If you’ve managed to find a deal on these tickets – and you’re sure it’s legitimate – please post details in the comments.

Planning an F1 race trip in 2011? Got any tips on buying F1 tickets? Please post them in the comments.

Going to a race in 2011?

Find other F1 fans who are going to races in 2011 here:

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35 comments on “2011 F1 race ticket discounts run out soon”

      1. It’s definately great value for a Malaysian ticket – total opposite of a Spain ticket – who only offer a measly 10% reduction on early bird discount!!! A bit stingey methinks…

  1. Am I the only person who thinks that Turkey are missing a trick here? They have the best of the Tilke tracks and the country itself is reasonably cheap. This place should be a dream destination for F1 fans yet, no-one goes and the discounts have already finished months before the GP.

    Maybe someone who has been can point out it’s flaws?

    1. I think its main flaw is lack of a good management in promotion – if they did something like Singapore, make it a show, or offer an Istanbul tour with it to make it into a holiday, I think they could do a lot better.

    2. I got tickets for Turkey last year for only 20€ each (3-day general admission) so it is a pretty decent value for money. Not to mention the place is interesting for a visit as it is (we were there for a whole week) and transportation to/from the track improved from previous years (or so I heard).

    1. Do it. Monza is the DB. The atmosphere is tangible.

      If you’re on a budget, fly with a budget airline to Bergamo & stay at one of the many cheap hotels there.

      It’s a short (& cheap) train ride to Monza (there are several good value hotels a few minutes walk from the station) & has plenty of bars & restaurants for the evening.

          1. On TV I saw people sitting on the bridge where the old track goes over the new track – can you go there on general admission or do you need aother kind of ticket – it certaily looked a good vantage point for photographs!

          2. I seem to remember reading comments from someone that was there this year saying that you’re not actually allowed onto the old track, but that were some places where you could sneak over a fence without being too obvious…

    1. LOL. I was thinking the same thing. But considering the devious nature of the promoters (Jaypee group), I am surprised there are no non-refundable discounted tickets on sale right now.

  2. Do you have to buy tickets for a street racelike Monaco or Valencia for general admission- surely because the racing happens in the streets fans can just turn up!

  3. Regarding the Malaysian GP deal: If you click on “Buy now” on their site, it says:

    “Early bird promotion: 1 Nov 2010 – 31 Jan 2011.”

    Damn. 7 EUR for the cheapest hillstand. But about 1000 EUR to get there and back.

  4. I’ll get my skates on and buy some British GP tickets I think. I can wholeheartedly recommend Spa General Admission tickets (bronze) as I did that this year and sat at the Bus Stop chicane. Saw all the action!

  5. The Canadian Grand Prix tickets are sold at a discount if you bought the last year as far as I know(20% I think). If you buy them through the track website like I did last year you’ll get offers on next years tickets (

    The person I went with called in after ordering the grandstand we wanted and they arranged to get us great seats for the whole race.

  6. The prices in F1 are completely prohibitive for most people, and when they’re not, the travel to the races is prohibitive.

    One day I’ll be able to afford to watch an F1 race ‘in the flesh’.

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