Champion of Champions: Nigel Mansell vs Nelson Piquet

Nigel Mansell vs Nelson Piquet

Champion of ChampionsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Champion of Champions: Nigel Mansell vs Nelson Piquet

There was little love lost between Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet when they were team mates in the mid-eighties. They had some dramatic battles along the way, none more so than Mansell’s famous comeback drive at Silverstone in 1987.

The Brazilian driver arrived at the team via Brabham, where he won two titles in 1981 and 1983. He came from behind in the final round on both occasions, taking titles from Carlous Reutemann and Alain Prost.

But after his second title the team hit a rough patch, and that led him to Williams.

Mansell, meanwhile, served a lengthy F1 apprenticeship with Lotus and finally became a race winner after joining Williams in 1985.

His title miss the following year was the stuff of legend – robbed by an exploding tyre in the final race at Adelaide – but edged Piquet in points. Dogged by unreliability in 1987, he was injured in a crash in practice at the penultimate race, making Piquet champion.

That marked the end of their time as team mates. Mansell spent two seasons with Ferrari but returned to Williams after falling out spectacularly with team mate Alain Prost.

In 1991 he was championship runner-up again, this time to Ayrton Senna. Piquet, meanwhile, had joined Benetton after two wasted years at Lotus. He claimed his final Grand Prix win for at Mansell’s expense in Canada that year.

Piquet retired at the end of the season after briefly partnering Michael Schumacher. Mansell dominated the 1992 championship at the wheel of the crushing Williams FW14B, but left for Indy Car when he discovered Prost had signed for the team in 1993.

He made a sporadic return for Williams the following year, taking a final win at Adelaide, but aborted a planned comeback with McLaren in 1995 after two desultory races.

Which of these drivers should go through to the next round of the Champion of Champions? Vote for which you think was best below and explain who you voted for and why in the comments.

Nigel Mansell Nelson Piquet
Nigel Mansell, Williams, 1992 Nelson Piquet, Williams, 1987
Titles 1992 1981, 1983, 1987
Second in title year/s Riccardo Patrese Carlos Reutemann, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell
Teams Lotus, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren Ensign, BS Fabrications, Brabham, Williams, Lotus, Benetton
Notable team mates Nelson Piquet, Riccardo Patrese, Alain Prost Niki Lauda, Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell
Starts 187 204
Wins 31 (16.58%) 23 (11.27%)
Poles 32 (17.11%) 24 (11.76%)
Modern points per start1 8.07 8.27
% car failures2 32.62 24.51
Modern points per finish3 11.98 10.96
Notes Runner-up in 1986 and 1987, the latter after back-breaking crash Runner-up in championship in second full season
Returned to Williams in 1991, taking title in 1992 Two titles with Brabham in early 1980s
Quit for good after two-race comeback for McLaren in 1995 Ill-timed switch to Lotus followed third title with Williams
Bio Nigel Mansell Nelson Piquet

1 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of races they started
2 The percentage of races in which they were not classified due to a mechanical failure
3 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of starts in which they did not suffer a race-ending mechanical failure

Which was the better world champion driver?

  • Nigel Mansell (64%)
  • Nelson Piquet (36%)

Total Voters: 674

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193 comments on “Nigel Mansell vs Nelson Piquet”

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  1. lol Piquet 2nd to Piquet a bit of a mistake kieth

  2. Although I really like Nigel, Pique was better. 3 titles to 1 says it all.

    Will be sad if Nigel wins simply because of his “story” or his country.

    1. Check the full stats.

      Mansell was way quicker.

      Piquet got lucky a couple of times – Mansell got unlucky.

      Piquet generally won against weaker competition.

    2. But for one tyre and one crash, Mansell would have been 3-2 to Piquet. Titles do not always say it all.

  3. That’s a good one Keith, really interesting match.

    Mansell for me. Becuase Piquet reminds me Dick Dastardly.

  4. For me in these kind of close stats it’s hard to choose between the two. But stats don’t hand you world titles, other things have to come into play and if mental games must be used to get one over your rivals then that driver is using his head unlike the rest, recognising his weaknesses and strengths and getting the maximum out of the situation.

    It shows winning a f1 title just doesn’t demand skill it also requires cunning even if the public eye consider it volatile.

    I dislike Piquet jr as much as any other f1 fan but this subject is not about him so my vote goes for Piquet snr.

  5. That is certainly the hardest clash in the first round of “Champion of Champions”! Mansell is the biggest “single champion” in terms of wins (31, fourth overall) and poles.

    I’d vote Piquet since we’re talking about champions and Piquet was able to win three titles, always in difficult circunstances, unlike Mansell, whose only championship was won with an overwhelming car against a reliable but uncompetitive team-mate.

  6. The titles score is 3-1 so it’s an obvious choice this one. Mansell was a great driver, but this guy won the title 3 times!

  7. Quite a hard one to call. You can’t ignore a three-times champion. But Mansell went up against Prost and Senna and nearly beat both of them and had the measure of Piquet during their years together. Also, who could forget that manoeuvre? In retrospect, perhaps Our Nige isn’t so hard a choice after all.

    1. Like you say above,

      – 1 tyre – 1 crash = Mansell 3-2 Piquet.

      This Piquet got more titles so he’s better argument is irritaiting the pants off me.

      If they want stats how about, even without the 9 wins obtained in the dominant FW14B Mansell still has a better alround stats than Piquet, apart from the titles.

    2. James Whiteley
      11th January 2011, 20:16

      “But Mansell went up against Prost and Senna and nearly beat both of them.”

      I have to say I disagree there. When Prost and Mansell were teammates in 1990 Prost scored 73 points (not counting best 11) compared to Mansell’s 37. He was completely outclassed by the Proffesor!

  8. There was one ocassion when (at Williams), Nelson had a development fitted to his car whereas Nigel did not. They were supposed to do comparative testing, for the overall benefit of the team. Nelson found the improvement to be better, but ‘sandbagged’ and showed no improved time over his tammate. Come the race, Nelson drove away comfortably with the development thgat he lied about.
    Nigel gets my vote.

  9. Mansell. For the simple reason that if some car issue or injury hadn’t let him down he would probably have equal or more championships than Piquet.

    I am a little surprised by people marking Piquet down for the simple reason that he is Piquet Jr’s Father. That arguement in this poll is not relevant as that has nothing to do with Piquet Sr’s ability as a driver.

  10. I’m going for Nigel. One of the purest racers ever, in my opinion. Off course, Piquet was great and won 3 titles. But Nigel should also have won at least one more. Besides, he won so many races. For me he is one of the alltime greats.

    So I’m going for him, altough it is a very close call this time.

  11. Result of my analysis:

    Mansell – best driver of years 1987, 1992 (after 190GPs)
    Piquet – best driver of years 1983, 1986 (after 128 GPs)

    both should be 2x World champions, with Nelson achieving it earlier then Nigel… :)

    But personally, I would go for Mansell… :) He was quite nowhere in terms of performances and pace when he started his Formula One career, but transformed himself into a quick and entertaining driver…

    1. Correction – Mansell after 187 GPs…

    2. James Whiteley
      11th January 2011, 20:19

      Piquet – best driver of years 1983, 1986 (after 128 GPs)

      Prost way outclassed Piquet in ’86!

  12. Piquet way ahead. 3 world championships vs 1 (the only way Mansell could be WC was by driving a rocket). Not a fan of Piquet, but he was better

    1. Mansell lost two titles to a tyre and injury. Without that injury he’d have beaten Piquet two seasons in a row on points in the same car. Don’t see how Piquet was better driver or indeed champion, merley a luckier one.

      1. Scribe, remember that Nelson had a huge accident in Imola ’87 (and Mansell won that race). And he was really affected by that.

        Also, Nigel didn’t lost the title in ’86 just because of his tyre failure. Remember that he could be WDC in Mexico and threw the chance away after a terrible start. Something similar to Lewis Hamilton in ’07.

  13. I will tip Nigel Mansell on this one although Nelson Piquet was a three time champion it seems luck stayed with him. In a fantasy battle where you could remove car failures, I think the stats speak for Nigel.

  14. Mansell for me, the ‘tash wins it (joke ofc).

    Interestingly, Mansell has mentioned that a Steward told him (after the tyre blow up at Adelaide) that if he had crashed into the wall and not run of the track as he did, the race would have been Red Flagged and he would have been WDC as a result. He mentioned it on Top Gear a few years back.

  15. Mansell is horrendously overrated and appreciated.

    Farcical that he would outdraw Piquet.

    1. Any arguments or evidence you’d care to provide?

    2. Mike Paterson
      3rd January 2011, 23:06

      Hee Hee – Illl wager that you have a strange hate of Lewis as well!

      1. If that’s directed at me, Hamilton would be in the upper half of the grid as far as ‘favorite’ drivers go.

        1. So none then, because it’s no farce and basically logical.

  16. Mansell. It’s a well-established fact that a proper moustache will bring a full second a lap in downforce. None of this Josh Groban-style face fungus on the likes of Alonso, thanks – Mansell’s moustahe was a real man’s facial hair.

    1. Indeed, a point Vettle was nice enough to prove for us last year. Real racers wear a tache, spread the word.

    2. It’s a well-established fact that a proper moustache will bring a full second a lap in downforce.

      If only that were on Twitter, so that I could retweet it! ;-)

  17. It’s got to be Mansell. Who could forget that great dummy he sold to Piquet at Silverstone in 1987?

    And then of course, Piquet took that dummy home and raised it as his own. But that’s a different story.

  18. OK, I just went through almos 3 pages of reply’s…and I.m still not convinced who was the better driver…

    But going on gut instinct I’ll go for Mansel…his 31 wins were what finally got me convinced.

    And yes, but for better luck, he could have outscored Piquett 3-2 in titles, but would have, could have, should have are not quite the same as hook, line and sinker, no mather what the circumstances…

    Also what I think is a convincing argument is adalaide in 1994…he got poll, and won the race (and yes I know schumacher and hill crashed out in front of him and were laping almost a second faster per lap)
    That show’s that after being away for a year and a half he was still up to speed, and able to compete with the top drivers of what was basicly the next generation.

    SO mansell gets my vote…if by a hair.

    1. I really hope that last line is a moustache joke!

  19. I chose Mansell, when he had the car he was insanely fast, and had the worst luck ever. Piquet was also great but I don’t think he was quite as great as Mansell.

  20. There is a lot more to be said about Mansell than has been in this article – i.e. held the CART championship at the same time as the F1 championship.

    I think Mansell will probably win because this is a British website. However, I would also argue this is justified. Mansell lost championships because of bad luck and Piquet won them because of luck. 1987 is the perfect example of this. Mansell was a whiner and Piquet was arguably the more interesting person, but on pure racing skills, Mansell wins for me.

    The two drivers are quite mixed up in the description – i preferred the layout where there was a section for each.

    1. champion’s luck. That thing that’s imposible to define, but that all great champions have. And piquet had that in big amounts. Mansell on the other hand, had to work harder to get the results.
      I would say piquet was a natural, while mansell, working hard at it, became faster than the brazilian.
      Piquet with three titles, eventhough with less wins that the lion, had to be considered the best of them, but for a very small margin.

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