Alonso confronts paparazzi in Portugal

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Alonso warns the paparazzi to leave him alone while he’s on holiday in Portugal.


Alonso en Porto Santo (Portugal) siendo tan “simp??tico” como siempre (Youtube)

Alonso, holidaying with his wife in Portugal, told photographers: “The first photographer or camera I see in the next days, I will leave the next day and tell????? everyone that Porto Santo is a disaster. OK? So please leave us alone.”

Back to work (Ferrari)

“Today is the full workforce back at their posts. The new season beckons, with the launch of the new car planned for the final week of this month.”

Can F1 be reborn in America? (Formula 1 Blog)

“I don?t believe pulling a crowd to Austin will be a problem for [Tavo] Hellmund. The tougher job will be getting the American media to take notice. F1 is an extremely technical, secretive and political sport and for the typically unfamiliar American writer or reporter it?s difficult to get inside F1 and comfortably explain it. That will take time.”

Fernandes applauds ‘green’ engines (Autosport)

“We’ve now got the scenario of F1 being very relevant to the car industry but most importantly, F1 being very relevant to the environment.”

Comment of the day

Lots of good debate in the Mansell vs Piquet Champion of Champions clash. Here’s two comments from opposite ends of the argument:

This is tough. Piquet I rate in my top five drivers, although Mansell?s story is brilliant.

Hmm, I?m going with Piquet, purely because ?87 was an awesome season and he beat Mansell fair and square, ?86 was closer but that was marred with ridiculous incidents. It was very much a Senna vs Prost type situation, the rivalry was brilliant but Piquet for me showed he was the more complete competitor.

I?m going for Nigel. One of the purest racers ever, in my opinion. Of course, Piquet was great and won three titles. But Nigel should also have won at least one more. Besides, he won so many races. For me he is one of the all-time greats.

So I?m going for him, altough it is a very close call this time.

From the forum

More speculation over the Force India line-up as Swiss newspaper Blick claims Paul di Resta will take Vitantonio Liuzzi’s place next year.

Upcoming interview: “Senna” writer Manish Pandey

I’m going to be talking to Manish Pandey, author of the movie “Senna”, later this week.

If there’s anything you want to know about his film on the life of Ayrton Senna, post it in the comments. Here’s the review of the film which was published here last month:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Anne Lambert!

On this day in F1

I’d forgotten the debate that sprung up after traction control was banned at the end of 2007.

As this old news round-up shows some drivers claimed it would make wet-weather racing more dangerous, though Nick Heidfeld reckoned it would make races better on the whole.

Image ?? Ferrari spa